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A people watcher frequents a park where he keeps tabs on various recurring visitors, until he is confronted by a mysterious staring man

The People Watcher is a story about  man named John who frequents a park to watch his favorite recurring "characters." John makes up stories for these various park goers and is very confident in his abilities to figure out what kind of people they are. One day while people watching a man sits down on a bench across from John and stares him down giving no reason for his thousand yard stare. This man continues his regiment of staring John down for the next few days until John has had enough and takes measures to find out who the staring man is and what he wants.

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The first challenge my team and I need to overcome are the natural obstacles our location presents. Since our location is outdoors we only have a limited amount of light to work with. Not only that but our lighting situation will constantly be changing because of cloud coverage, the moving sun, as well as the chance of rain. For these reasons and more we are going to need to bring artificial light to the set to make the shots consistent.

That brings us to our next challenge; power sources. Since our location is a park that is isolated there are no power outlets that we can connect our equipment to. This requires us to rent a generator for the entire shoot. That means we need funds to both rent the generator and pay for gas to keep it running

Our actors are not getting paid and are donating time from their busy schedules so that we can make this film. Our shoot needs to run smoothly so as to utilize their time to the full effect. If we do not get all of the shots we need by the end of our scheduled shoot, we've lost our only opportunity to get them.

After we complete our shoot date we must turn in our first version of the film within 2 weeks. That means we have to work quickly and efficiently to get the best movie out we can.

This project will be submitted to film festivals in order for both the cast and crew to get exposure. Many film students rely on graduation projects to create a reel to show production companies in order to obtain a job. This showcases their skill set and level of professionalism.

In order for all of this to happen we must obtain the funding we need, so the production can go smoothly and we make the best film we can.


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