System Shock

by Nightdive Studios

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    1. Dark_Ansem on

      Ambitious stretch goals.

    2. Remember Citadel on

      Those are not the stretch goals. It's more or less a community / marketing event to generate momentum ;)

    3. Trontir on

      I like especially the SS2 bonus goals! :)

    4. Scars Unseen on

      @Mat Fleck

      And potentially an effective one. This is the sort of thing that made Bloodstained's "lull" phase so productive. I might suggest that the devs look at how that campaign was run for more ideas. IMO, specific goals like fanart submissions and the like are more effective than genreic stuff like Twitter followers because it gets the fanbase actively involved.

    5. Igloos on

      Say, where is the Twitch anyway? I see there's an entry for followers on it, but couldn't find the link to it.

    6. Howard Kistler

      Curious as to why "Gender Choice" is so high up the goal list. Do you plan on it requiring a lot of additional work to implement?

    7. Missing avatar

      Learonys on

      So, where exactly is the twitch and youtube page?

    8. Life

      An addon for extra keys please.

    9. Lerenwë on

      As I said on Twitter, it's a shame that if we don't succeed in those achievements, there won't be a possibility to chose the hero's gender =/ I think it's a neat idea, and it should be directly included in the game I think, as the hacker is just an empty shell for the player to project into, it would be just great for other players to project themselves more easily with a female hacker.

      Ah well, I hope we'll have every achievements possible, the rest looks pretty fun too ^^
      Here's a link to NightDive's twitch for those who can't find it :


    10. Missing avatar

      Invariel on

      I also don't see why "gender choice" needs to be at 32 points; I respect wanting it as an incentive, but gating "you can play as a female character" behind 26 as-of-yet unmet goals is an unfortunate choice.

    11. Stephen Staver on

      I'm in agreement with others, having gender choice at the very high end of the mission list seems pretty lousy.

    12. Missing avatar

      Swindger on

      I would recomend to take the gender choice completely out of the achievements and would impement it into the game right now. Why not? You never see or here the hacker aside from the intro. And I can't remember that he/she was addressed male in the whole original. So it would be maybe a few lines in the game and an alternative mesh and textures for the intro.

      Sadly most of the achievemends seem to be rather useless for me. Lots of remixes and livestreams and I usualy have no time to watch livestreams.

    13. Missing avatar

      BSL on

      Having backed over 75+ projects, I think involving backer kit (especially at this late stage) is a waste of money. They are a good, talented group of people, but this campaign isn't going to do Bloodstained or Shenmue 3 numbers because of their involvement. Additionally the bonus stretch goals (while nice) have already started to backfire (see below) with the inclusion of gender (as @Swindger put it, "You never see or here the hacker aside from the intro.") and while their point was a positive spin on including it, mine is it's not needed, nor are the bonus goals (I especially like the # of backer's, guys seriously....) I'm not going to be a downer, just trying to put a realistic perspective on things. And most importantly to me is adding features and with that SCOPE CREEP, too many other successful campaigns added a TON of bonus features and added weeks/months onto their schedules, do like Yacht Club games and make it free post release (see also CD Project Red) fans would appreciate a game as close to on time as possible with free DLC. Something to think about anyway.

    14. Missing avatar

      Daniel Longwing on

      This is neat and all, but I really have to agree with Swindger on this. It really isn't that hard to add gender choice, and it REALLY shouldn't be a stretch goal. 51% of the population isn't an optional add-on. Gaming is growing and getting a lot more diverse. Developers really should be including gender choice right out of the box.

      This isn't Mass Effect, you don't have thousands of lines of dialog to record per gender. It's a quick fix and it'll shut up all the SJWs (like me) who want to see more inclusion in games.

    15. Tracey Craig


      Are you crazy? With almost 16K backers and there always is platform request changes, change of addresses and whatever else, Backerkit can manage all that without taking the team away from the game development. I've backed more than 220 projects, and i'm telling you Backerkit is definitely not a waste of time!

    16. Matthieu Bonin on

      I agree with what others wrote before: I was surprised to see the Gender Choice so high on the list. I think it's a pity, and not because it's about the only reward here I feel excited about (but that's okay: I just don't watch livestreams and trust you with the original soundtrack), but because it should now be a basic option in almost every game (especially when the character has no real personality of his/her own, like here).
      Maybe you could make this a SG instead? I'm not sure how much work it'd be, though…

      Anyway, keep up the good work, guys! :)

    17. Louis on

      Damn, that's a pretty sweet shirt

    18. Глеб Шестаков on

      Any chance for a digital pdf version of that book? As much as getting a physical book intrigues me, I don't trust the shipping services at all.

    19. Shaun Gupta on

      Interesting update. Already increased my pledge the $25.00 for the Art Book and followed you everywhere. BackerKit sounds like it may be a good option - I hope you have a robust selection of addons even after the campaign as I'm hoping fundraising won't necessarily end when KS does (as I'd definitely like to see as many stretch goals met as possible).

      I also look forward to participating in surveys.

      A few constructive critiques - your Twitch profile is definitely tricky to find; fortunately it was linked to below at:

      Also, I personally feel that a bit more YouTube content, Livestreams, and communication in general out front would spur more interest than simply making that content a reward - I feel that's a mighty steep hill to climb to get to some of these latter goals, but I also hope you get there as I think this game definitely deserves it! I'd also be seeing if you can get on web shows and places to get attention before the end of KS, like maybe the PC Gamer show, for example. Trying to figure out w/ Sony if you can support PS4, getting a PayPal method of payment ready (if possible), and clarifying about controversial game mechanic thoughts (when you're ready) might also help to bring in more pledges faster.

      I'd argue communication is the most important thing right now. You're doing a pretty good job, but there's room for improvement/generating more excitement in my opinion as well!

      Finally, as to the female hacker goal, I'm mixed. I'm very much for equality in gaming and all aspects of life. At the same time, with an established story like System Shock's, I don't feel it's always *necessary* to make a gender optional either. I suppose it depends how much of an RPG this ends up being. (To clarify my point of view so that this isn't misunderstood at all, I played, for example, The Last of Us and its expansion, and I had no issue playing as Joel in his segments or Ellie in hers...those were the characters written for the story given, so I just "became them" in my head while playing - having a choice for that game wouldn't have made sense. Whether it does for the new System Shock depends a lot on how much it differs from the original.)

      Just my two cents.

    20. Joshua Bill on

      What's the point of choosing your gender if you really only exist from the forearm down?

    21. Missing avatar

      David Brittain

      Why is there no physical Tri-Optimum handbook add-on? I want both books, but I really don't want to pay over $195 for a load of extra tat I don't want.

    22. StarlitGhost on

      It would help if you linked to all of your social media profiles on the main campaign page beneath the achievement rewards.

      Sure we can just google them, but why have that extra friction?

    23. ossi on

      Like the art book, will be added.

      Really don't like the exclusive giveaway, it's frustrating for those who like to get it but won't be able to.

    24. Pekka H on

      The "missions" design looks inspirational. Like the mixture of the turquoise / fluorescent hue and gray and the "wireframe models". A new HUD would look cool in such colors. All the Best in your Campaign.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ypulse on

      what is backer kit?
      if is this mean backers are allowed to turn this game into a modern SS 2 or whatever. I will just cancel my funding.
      i dont like insecure developer like this who ask for ideas from community

    26. Missing avatar

      Thomas Ally

      @Matthew Cox most of the time you can find game makers Social Media Profiles by clicking "See Full Bio" on their Kickstarter Campaigns.

      I checked out their Full Bio just now and it shows the usual links to their Website, as well as links to their Facebook and Twitter profiles and even has 4 links to the Collaborators on the project that allows you to check out their bios as well.

      Hope that helps you and others that may not know about that feature.

    27. Joseph Peterson on

      @ypulse Backer kit is a fulfillment group that helps facilitate ks campaigns and organize things into shipping data etcetera. Additionally if there are Add on's backer kit has a really slick way to handle that.

    28. Missing avatar

      Chris Farris on

      Like some of the others, I do have to wonder why exactly gender choice is so high up on the list. I don't know exactly what you're planning for the player character, but it can't be that much effort to implement surely?

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris Farris on

      Woops, disregard previous comment.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on

      I'm a little disappointed that the gender choice is so high on this list of backer goals... I was kind of hoping it was already part of the main game. :-/

    31. Shaun Gupta on

      @Jennifer, if you look (way down) on the main page, it appears there's a new version of the graphic where they may have moved it up to the 8 Points mark. I'm not sure why they didn't update on the graphic here, but hopefully they'll clarify - it certainly LOOKS like maybe you got your wish, tho!

    32. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      Missing POSTERS as add-on!!!
      Would LOVE to have a poster with the image shown above (System Shock Backerkit pic).
      Simply remover "kickstarter" and "now backed by backerkit"; keep the SYSTEM SHOCK logo at this position -> AWESOME POSTER!
      You could have 3-4 designs to choose from.

    33. james martin

      Upped my pledge by $25 for the art book.