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Built for work, play, and everything in between!   \(•◡•)/
Built for work, play, and everything in between!   \(•◡•)/
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A C.H.I.P.'s Best Friend is it's Software

Posted by Next Thing Co. (Creator)


The air is getting colder. December is nigh.  C.H.I.P.'s software is due!  

Alexeveryone’s favorite German particle physicist turned software lead, and Ben, PocketC.H.I.P. backer and newest member of team NTC, have been hard at work architecting the official C.H.I.P. operating system. Take a look!

Building an operating system for C.H.I.P. requires some heavy duty driver work.  Maxime from Free Electrons abandoned the French countryside and joined us in sunny Oakland, CA to make sure we’re on-time and feature rich. 

Maxime aime C.H.I.P.  Alex aime les Free Electrons.
Maxime aime C.H.I.P. Alex aime les Free Electrons.

Want the C.H.I.P. OS background? Git it!


Meanwhile in China, Gus, Wynter, and Vanessa have spent much time setting up our first C.H.I.P. v1 mass production run (much more later). December C.H.I.P.s are on schedule to be shipped in December.  

Want your C.H.I.P. shipped to you instead of someone who is not you? Submit, update, or verify your shipping address through BackerKit at

January C.H.I.P.s are still on schedule for January. February C.H.I.P.s in February. March C.H.I.P.s in March. PocketC.H.I.P.s and the HDMI & VGA adapters are still on schedule for May. If you are curious when your Kickstarter reward is scheduled to ship, please check your pledge.

Pre-order announcement comming very, very soon!

mmmtc (much much more to come)

\(•◡•)/ - everyone at NTC (especially Alex & Ben) and also Maxime

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ryan Bell on

      Hi guys, first great work. I'm only curious why my pledge page says mine will not ship until May?!?! I pledged very early in the campaign yet it seams I'm in the last shipment run. Any chance it could be pushed up to Feb or at least March? Thanks and keep up the awesome work, I can't wait!!

    2. vincent valenciano on

      question about shipping dates.
      if you ship it on January 2016 - it will arrive 15-30 days to our country right? February?

    3. Glenn Dobson on

      My new desktop background :) Wouldn't mind some other color versions ;)

    4. Nicholas Eng

      When will we be able to pick up the Add-ons? I opted not to pledge for them to get the chip quicker, but I would like to order them.

    5. TriOptimum on

      Thank you for the updates! It's refreshing to see someone take their shipping dates seriously around here :D. Even within 3-6 months is pretty good, let alone on time. Most of my projects backed ship over a year late. I can't wait to get my chip! When and where will accessories be available separately? Is it possible to add some accessories to a kickstarter order before shipment for December Chips (as to combine shipping)? Thanks :)!!

    6. Ed Hurtley on

      Hi C.H.I.P. team!

      Looking good, can't wait to get mine next month. I was wondering if your OS will have Miracast support built in? (Via, for example, MiracleCast - ) That would make it insanely awesome, Bluetooth KB/mouse combined with Miracast, the only thing you'd need to plug in is power! (Or a battery.)

    7. fmotta on

      I had to laugh at being a beta-backer :)
      I look forward to being a beta-backer - I have not checked. Is there any update to the vagrant?

    8. James on

      "The air is getting colder?" C'mon guys, only if you're in the Northern hemisphere. You're not the only country in the world, its bloody nice down here!!! Fish and CHIPS.

    9. Missing avatar

      Rodney N on

      Thanks for the update. It's great to see things progress and on time. Lets hope things can speed up at some stage down the track... Waiting until May for a PocketCHIP seems such a long way away. Keep up the good work and keep the updates coming in.

    10. Celti Burroughs on

      Is there (or is there going to be) a list of all the changes required to the vanilla Linux distribution (whichever it's based on) to run on CHIP?

      I personally would like to run ArchLinux ARM on it; I know that ALARM supports ARMv7 (which should be what drives CHIP, if I'm not mistaken) but it'd be nice to have a list of what you guys did to translate to ArchLinux terms.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jesse Forgues on

      Maxine and Free Electrons rock!!!

      Thanks for all the nix support!!!