CHIP - The World's First Nine Dollar Computer

by Next Thing Co.

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    1. Derek Lynch
      on October 22, 2015

      Thankfully, Debian starts with the letter D, made my name suggestion reallllly easy.

    2. Clive Saunders
      on October 22, 2015

      I don't have twitter, so I can't give you my suggestion for the O/S name on there. :(

      However, I did post before that CHIP itself should stand for Computer Has Infinite Possibilities, and any peripherals should be called DIP. Dual Input Peripheral. CHIP & DIP.

      So logically, the O/S should surely be called "Salsa". :)

    3. Stephen Garriga on October 22, 2015

      Clive isn't the only non tweeting backer

    4. amenthes on October 22, 2015

      I find these posts hard to read because of all the gifs.

    5. Anubis on October 22, 2015

      I think the name for Debian on Chip could be... Chipian :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Leonid M on October 22, 2015

      Can you make so CHIP can run VLC server for SmartThings home automation? This is my goal to have the CHIP be a media device.

      And you should keep the OS name same as the device. C.H.I.P OS ver 1.0

    7. Next Thing Co. 3-time creator on October 22, 2015

      @Clive and @Stephen! Post your suggestions here. We'll keep an eye out.

    8. Lady N Duchess of Urnst
      on October 22, 2015

      We should name the loaded and running OS as "Chocolate" so we all have "Chocolate C.H.I.P.s"

    9. Missing avatar

      jon on October 22, 2015

      Chocolate CHIPs are good. **Banana** CHIPs are pretty good too though. And that would simulations be analogous to Apple and be reminiscent to the media and advertising produced thus far.

    10. Missing avatar

      jon on October 22, 2015

      Simultaneously not simulations...sorry

    11. Missing avatar

      Design Concussion on October 22, 2015

      I like frequent updates, but these seem aimed at the pledge levels that are going to receive their rewards earlier than I. Would it be possible to target the updates for these groups just at them and do some generic ones for the rest of us? Not complaining, just curious.

    12. Michael Schultz on October 22, 2015

      NotYo C.H.I.P.
      It made me giggle

    13. Michael Schultz on October 22, 2015

      I did have a question since we are talking OS. C.H.I.P. appealed to me because of it's size and portability. I like to write and know it has a word processor the will work with it. My question what would be the best way or just some ways to get the files from C.H.I.P. to a Windows box or even sync? Would something like Dropbox or OneDrive work on C.H.I.P.?

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      Benjamin L Rushing on October 22, 2015

      I like the idea if naming the os buffalo. Wide open spaces, freedom, and roams with you do portability. Plus buffalo chip kinda humorous

    15. Christopher G. Stanton on October 22, 2015

      How about Debian, and get hardware support in the arm kernel?

    16. Jonathan Smith on October 22, 2015

      I second the idea of naming the OS Banana, I liked the "banana for scale" in all the pics of C.H.I.P. during the campaign.

    17. bonuswavepilot
      on October 22, 2015

      @Michael - if Debian is running on the CHIP, there is a linux client for Dropbox, and I think OneDrive can be made to work too.

      If you're just trying to transfer stuff locally though, your best bet would be to set up SAMBA on the CHIP, which just lets you use Windows network shares (or provide them)...

    18. Missing avatar

      Malcolm on October 23, 2015

      no twitter so i can't leave a name suggestion there, but how about something like
      Fully Integrated System Handler? (F.I.S.H)

    19. Missing avatar

      ravoc on October 23, 2015


      My name is Dale,
      .. CHIP 'n' Dale

    20. Missing avatar

      gerald on October 24, 2015

      +1 for chipian

    21. Missing avatar

      Angel on October 25, 2015

      I'm thinking the OS should be called either "OS bacon" because who hates bacon or "OS infinity" for the things that CHIP will be able to do or "OS $9" this one is obvious

    22. Missing avatar

      Brody on October 25, 2015

      I like the idea of banana being the OS name, as the banana has been going along with chip since the beginning

    23. Charles Cantrill on October 26, 2015

      So, my students said the versions of CHIP OS should be based off snack chips starting with Potato. Then go from there: BBQ, Salt and Vinegar, etc.

    24. Missing avatar

      Brian Salter on October 26, 2015

      Do a variation from Linux Mint, and call it Chocolate. That's right, Mint Chocolate Chip.

    25. Missing avatar

      Graham Wilson on October 26, 2015

      OS name Debbie. Or how about Chip-pan. Or Mushy Peas (eaten in England with chips, ie French fries). Or Chip butty (slang for sandwich and slang for friend)

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      Michael Hunt on November 12, 2015

      For CHIP the Debian OS is simply DIP (Debian Instruction Package or similar). You put DIP on your CHIP and enjoy.

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Hunt on November 12, 2015

      Different versions of the OS can be Bean DIP, Guacamole DIP, Cheese DIP, Clam DIP, Spinach DIP, etc.