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The Application- A Contemporary, Christian Stage Play's video poster

The Application- A Contemporary , Christian Stage Play by Marshelle Giggles-Mills. "What's at the center of your relationship?" Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 30, 2011.

The Application- A Contemporary , Christian Stage Play by Marshelle Giggles-Mills. "What's at the center of your relationship?"

About this project

At Blessed Arts Theater the tagline says it all. We want to “bring revival to the stage” by telling contemporary, relevant and unashamedly Christian stories on the main stage theaters of the Greater Los Angeles area. Realizing that most seekers (and almost all non-believers) are hesitant to go to the church to hear a message, we want to take the message to the masses. By presenting our work on ‘neutral ground,’ we hope we are casting the widest possible net to share the Good News!

It’s been a wild ride and we have already been met with some resistance. But we are determined to move ahead-- casting aside all our doubts, fear, insecurity and the comforts of being popular by using our time, talent and treasure for this ministry. It is our hope and prayer that you will partner with us as we humbly and faithfully do what He has called us to do.

This summer, we are set to showcase 2 new works in progress. My show, The Application will open in August in the theater district of North Hollywood.

About the show

The Application explores how we respond to God's plans when they do not align with ours. 

Synposis: CALLIE is certain of 2 things: her faith and her pending engagement to long-term boyfriend, LUKE. After a four-year courtship, LUKE is wondering if he is ready to pop the question when he is, instead, called to the Ministry/Bible College and out of his relationship. Meanwhile, LILY and BEN have decided to get married after only 8 months. Can these couples make it? More importantly, does God want them to? Obedience, submission and idolatry are just a few of the difficult themes explored in this new stage piece.

How You Can Help

We are hoping to raise a minimum of $500 to fund a showcase and post-show discussion of The Application in North Hollywood. This will cover the bottom line costs of renting the performance venue, securing 4 hours of rehearsal studio rental, providing the cast with copies of the script and paying the actors and crew a modest stipend for their time.

To thank you for your support, each donation level offers its on ‘perk’ or reward. Be sure to look over the perks (listed to your right) for all the ways we want to bless you for being a blessing to us.

The script is complete, the play is cast, the producers are praying up a storm and we on our way. All we need now is a bit of a "kick start" from you-- our family and friends.

Thank you for your consideration!

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  • Kickstarter is an “all or nothing” fundraising platform for creative artists. Simply put, if we do not receive the minimum $500 needed to produce the showcase- your credit card is not charged and no money changes hands. This would mean that we may not be able to produce the play as planned, but will work tirelessly to make sure that this doesn't happen. :-)

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  • I'd love to see you at the show or a read, but I understand that time and travel may make it difficult. That's okay. There's a button you can select if you don't want a reward, but would like to help. Thank you!

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  • Wowzers, yes! What a blessing that would be! Our fundraising goal reflects the minimum amount that it would take to produce the show for one night in a 55 seat venue after the “donation” I am giving myself. Any funds that you generously donate over this amount will be used to add a second performance date to the show, increase our rehearsal studio rental time (at $25 an hour) and provide a venue deposit for our next round of performances planned for the Spring of 2012.

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  • In-kind donations are greatly appreciated! Can you provide a room or office once a week for rehearsals to curb rental costs? Maybe you can provide pre-show dinner for the 10-person cast and crew or host our post show cast party? Some other ideas for involvement are advertising in our theater program, volunteering to video our performance, donating an hour to do our cast promotional photography or creating unique gifts for the cast and crew to help me shower them with appreciation.

    You can also lend your support by telling your friends on Twitter and Facebook about the show.

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  • Good question! Here's a brief summary of my theater stock:

    Marshelle doubled majored in English and theater at CSU-Northridge. As founder of Teenworks Theatre in Northridge, Ca- Marshelle enjoyed a 3 year tenure as a granted artist of the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department and CSUN. She also served as the co-founder of the Multicultural Theater Ensemble and as Artistic Director of the Black Theatre ensemble at CSU-Northridge.

    In this season of her career, Marshelle directed and/or produced popular secular works including Ntozake Shange’s "for colored girls", Sam Shepherd’s "Fool for love," and “i have a dream“, an original play that she penned through a Cultural Affairs grant that was featured as part of a Los Angeles Youth in Theater Festival.

    Recognizing Blessed Arts as a calling to use her time, talent and treasure for Christ, Marshelle is excited to begin the task of bringing Christian theatre to the masses while retaining its core values and messages of grace, hope and salvation. She is unafraid to share openly in her writing and in real life about the highs and lows of the Christian walk and ministry, while giving all the credit to her Savior, who keeps her grounded and renewed.

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    Hey, thanks for stopping by! All donations at this level will receive an invitation to a reading of the show. I’ll also send you a thank you card and write you a personalized Facebook shout out.

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    Join me as a guest at a reading of the show and bring a friend! I’ll also send you a thank you card, a production art special edition bookmark and a write you a personalized Facebook shout out. Hope you can make it!

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    I hope you can make it to the show! That’s why I’m sending you 2 tickets to the performance (or the reading, your choice) and a “mixed tape” style CD of the music that inspired me in the writing of this play. I’d also love to send you a thank card and acknowledge you on Facebook.

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    Thank you for being a friend and production angel! I want to list you as a producer in the show’s program, send you 4 tickets to the show, the “mixed tape” CD, and a Blessed Arts T-Shirt. I’ll also love it if you join me for a pre-show coffee reception with the cast!

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