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A sleek, smart headphone that tailors music, calls and sounds from the outside world to your unique hearing and preferences
A sleek, smart headphone that tailors music, calls and sounds from the outside world to your unique hearing and preferences
A sleek, smart headphone that tailors music, calls and sounds from the outside world to your unique hearing and preferences
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    1. Alejandro Mery
      1 day ago

      sorry, I misread. please dismiss my previous comment.

    2. Alejandro Mery
      2 days ago

      I don't remember to have ever received an update for the firmware of my aumeo...

    3. Paul Collaborator 4 days ago

      @DJB Thank you! Well I will certainly try to keep up, and if I don't get a chance to post for over a week I'll try to have someone else in our team to post with fewer corny jokes! Just let me know if it becomes so much that people begin to unsubscribe from the updates!

    4. DJB
      4 days ago

      Good to hear you will be providing regular updates on production, so rear on KS. With a lot of campaigns once funded they go quiet and don't communicate, it is good to hear we'll be kept updated, please post photos|videos if possible.
      Thank you.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sam Nicholson 5 days ago

      Could you perhaps provide a more detailed schedule for what is happening with Heari before shipping?
      What processes are to come within the manufacturing, quality control/testing and logistics?

      This would be very interesting!
      Thanks, Sam

    6. Missing avatar

      Angus Fung Collaborator 5 days ago

      @Karl Hedstrom no shipping charge is needed for US delivery.

    7. Missing avatar

      Angus Fung Collaborator 5 days ago

      @Martin Seah We will look into that. Thanks for your suggestion!

    8. Missing avatar

      Angus Fung Collaborator 5 days ago

      @DJB KS backers would receive them in December. Why we mention Jan delivery in IGG campaigns is because we are not sure about the no. of pledges we would receive there.

    9. Missing avatar

      Angus Fung Collaborator 5 days ago

      @Jerry Just send the pledge confirmation to your personal email. Thanks for your support!

    10. Missing avatar

      Martin Seah 5 days ago

      Congrats on this funded project and wishing all the success in the production! Just realised that the neck band is not foldable, will it ideal that it could so that can keep to a smaller profile in the bag.

    11. DJB
      5 days ago

      I notice your IG campaign says delivery in January, will KS backers still receive them in December?

    12. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      @Paul - Glad to hear bluetooth is improved. Please also reply to my PM concerning my pledge. Thanks

    13. Paul Collaborator 6 days ago

      @SkwrHdz Heari will have its own iOS and Android app. They should be released when we ship later this year along with Heari - because the app alone isn't really functional without the hardware :)

    14. Paul Collaborator 6 days ago

      @Jerry Yes! First of all thank you for supporting our previous project. The reason Bluetooth range was not ideal before was because of the metal case. This time the neckband case is made of plastic we will have excellent Bluetooth range.

    15. SkwrHdz 6 days ago

      Will Heari use the same iOS app as the Aumeo; AumeoHub?

      If so will there be an update to work with Heari?

      When will any iOS or iOS update be available?

    16. Missing avatar


      @Paul - Has bluetooth range / quality been improved in Heari compared to Aumeo? Thanks

    17. Karl Hedstrom

      I forgot that this KS project is in Hong Kong, so my US credit card company refused the charge until I called them to authorize it. I just repressed it and it was successful. Just a warning in case it happens to others.

    18. Missing avatar


      @Paul - I'd appreciate if you could reply to the PM I sent concerning my pledge. Thanks.

    19. Karl Hedstrom

      It looks like there was s no shipping charge to the US? Unless this is charged after the campaign. If there is a charge how much do you estimate? Thanks!

    20. Paul Collaborator on

      @Alejandro Mery Thanks! I see your posts and likes everywhere on the campaign. Thank you so much for being so supportive! :) :) :)

    21. Paul Collaborator on

      @Sam Nicholson

      Thanks so much! Yes the app will tell you how well your hearing is across 8 frequencies on each ear. One of our backers of our last campaign made an awesome video about it - so much better than anything I can produce nowadays I just refer people to view that. Here it is and it should give you an idea what Heari can do for your hearing!…

      As for delivery date, I suppose nothing is 100% but we are very confident about it. We have functional prototypes, the production samples will be coming in a few weeks (there will be updates with photos and videos as I get my hands on them). Most importantly we partnered with MF Jebsen to ensure on time quality delivery. See my Aug 1 update on more about that.

    22. Alejandro Mery


    23. Missing avatar

      Sam Nicholson on

      Hi! I just backed yesterday and excited to be part of this campaign. I always think my hearings a bit rubbish, will the app tell you what frequencies or sound qualities your ears aren't very good at hearing?

      Also, are there any tasks ahead that you could potentially encounter that may affect the estimated shipping date of December?

      Many thanks,

    24. Paul Collaborator on

      @Sam Tse Hello Sam, not sure if I got your question 100% but I think you are asking if you could use Audio Transparency to hear the outside world while taking a phone call? If that's the question then the answer is no. Heari can do either phone call or Audio Transparency at the same time.

      Hope this answers your question!

    25. Paul Collaborator on

      @Javon Elliott Thanks! For the wired part I have 2 points:
      (1) 1 year warrenty
      (2) The wire has built-in Aramid fiber. Aramid is the raw material of bullet proof fabric. It provide much stronger strength than normal cable which makes our cable more durable than others

      Hope this helps!

    26. Missing avatar

      Javon Elliott on

      This is the most excited I've been about all the projects I backed on kickstarter. My only concern is the wire part of the headphones, as you wires are known to short out after a period of time. With a sort of pricey tag will there be any sort of warranty?

    27. Missing avatar

      Sam Tse

      I would like to know if the 2 earbuds can hear the sound when i am using iPhone to make a call.Do you test this?

    28. Paul Collaborator on

      @Scott Lang The website was referring to this campaign launching in May for US$99, which will be 52% off retail when it hits the stores late this year/early next year. Our backers will receive the product months before they hit the stores at full price. Sorry for the confusion and hope this clears things up!

    29. Paul Collaborator on

      @Blaine sorry we they are not water resistance :(

    30. Missing avatar

      Scott Lang on

      I'm a bit confused about the future retail price of this product, the campaign states the Bronze product @ $99 is 52% off RPP, but the Heari web-site states coming in May from $99. by backing this campaign am i getting the product at a discounted price or not?

    31. Missing avatar

      Blaine on

      Hey I have a question about the headphones, do they have any water resistance to the phones or the receiver that wears on your shoulder?

    32. DJB

      Good news about comply, already use them better than any ANC, thank you.😁

    33. Paul Collaborator on

      @SkweHdz Thanks! You are probably one of the reasons Comply is working with us - they love seeing fans being excited about a headphone! Thanks so much!

    34. Paul Collaborator on

      @Alejandro Mery You may be right - I just quote the standard figures my team got. Anyway, Comply is not cheap but worth it!

    35. SkwrHdz on

      @ Alejandro Mery

      As a big fan of Comply earphone tips, I contacted Heari in early July to ask what size Comply tips would fit the Heari Gold. I got a reply saying the "200" would be the right size. I immediately ordered the Comply "Isolation+ w/WaxGuard", the TX-200.

      They come in a 3-pack, cost was US$24.98. I can't recall of other "200" versions are the same price.

    36. Alejandro Mery

      @creator, you went a bit over the top with the price of the comply tips ;-) $16 is the price of 3 pairs, not one =)

      which model will be included? comply has different models and sizes... I use TX large, but I'm pretty sure every backer will have a different preferred model

    37. Paul Collaborator on

      @Alvin Lim hmm not sure how best to answer this question. Maybe I'll start with this: what's your neck size? We can find some similar-sized people and try it out?

    38. Alvin Lim on

      My neck is relatively small and I'm concern if Heari might be loose on my neck. Is the neck-band adjustable?

    39. Paul Collaborator on

      @DJB Thanks! I think we should have some interesting update for you in the next week or so!

    40. DJB

      Don't really want noise cancelling, it's a gimmick , I use a good headphone amp and dac that improves music, noise cancellation is a bit like putting cotton wool in your ears.

    41. Paul Collaborator on

      @B. We will try to get there, but right now we are getting close to one of them. One step at a time I guess...

    42. Paul Collaborator on

      @Alejandro Mery stay tuned and I hope we have some news that you'll like soon!

    43. Paul Collaborator on

      @Rodney H we will look into that. Thanks for the suggestion!

    44. B.

      Actually I prefer both : good noise isolation plus noise canceling.

    45. Alejandro Mery

      I mean, add a pair of comply foam TX earbuds and you are done.

    46. Alejandro Mery

      Personally I prefer good isolation over active noise cancelling so I'm very happy with the features of the Heari. Just add a pair of comply foam fx or you are done. perfect sound.

    47. Rodney H

      what would be nice is to include some ear stays, maybe as a strength goal?

    48. Missing avatar

      Lisa Tesler

      Can Heari *reduce* ambient volume? For example, can I use Heari at a loud concert instead of earplugs, to protect my hearing while benefiting from the customized audio?

    49. Paul Collaborator on

      @B. Thanks! I apologize that since it's not finalized there's nothing I can tell you right now, but we are discussing with a renowned company to use their very well regarded product/technology in Heari. If it works out, we will be the 1st new/small headphone product that they work with ever!

      Things are going well but as they say in the US, no cigar till the Fat Lady sings.
      Honestly I am not even sure if it's the same news you are expecting, but hey, that's what makes like interesting! Please stick with us!

    50. B.

      @paul I can live with no Google assistant or even no usb-c, but noise canceling is mandatory for me. Therefore I will wait for a week or so and hope your big news will be the one I expect ;-)

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