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Built for work, play, and everything in between!       \(•◡•)/
Built for work, play, and everything in between!   \(•◡•)/
Built for work, play, and everything in between!   \(•◡•)/
39,560 backers pledged $2,071,927 to help bring this project to life.

C.H.I.P. or Treat?



What horror boots within the ancient zip disk labeled 'Occult Archives'?  That question burns inside the mind of Mr. Sharps, and when the NTC crew leaves the office early, he is no longer able to resist its call.  (special thanks to Pro8mm)

WARNING:  Contents may blow your mind.
WARNING: Contents may blow your mind.


ヽ ( ⁰д⁰)ノ - all the zombies at NTC (especially Richard, Michael, and Mr. Sharps)

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Ari wastes the last of the super 8 film.
Ari wastes the last of the super 8 film.
All work and no play make C.H.I.P. a dull toy.
All work and no play make C.H.I.P. a dull toy.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Katharine Samson on

      @Gary Denney: A lighter version, that tracks which milestones have been hit on time--might be good, though, especially for somebody who might come through later, wanting to see how good their history is of hitting estimated shipping dates.
      Plus I'd not mind knowing what adding things in BackerKit means for when I should expect my things to turn up--I don't remember if BackerKit said, and I don't quite want to have to go poking around in there.

    2. Gary Denney

      @Brian: I'd say it is safe to assume that unless there is something else announced that the rewards will be shipping when they were estimated to. The only date that has passed so far has been the Alpha chips for the Kernel Hacker reward level. And those have shipped. The earliest production model shipping is slated for December 2015. And any pledge that includes anything other than just a C.H.I.P. isn't until May 2016.

      I can see asking for a shipping update if they were behind, but they aren't at this point. Creating a new product and bringing it to market it time consuming. Since they haven't missed any deadlines yet, at this point we just need to be patient. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Brian Salter on

      You know, a simple "shipping dates" section added to the bottom/top/middle of the page (And updated often!) would go a long way toward keeping happier customers.

    4. ephektz on

      There's some brain dead people who backed this project. One would think that reading comprehension and attentiveness would go hand in hand with technology, but time and time again I've seen that's not the case. Seriously, read the campaign and stop shitting up the comments.

    5. Shatners Bassoon on


      Where does it say October? The Kernal Hacker Backers got theirs in September and the first wave of final C.H.I.P.'s should be in December 2015, EVERYTHING else is 2016.

    6. Missing avatar

      David Jones on

      Cem - Actually this has been going quite well and we've been getting regular updates. I backed a 3d printer that was 9 months late and then went belly up before shipping the backers their printers, even though they had started shipping retail.

    7. PJ Parent

      Tatiana - what pledge level are you at that you think it would come before November? Read the delivery date of your pledge level - chances are its May of next year. Cem - as long as they deliver on time they can post whatever they want.....

    8. Missing avatar


      Haha, love the Evil Dead-esque feel. New show comes out in 2 days!!

    9. Dave Gauer on

      How could this be!?!? Yesterday, I found a huge stack of 5.25 floppies wrapped in a red ribbon and labeled "The Future". It was behind an old printer in a closet nobody had opened in years. I dusted off some old hardware and after much difficulty, managed to join the multi-part archive and get it to my desktop PC via a RS 232 null modem. When I opened the archive, I found that it was a single MPEG-1 video. I played it and...IT WAS THIS VIDEO.

    10. Missing avatar

      Cem on

      Blah blah blah... Seriously, I think these people just took are money, got high, and are just partying and making fun of us...??!! all I hear and read is that this is happening, that is happening, but in reality, nothing is happening... Turned out tho be a waste of investment, I think...

    11. Tatiana Goretsky on

      Where is my $9 CHIP + HDMI? I wanted it as my BD gift at Nov.9. You said it will come in October.

    12. Missing avatar

      Carlos Vargas on

      @George Sullivan and Frank, look guys it's not like they are behind on their estimated delivery dates. Wait until after those dates pass to ask _when_ is X going to arrive or to asking them to stop messing about in these update posts. There are realities that they can't address no matter how hard they work so I imagine there are bound to be periods of down time where they can make content to try to amuse us rather than keeping us in the dark.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ezra P on

      Frank if you look at the CHIP+HDMI pledge estimated delivery it states May 2016. My guess is you will get it about then.

    14. Missing avatar

      David Jones on

      Too funny, a ZIP disk. I still have one of those drives. Amazingly it still works. Not good for much other than as an antique.

    15. Missing avatar

      Manic on

      Okay...that's nice!

    16. George Sullivan on

      when is my $9.00 Chip coming........rec'd no response since I pleaged . Please respond

    17. Frank on

      Where is my $9 chip +hdmi?