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Built for work, play, and everything in between!   \(•◡•)/
Built for work, play, and everything in between!   \(•◡•)/
39,560 backers pledged $2,071,927 to help bring this project to life.

Give Thanks. #GetCHIP on Cyber Monday.

Posted by Next Thing Co. (Creator)


You should be the very first to hear some very exciting new news...

C.H.I.P. Pre-Orders Open at at 7 am EST on November 30th, otherwise known as Cyber Monday, marking the first time since our Kickstarter campaign to #GetCHIP (and/or PocketC.H.I.P.)! 

Rest assured, pre-orders will ship after Kickstarter rewards are fulfilled.  We want our early C.H.I.P.sters to get their C.H.I.P.s first.

But wait, there's more!

Cyber Monday only, C.H.I.P., the world’s first 9 dollar computer, will be C.H.I.P., the world's first 8 dollar computer.  Just use promo code GETCHIP at! (BTW, if you check out before the sale you can sign up for the pre-order announcement. If you've already signed up for the pre-order announcement, you're good!  No need to sign up again!)

We’ve issued a statement to the press, but we decided to have a little bit of fun with it.  See below. 

This, apparently, is what a press release looks like.
This, apparently, is what a press release looks like.

We're so thankful you're on this fun little adventure with us.  Stay tuned!


\(•◡•)/ - Everyone @nextthingco (especially PocketC.H.I.P.)


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    1. Randy on

      I alpha backed this around July or August 160$ I have only received the first 1/2. Chips but both do not turn on...lights do. But nothing like these other people's youtube videos please reply back to any of my massages....or I know I will keep nagging you ,at least for 160$ I should get a reply

    2. René Sebastian Shabastari on

      Usually, early payment should bring in some advantages to customers, such as discounted price.. But Next Thing Co does the opposite..
      It is obvious from their update videos that they are not behaving as a serious company.


    3. Missing avatar

      gerald on

      I just tried to pre-order at You don't ship to Canada? The twitter feed says the shipping issue is fixed, but I still can't order from Canada.

    4. thepete on

      Yeah, what gives? I set my alarm to order right at 7 and now I have to wait two more hours? How do I know know the pre-orders will go on sale at 9am? Sheesh...

    5. Missing avatar

      Robbo on

      Come what should have been 7am and the site changed from counting down the few minutes to 2 blinking hours.

      WHAT is going on.

    6. Mert Öztoprak on

      Usually, early payment should bring in some advantages to customers, such as discounted price.. But Next Thing Co does the opposite..
      It is obvious from their update videos that they are not behaving as a serious company.

    7. Mike Robinson on

      @Leonard @Ryan

      You still need to add a MicroSD card to it and some sort of networking to make it useful. There is also no GPIO header (the pins are there, but they are not connected). There are a few other issues with the rPi Zero over the CHIP, but needless to say, the $5 doesn't give you a working computer. It gives you the main component.

    8. ephektz on

      ITT: A bunch of babies whining about a dollar. We backed because we wanted them to succeed in bringing an amazing package at an amazing price point to the world. So they're hyping up their product for a single day, for a single dollar less. Boo hoo. No promise has been broken, no one is getting a "better deal" than anyone else. Backers will get their units before pre-orders go out, and you've helped make something awesome.

    9. Ryan L. Collins on

      Hmmm, do some people not understand what Cyber Monday is? It's for people that either sat out on Black Friday in the stores or didn't get what they wanted and would rather shop online on Monday. There are usually offers for a limited time, such as a $1 off of the CHIP. This is a way for NextCo to cheaply advertise, bringing in more people into the CHIP computer fold.

      I have two of the CHIPs so far, and am very impressed. With the release of the Raspberry Pi Zero, the small computer world has gotten larger.

    10. Michael Bowen on

      I'm glad the project is so successful that they can offer more at CyberMonday. I'll probably buy one or two more "just in case". I don't care that as a backer I've not yet received mine, or that I paid a buck more.

      I'm hoping the cybermonday sale has other the portable keybd unit I'm still kicking myself for not buying originally.

    11. William McDonald on

      Science damn it, there are some whiners on here that don't understand Cyber Monday or how Kickstarter works / the point of Kickstarter... Congrats on being able to order a high enough volume you could lower the price by a buck! I think I'll pick up a 3rd chip and if possible a 2nd HDMI port for projects. Hope you lower the price on those adapters too at some point. Keep up the good work!

    12. Missing avatar

      Jasper Horn on

      Will it be possible to have the discounted chip shipped together with your pledge rewards?
      Since shipping (to where I live) is several times the price of a chip it would really matter to be able to save on shipping that way.

    13. Jordan Booth

      I don't really care about the $1, but a promise is your word. Breaking one promise (for good or bad) weakens your other promises, and hurts your reputation.

    14. Tev

      Any Cyber Monday deals on PocketCHIP?

    15. Sascha Grant on

      LOL Love the press release :) Good luck with Cyber Monday!

      Can't wait to get my CHIP!

    16. Missing avatar

      Krisjanis Linkevics on

      Would be nice to finally get my invoice for backing CHIP. Without that invoice, my accounting are killing me and there is no way in hell customs will let me ever get it. @Creator - what the fuck? Why can every other project provide an invoice and you cannot? I have written many messages about the issue to you directly and have received nothing.

    17. Donald "deddragon" Diercks

      Well... I admit that my first reaction was "Wait you're selling it cheaper now than you sold to the backers that got you where you are?"
      Let's be honest folks, Kickstarter companies have projects here to achieve funding and get their product out there in the world. Backers, on the other hand, generally want 2 things: a reduced price and/or extras, and to be first to receive the item. I'd like to say that we're all altruistic lovers of indie companies and we throw money out just to support small business, but that's simply not the case.
      So yeah, some people are going to be upset by this announcement. But it's a dollar. One dollar. A game of skeeball. Now if they were doing a B1G1 event, I'd be seriously peeved. I've been a backer of projects where convention goers got to purchase it weeks before I received mine. I backed a project with incredible art, only to see the art changed after funding.
      But it's the season of sales, and it's a buck, so I'm over it now. Good luck on your sale NTC! Hope it goes well for you.

    18. Missing avatar

      Leonard Wong on

      Checkout the website... "This Cyber Monday, the World's First $9 Computer is $8. Quantities are LIMITED." The press release states "Additionally, the company plans to restore the $9 price after Cyber Monday." This is a 1 day sale at the discount sale price of $8 with promo code GETCHIP, in the same way BestBuy and Walmart have Black Friday sale pricing.

      When I backed the Kickstarter campaign at the $9 price, I wanted them to succeed for a whole lot of reasons. If they can deliver at the $9 level on schedule, economies of scale will eventually benefit everyone sooner or later. But it takes that initial belief in the project to begin with.

      I think it's fantastic the CHIP's Kickstarter campaign and Backerkit addons pushed them to 100,000+ units. If NTC wants to get in on the fun and promote CHIP, all the power to them.

    19. Eric Wood on

      I do not understand the fact you feel you are being disrespected.

      The $9 you have given them has allowed them to get production up to snuff, allowed them make revisions, work with manufacturers to tune the production lines to minimize faults, paid their rents, kept them fed, allowed them to hire people to help them work on the OS and compatibility and work with on making the best system they can make.

      The kickstarter backer got this project off the ground, now you can benefit by purchasing more units that will be delivered after the backer units. If you didn't back this project originally it would not have happened and you would have no product to wait for, no product to be excited about, no product that through your backing would not have been able to be purchased for $8 a unit.

      You need to understand that kickstarter allows an idea to work toward fruition with no guarantee of success. They have been successful. They have been up front and constant with updates. You all need to be patient and be happy this exists at all.


      Eric Wood

    20. Keeron Modi on

      I kind of agree with others - if I hadn't backed this and you offered me a $8 computer, I'd be ordering multiples and making sure I spread the word like crazy. However, I backed it, paid shipping and now I see that pre-orders for cybermonday are being sold for less when none of the backers (who made this project come to life with the funding) has received a single unit.

      I'd suggest either offer the backers (who want to pre-order on cybermonday) free US shipping, or drop that price to $7 (again, backers only).

    21. Missing avatar

      David Smith on

      this seems very disrespectful to backers that you are now selling chips for less than we paid, and you have not even shipped what we have been waiting for, for months. It is hard to promote a company that turns its back on the people who got you to where you are.

    22. Edoardo Angelini-Rota on

      Hi, I have backed the project, when will I recieve my CHIP?
      Thank you
      Edoardo Angelini-Rota

    23. George Hain on

      I would have added the ship date to the blast!

    24. Missing avatar

      Nathan Harvey on

      Wow! Great to hear that! I'm texting my linux geek friends to let them know...

    25. Missing avatar

      Mike Gaskell on

      starting to feel like I should have waited and could have got a cheaper deal...

    26. Andrew Dickinson

      Will there be discounts on Pocket CHIP too?

    27. Missing avatar

      schuschu on

      Sooo do I need to pay shipping again or is there another option?