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A unique hard Science-Fiction setting for the Savage Worlds RPG. An epic campaign, 2D/3D starmaps for most platforms, and more!
A unique hard Science-Fiction setting for the Savage Worlds RPG. An epic campaign, 2D/3D starmaps for most platforms, and more!
A unique hard Science-Fiction setting for the Savage Worlds RPG. An epic campaign, 2D/3D starmaps for most platforms, and more!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Wesley E. Marshall on December 12

      Luis, I've added some questions to the thread. I encourage other backers to please participate. As a group we'll see more that might need clarification and/or correction than just a few people on their own.

    2. Luis Enrique Torres Creator on December 11

      Wesley, thank you for proactively trying to bring up whatever mistakes or ambiguities you find (I did read the email with the comments and questions you sent me directly, by the way, and am working on my reply, just haven't had time to finish writing it).

      Based on your suggestion, I just created a forum topic on the Pinnacle Forums, at

      If anyone else has comments, questions or errata to share, please do so there. You can always email me directly as well, at

    3. Missing avatar

      Wesley E. Marshall on December 11

      @Luis: I've been reading through the setting book, and enjoying it. However, as I do so I'm finding things that might be in error/contradictory/ambiguous. Do you have a preferred method by which this could be discussed? My preference would be a forum topic somewhere, but that would depend on backers being able to contribute to a common forum thread. Would an update where we could add comments specifically about possible errata be possible?

    4. Luis Enrique Torres Creator on December 10

      Marcel, I currently have no plans for the Setting Guide to be available on POD, as the offset-print-run/upgrade-to-hardcover stretch goal was unlocked by the KS backers. This means that not only will backers receive hardcover-for-the-price-of-softcover, but also that there will be a stock of books available for sale through hobby stores, bookstores, digital stores (such as amazon) and others. Given that there will be a large stock of books, it is very unlikely there will be POD for this title, at least until the stock runs out. A POD at the level of quality I'm aiming for the offset-print book would also be somewhat expensive.

      I'm still evaluating whether the Campaign Book will be POD or offset-print. I'd like offset-print but the numbers are not cooperating yet. There's still time, though, since the plan was not to release this until all modules are released in the April/May timeframe.

      As soon as printed/POD books are available for sale I'll send an email via the email distribution list, as well as posting a KS update, facebook, G+, etc. I'll also include shipping costs and payment so backers can pay for shipping. If you (or anyone else reading this) would like me to send you an email letting you know the printed books are available for sale, just drop me a line at so I know what email to send you the news that the book is ready.

    5. Missing avatar

      Marcel Tomczock on December 10

      Hi Luis!

      At the time the kickstarter endet I wasn't able to afford the pledge to get the psysical versions of Seven Worlds.
      Now that I received the pdf, I would love to also have them on my shelf in physical format.

      So here is my question: Will the setting guide and campaign book be available as POD via drivethrurpg for people who didn't back for it during the kickstarter?



    6. Luis Enrique Torres Creator on December 9

      Fabio, hi! I just resent you the links along with the latest batch of links to backers who just filled out the survey. Hopefully you have received it this time. If you haven't, try checking your junk email, or logging into your RPGNOW account and checking your messages there. If both of these fail, please drop me a line at and I'll share the links with you directly.

    7. Fábio Costa on December 7

      Luís, I didn't received the link for download, could you send it to me please?

    8. Luis Enrique Torres Creator on December 5

      Chris R, great news, hope you enjoy the game! Maelstrom, I appreciate the message you sent me separately, I'm glad you managed to download the content directly via the page, and I hope you also enjoy the game :)

    9. Chris R on December 5

      Luis, i received the email and downloaded everything yesterday. Thank you!

    10. Maelstrom on December 3

      @Creator - I did not get any sort of emails from DTRPG or from you... Not sure if your last msg here means you were going to send the email manually yourself or not. #64

    11. Thomas M Burke
      on December 3

      So I see there are problems with the PDF which may explain why I've not gotten my product as yet. Thomas Burke #418

    12. John Pyrich
      on December 3

      Thanks, Luis. No worries. It's a minor hiccup. I was worried that I missed an email.

    13. Luis Enrique Torres Creator on December 3

      I've gone ahead and managed to send the backer products (with the exception of Module #1) to all PDF and print backers, but many of them are still marked private. Hopefully you'll be able to download them even though they're private for everyone else. If you have trouble downloading them, please be patient as I work out the kinks in distribution in the next hours and get those links available publicly.

    14. Luis Enrique Torres Creator on December 3

      Guys, I'm sorry, it's my screwup. On Friday morning I finally had the Setting Guide, Module #1, and the GM guide ready to distribute to backers via DTRPG. I prepared my complimentary copy sending but I got a message saying I couldn't do it unless I first made the products "public". When I did so I received a message saying to "wait 1-5 working days for that." Apparently I did something wrong because I wanted backers to get the product before I publish it publicly but (this being my first publishing) I did something wrong and now everyone can see and get the product, but the email to backers has not been released.

      I apologize. My intention was and is to get this to you backers first, but I obviously misunderstood how DTRPG distribution works. I should get this figured out so you can get your link emails to download stuff in the next few hours.

      You'll get this as soon as I figure out DTRPG or get support to help me.

    15. Mike Page on December 3

      John, I was just thinking exactly the same. If you did, I did too. No idea whether this was part of the Kickstarter, or something on the side to drum up a little support for 7W. Either way, as backers it would have been nice to have had a headsup on this.

    16. John Pyrich
      on December 3

      I just saw the first module for sale on DriveThruRPG. Did I miss an email where this was released to backers?

    17. Luis Enrique Torres Creator on November 27

      Fabio, hi! I'm sorry I did not reply sooner, I was disconnected for a few days given the thanksgiving long holiday in the US. The link to the backer files is listed in UPDATE #7, a backers-only update listed in the updates section of this page. If you can't find it or have any kind of trouble, email me at (or message me via KS, your choice) and I'll send you the link directly. Thanks!

    18. Fábio Costa on November 21

      Entered at the end of the KS and wants the files

    19. José Manuel García Presa on November 19

      The survey is completed! :)

    20. Luis Enrique Torres Creator on November 18

      Marcel, I want Figure Flats so much! Unfortunately I was not able to include them at this time. In my own playtests and games with friends I've used Star Wars miniatures and generic space figure flats from DTRPG. I can share some of the links I've used if it helps.

      I'm still interested in 7W figure flats, I need to find the right artist for it and hopefully get it done. Have had some trouble finding artists for this... stay tuned!

    21. Luis Enrique Torres Creator on November 18

      Christopher, Seven Worlds does not include system generation rules, not because I didn't want them, but because creating realistic, scientifically-valid star systems and worlds is not a trivial thing :) Check this planetary description for Nouvelle Vie for an example of the level of detail in planet creation (this is from the Seven Worlds Setting Guide):

      Gravity, illumination, atmosphere, and other criteria then have a game effect on player activities in the world (e.g. a -2 on agility-related rolls on a high-g planet, etc). I thus wanted to make sure that planets are consistent scientifically.

      If in your game you won't care too much about these details and just want a quick tool to create worlds, I recommend the random planet creation rules in Daring Tales of the Space Lanes #2: Bad Debts (

      Now, if you're looking for HARDCORE planet creation rules (the ones I used for every major planet in the Seven Worlds, actually). look no further than GURPS Space 4th Edition ( The planet creation rules in this book convinced me that, short of going back to college for a PhD in astrophysics, there was no way I could create better planet creation rules for a game. :) Plus, they are RPG system agnostic. These rules (admittedly very detailed) are also plotted in a fan-made spreadsheet at….

      In short, with such an array of options for planet creation, I concluded that anything I could have written on the topic would have been both insufficient and redundant.

    22. Missing avatar

      Marcel Tomczock on November 18

      Congratulations on this great kickstarter!
      I'm really excited to see the final product!

      Since it's a Savage Worlds setting, is there a chance that there will be Figure Flats
      for the Seven Worlds campaign?

    23. Missing avatar

      Christopher Taylor on November 18

      Will Seven Worlds have rules for system generation for expanding the setting?

    24. Xaelvaen on November 16

      Congratulations on a great product, and a great kickstarter!

    25. Marc Hameleers on November 16

      Congratulations. Looking forward to it all!

    26. Greg P. on November 16

      Congrats on funding. Nice we made the bonus adventure.

    27. Missing avatar

      Wesley E. Marshall on November 16

      I think we made the it! I always worry about a last minute change by a backer to lower the pledge, but it looks like we avoided that this time around. I topped off my pledge by $10 to give us some wiggle room, and I'm sure Seven Worlds will be worth it.

    28. Maelstrom on November 16

      Woot! Bonus adventure unlocked!!!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Wesley E. Marshall on November 16

      @Greg: speaking as a enthusiastic backer thanks for getting us all closer! I think as of a few minutes ago we've actually crossed (just barely) the $20,000 threshold.

    30. Greg P. on November 16

      Just upgraded to digital GM, so close to $20,000

    31. Missing avatar

      Wesley E. Marshall on November 15

      This is going to be a nail biter to see if we can reach $20,000.

    32. JR
      on November 15

      That's my favorite size. Thanks!

    33. Luis Enrique Torres Creator on November 15

      JR, both books are standard size, 8.5x11". I thought I wrote that somewhere in the project description but I can't find it now :) please see the pictures of the books in the description page to get an idea of how they look.

    34. JR
      on November 15

      I might have missed it, but what size will the print books be?

    35. Marc Hameleers on November 14

      Woohoooo on the 15k and the subscription!

    36. Missing avatar

      Wesley E. Marshall on November 13

      We just hit $15,000 exactly! Onward to $20,000!

    37. Luis Enrique Torres Creator on November 13

      Marc, the helpful team at DTRPG/RPGNow introduced me to "subscriptions", which is basically just what you were asking for: A "season pass" to get the modules via PDF if you did not pledge for them during the Kickstarter. I still have to figure out how to set it up but for now that sounds like a great idea :)

    38. Luis Enrique Torres Creator on November 13

      Marc, the modules will be available via DTRPG/RPGNow every 2-4 weeks, as I release them. I confess I had not thought about a "season pass" but I think it's a great idea! Let me figure out with the folks at DTRPG if it's possible to do this and if so I'll do it. Thanks for the suggestion!

    39. Marc Hameleers on November 13

      Couldnt afford to back high enough to include the campaign. When the campaign gets published, will there be a way to purchase a season pass for all the modules as the come out?

    40. Luis Enrique Torres Creator on November 11

      Eugene, thanks! I'm doing my best to try to get the PDFs to all backers a few days after the KS ends. Some things need to be ironed out, such as getting email addresses and names to fill out the backer list page in the PDF, and other small details like that. My hope is to get that figured out and get at least preliminary PDFs to everyone as soon after the KS ends as possible. Thanks again for your support!

    41. Eugene on November 10

      This is brilliant, I've just started a firefly'ske campaign, and this will be a massive help. Please don't delay sending out the PDFs.

    42. Luis Enrique Torres Creator on November 4

      quick update on the Ebay offer below: I had a chance to talk to the person who was making the offer and the issue seems to be sorted out. Thanks again, Chris, for letting me know. And thanks to everyone for their constant support!

    43. Missing avatar

      Chris Denyer on November 1

      I was leaning toward this was a scam. I couldn't see how someone would be selling something that wasn't available yet unless it was a pre release copy and the description on the listing was didn't too. I figured being reported by you the creator would be far better then just a fan.

    44. Luis Enrique Torres Creator on November 1

      Chris. thanks for sharing this with me. I am absolutely surprised by this. Just to make things clear to you and to every other backer:
      1) This Kickstarter is currently the only "official" way to get Seven Worlds. I'm not selling the product in any other way, not am I aware (up until now) of anyone else selling it.
      2) The only printed copies of the book are four POD test prints in my possession, plus one copy I've sent to a reviewer in Europe. In sincerely doubt this book comes from him. Therefore, I have no idea where the book comes from.
      3) I initially thought this might come from a backer that is planning on selling their copy of the book once they receive it from me after the Kickstarter. However, the ebay page says the offer expires in 8 days, shipping takes 5-11 days. There is now way therefore for the backer to receive the book in time and then send it to his customer.

      For all the reasons above, I have reported the listed item to ebay, and contact the seller asking him/her for more info on how he/she got it.

      I tend to think the best of everyone, so I'm sure someone got confused and this is a misunderstanding. In the meantime, thanks again for letting me know, and for supporting this Kickstarter!

    45. Luis Enrique Torres Creator on October 27

      James, glad you liked Seela's bio. The goal was to have the setting come alive through the eyes of Seela, Duarthe, Maricelle and Derrick (haven't posted this one yet).

      To answer your question: Yes to both counts. The Gear section in the Setting Guide is 11 pages long and includes accelerator weapons (for low-g environments), flechette, Autopistols (a la the FN5-7 sidearms used in the new Battlestar Galactica), several types of grenades including an intelligent one, spacesuits, nanoparticle devices, and more. Big shout-out for Assistants, the 23rd century Siri- or Cortana-like devices around us. There's also several new or modified Edges and Hindrances (around 42 by my last count).

      I wasn't planning on sharing gear or edges in the updates, but based on your ask I'll give it a second thought :) in the meantime you can check out a few of those Edges and weapons by downloading the Free Seven Worlds Test Drive PDF.

    46. James Harding on October 27

      @Luis: I read Seela's character bio. This is really in depth. Between this and the other things I have seen, I am really excited to see the finished products. Will we see any unique gear or setting specific Edges or Hindrances in these updates?

    47. Missing avatar

      Wesley E. Marshall on October 26

      Awesome! Looking forward to the further peaks.

    48. Luis Enrique Torres Creator on October 25

      That's a great idea, Wesley, thanks! In fact, I think I'll share the Table of Contents for the Setting Guide (which includes a list of all sidebars). I'll get an update ready in a day or so.

    49. Missing avatar

      Wesley E. Marshall on October 25

      @Luis: Do you think you could provide a listing of the topics that are addressed with sidebars regarding current science is used or changed with the setting? Maybe from there the backers could speak out for any particular sidebar that they'd like to see as the KS progresses. I'd find this interesting, and would give us backers a more detailed glimpse into the Seven Worlds while hopefully avoiding spoilers.

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