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A unique hard Science-Fiction setting for the Savage Worlds RPG. An epic campaign, 2D/3D starmaps for most platforms, and more!
A unique hard Science-Fiction setting for the Savage Worlds RPG. An epic campaign, 2D/3D starmaps for most platforms, and more!
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Stretch Goal completed: Announcing the Seven Worlds Fate Conversion supplement!

Posted by Luis Enrique Torres (Creator)

One of the many stretch goals backers like you unlocked during last year's successful Seven Worlds Kickstarter was the release of a short free supplement for players who wanted to experience Seven Worlds using the Fate rules. I'm glad to announce that the Seven Worlds: Fate Conversion supplement is here!

This free supplement contains everything you need to run detailed and epic stories in the Seven Worlds, such as:

  • Rules for creating Fate characters with backgrounds from any of the Seven Worlds of human space.
  • Aspects reflecting home world and planetary characteristics such as high- or low-gravity, oxygen-level, illumination, culture and society, and more.
  • Assistants, AI-enabled customized companions with a personality, that allow players to digitally access and control the world around them.
  • Rules for psionic powers, including physical and mental manifestations.
  • Simple space combat rules modeling the characteristics of heat, lasers, missiles and more.
  • A short conversion of the Seven Worlds introductory adventure using Fate rules.

Note that this free supplement requires either the Seven Worlds Setting Guide or free Seven Worlds Test Drive to play. Given that you're already a backer, you should already have this, though! (If you're a backer but don't have your rewards, email me and we'll get you sorted out).

Download the Seven Worlds Fate Conversion supplement today!

Announcing support for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition

You might have noticed recently that there is a new edition of Savage Worlds on the way. Known as Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (and informally as SWADE) it is currently in Kickstarter (and Pinnacle appreciates your support). We're happy to announce that as part of our support for the new edition of Savage Worlds, we'll be releasing a new Jumpstart for the game. This jumpstart will include a very brief overview of the rules and a short sample adventure for players new to Seven Worlds to enjoy. Stay tuned for the release of this free jumpstart as the release date for SWADE approaches!

Some people have also been asking if Seven Worlds will support the updated ruleset for SWADE when it is released. The answer is YES! We're working on a set up upgrade notes for the core Seven Worlds rules, which we'll post as a web-based list of fixes on the Seven Worlds web site once SWADE is released. So rest assured that you'll continue to enjoy Seven Worlds with the new updated ruleset.

Thank you for supporting Seven Worlds!

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