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Built for work, play, and everything in between!   \(•◡•)/
Built for work, play, and everything in between!   \(•◡•)/
39,560 backers pledged $2,071,927 to help bring this project to life.

Rewards Are Arriving! Let's Finish Fulfillment!

Posted by Next Thing Co. (Creator)


C.H.I.P.sters and Pocketeers!

C.H.I.P.s and PocketC.H.I.P.s are landing in C.H.I.P.sters’ hands across the planet. More are shipping and arriving every day. Please tweet, facebook, or email with your first impressions, first tasks, and first hacks! We can’t wait to see!


REMINDER: Confirm your address to get your Kickstarter reward!

If you haven’t confirmed, now is the time! It only takes two minutes with CHIPPING: The Premiere C.H.I.P. Shipping Utility. We have TONS of pre-order folks chomping at the bit to join the C.H.I.P.ster community, but we want ship your Kickstarter reward first.

Please confirm your address by June 18th. Confirming before June 18th will ensure that your pledge goes out before pre-orders start shipping.


Feedback & Troubleshooting!

You are among the first group to receive C.H.I.P.s, DIPs, and PocketC.H.I.P.s and we need your help to get better. If you have any feedback, issues or questions, email us at

One of the best parts of being a C.H.I.P.ster is the community! The forums are bristling with activity and are a great resource to find new tips, tricks, and answers to questions.



POST KS Updates = Blog

We’re going to keep doing what we’re doing, but we won’t be posting everything here. For new information, projects, and general fun times check out the NTC Blog.

Learn what the community has brewing, check out our C.H.I.P. projects, go behind the scenes and discover what inspires us. There are always new posts! Just last week, Jose hacked a speaker into PocketC.H.I.P. Check it out!


Duties & Taxes

All shipments outside of the United States may be subject to additional duties and taxes. These are based on the value of the items in your pledge. Each country has a different cutoff amount. For more information, check your national government’s customs policies.


If you need to contact us, email, rather than using Kickstarter as a third party. There is an issue with the integration between ZenDesk, our customer service platform, and Kickstarter messages. 

We read and respond to every Kickstarter message, but have found that our responses through ZenDesk get lost instead of getting back to you. We are working to resolve the issue moving forward. Again, for questions and support, email

Stay Tuned! 

\(•◡•)/ - everyone at NTC (especially Ari and Jake)

Ari and Jake, working hard to finish up Kickstarter fulfillment
Ari and Jake, working hard to finish up Kickstarter fulfillment


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    1. Missing avatar

      Loren Leeuw on

      july 2017, still nothing.....

    2. Missing avatar

      J.W. on

      I still have not received my pledged items and every time I send an email all they respond with is "Did you fill out the survey?" yes, I did fill it out. Am I missing something? Thanks

    3. Missing avatar

      K. A. on

      We were promised these in June, then later, then later, last update, which was forever ago was October since we were early backers. It's now NOVEMBER and we have received nothing. Would we complain to kickstarter or the FTC?

    4. Missing avatar

      K. A. on

      when do they actually plan to ship these? it's been pushed back and back and back, is this a scam???

    5. Missing avatar

      Tony Grimshaw on

      Still waiting for my chip and VGA adapror.

    6. Missing avatar

      JB Segal on

      I maligned you, and it was entirely my reading comprehension fail. Assuming it gets here in the next month or so, I'm cool.

    7. Missing avatar

      JB Segal on

      I haven't received mine as yet... about to go read through this thread to see if there's anything in there about expectations, but I doubt it...

    8. Missing avatar

      Janne Bernsmark on

      Haven't received my chip either, unfortunately. Missing full information in address header...

    9. AngryNERD on

      Haven't received my chip either, unfortunately.

    10. Missing avatar

      Noel on

      Haven't received my chip either, unfortunately.

    11. Chris Callicoat on


      Was scheduled fire May Dover and haven't received my CHIP and VGA adapter, hoping for good news.

    12. Missing avatar

      claudia pilar perez gonzales on

      this is fraud my pocket the pay and never get me solve nothing

    13. Missing avatar

      David Carlier on


      Nothing received in France ... Track status is 'Delivered' but the address is not complete and history looks very strange:

      Delivered 2016-07-25 08:43 am Pavilly France
      Delivered 2016-07-01 02:22 pm Pavilly France
      Delivery problems caused by consignee 2016-07-01 10:31 am Pavilly

      Wrote as delivered the 01/07 and the 25/07 !!!

      Messages sent to project team and Next Thing Co but no answer ...


    14. George Hain on

      I am Still missing 2 Chips

    15. Missing avatar

      Abhay Menon

      I have yet not received my pledge items. The tracking at Landmark services say "Rejected, Returned to Warehouse" on 29-06-2016. It been over a month since I have emailed chip team, yet only response I got was "battery issue with Customs Clearance at the shipper's end" and have not received any new tracking id.

      Has anybody else here also have same kind issue with the of shipment?

    16. William McDonald on

      Well I got my Chip a while ago, like months ago and today the HDMI adaptor arrived... The Adaptor arrived in an envelop and the pins were squashed on one side, poking through the package. The device is broken.

      The chip arrived in a nice little padded box and was perfectly fine, however whose idea was it to send the HDMI adaptor with pins on it in a cheap non-padded manila envelope. I hope they will send a replacement soon, I sent in an email.

    17. Missing avatar

      K. A. on

      Will those of use who bought in early ever get these? They said may and we're almost at the end of july. What's going on?

    18. Terry Evash on

      Package was shipped COD. Now i am supposed to pay another $20 for shipping? No F'n way! I already paid for shipping!

    19. Jenny Edwards on

      Guys my shipment is still sitting in limbo and there's nothing I can do about it until your team gets involved. I've sent multiple messages that are either being ignored or missed - can you please get back to me. There been no update on my tracking since the 4th and I'm afraid every day that goes by is another day it gets even more lost in the shuffle.

    20. Joe Bonavita on

      I haven't received mine and my email does not exist on your site.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ruslanas Gžibovskis on

      got mine today to Lithuania! Thanks!
      setting up my nes emulator :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Reason on

      Whoop! got mine today in syd-AUS very happy, boss wont be because now even less work is going to get done :P

    23. sr on

      I got mine... i'm a happy camper. Can't wait to set it up and start the ball rollin' :D

    24. Renato Fontes Tapia on

      @Claudia Pilar I think that if you got to you can confirm your address yourself. I think I actually confirmed it that way =)

    25. Missing avatar

      claudia pilar perez gonzales on

      and received no emails to send my shipping address, I write emails and ninca answer, how do I respond

    26. Missing avatar

      claudia pilar perez gonzales on

      send emails to NTC and never answer, I'm starting to believe q this is fraud, I confirm my email does not even

    27. Missing avatar

      Nabeel Khalid on

      Same here @orjanb + @Torsten

      I've had that message for just over 2 weeks now :|

    28. Örjan Berglin on

      Same for me, Torsten, except my date for "Shipment data uploaded" is June 11. As it seems others have started receiving theit Pocket CHIP's, it's a bit annoying that mine hasn't even been packed yet...

    29. Missing avatar

      Torsten Zielke on

      Since June 13th my CHIP is on the status "Shipment data uploaded" and still in Hong Kong. Why isn't sth happening? :/. At least the next step like others have should be happening:
      > "Order packaged by warehouse" & "Processed"

      But nothing... This is not a very "good" way of delivering...

    30. Missing avatar

      Tohru Ochiai
      on ->

    31. Missing avatar

      Tohru Ochiai

      June 4: "Shipment Data Uploaded"
      June 10: "Order packaged by warehouse" & "Processed"

      Status does not have a change afterwards. On the contrary, "UPDATE YOUR ADDRESS" page came to be displayed when I accessed To me, does not seem to function normally.
      Because Shipping Number of Landmark Global was had, the status confirmation is possible in it. However, I worry very much whether shipment processing continues definitely because it passes for ten days without changing as "Processed".

    32. Missing avatar


      June 4: "Shipment Data Uploaded"
      June 14: "Order packaged by warehouse" & "Processed"
      I'm in China! Right next to Hong Kong! If I take it on foot, I may have got it.
      Should the package be sent to US and then go back to China?

    33. Francesco Peeters on

      Mine arrived at the shipping address supplied! :)

    34. Johann Harding on

      Hi, I don't know if I'm the only one but my shipping info hasn't been update since 2016-06-03.
      Is it normal? It seem to be in HongKong for a while now. Is it that the tracking system is not accurate and the package is on his way?

    35. Missing avatar

      Tohru Ochiai

      June 4: "Shipment Data Uploaded"
      June 10: "Order packaged by warehouse" & "Processed"

      Status does not have a change afterwards. On the contrary, "UPDATE YOUR ADDRESS" page came to be displayed when I accessed

      Because Shipping Number of Landmark Global was had, the status confirmation is possible in it. However, I worry very much whether shipment processing continues definitely because it passes for one week without changing as "Processed".

    36. Missing avatar

      Robbo on


      I received an email today to confirm my pre-order, and I used a different email address to my kickstarter address. I had confirmed my kickstarter pledge a couple weeks ago.

      There is a problem. The pre-order confirmation link showed me someone else's order and my address which I confirmed. When I used a different browser it showed the correct order and address as unconfirmed.

      This suggests cookies are confusing the address confirmation site and if I had not swapped browsers I would have thought my address was confirmed when it was not.

    37. Next Thing Co. 3-time creator on

      It's been quite the journey. We have put a lot of love and effort behind C.H.I.P. and PocketC.H.I.P., and we sincerely want you to enjoy them.

      @fernando, a result of this being a new and large campaign was that we had to learn through our mistakes. I am sorry if one of my mistakes affected your experience with C.H.I.P. I do hope that you check it out when it arrives.

      Please drop us an email at if you need anything, or would like to leave feedback.


    38. Michael Dowman on

      @bonuswavepilot - My sympathies are with Fernando. I feel much the same way as he does, and my items are only a month late. Kickstarters may always be late, but good manners cost nothing. NTC are constantly asserting when shipments will take place and are never apologetic when those assertions are incorrect.

    39. bonuswavepilot

      @Fernando - and how would you have done it as a new company unexpectedly receiving 40 times as much money and orders as your target? Kickstarters are always late, and seriously, it s $9 toy computer, not a new lung FFS.

    40. Missing avatar

      Fernando Rodriguez on

      Well... A January Reward has finally shipped I think per Email. Can't wait till I get 3rd party spam from continuing to have to give my email and mailing address....It's already June... You guys could have kept the Damm thing for all I care. I honestly wanted to help a upstart but the way fulfillment happened by this company shows it's a joke.

    41. Minoru TODA on

      You can get tracking number there (dunno how accurate).

    42. Sarah Youl on

      Is there a way to track our chips? Being in Australia it will likely take several weeks for mine to arrive, if there are any other Aussie backers here please let us know if you have received yours.

    43. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      One of my favorite Kickstarters of all time. I'm a web developer and I'm currently installing a LAMP on the pocket chip. I can carry demos with me anywhere without needing a live server! Very cool.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jesse on

      @nextthing, all your hyperlinks in the pocketchip help are broken. for instance, the hyperlink for setting up bluetooth via the goes to the root docs page, and there is no help available for that

      FYI, the pocketchip is using bluetoothctl for bluetooth, so to set up bluetooth, follow the information here that relates to bluetoothctl:

      to get bluetooth audio working, launch the terminal, enter

      sudo apt-get update

      and agree if it asks you to, You may need to enter your password, which is chip if you haven't changed it yet. Allow it to finish updating, then enter

      sudo apt-get install pulseaudio pulseaudio-module-bluetooth pavucontrol bluez-firmware

      Agree to the use of space. when it finishes installing, reboot your chip, and you can use bluetoothctl to pair and connect to your audio device. (you'll probably want to trust the device, or you'll have to re-connect every time you reboot the chip) Note that if you have headphones plugged in, bluetooth audio will not work.

    45. Missing avatar


      Timely, literally just receive this in the mailbox today! Thanks for reminding me it was coming :)

      Pretty neat, and I look forward to coming up with fun things to do with this!

    46. Jaed on

      My PocketCHIP arrived yesterday! Unfortunately I have no idea what I'll do with it but I'm glad to have supported this project and see it cross the finish line. Gratz to the team!

    47. Glenn Dobson on

      My 2 CHIPs are in town now :) Can't wait to get my Pocket CHIP pre order when that is ready also.