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Built for work, play, and everything in between!   \(•◡•)/
Built for work, play, and everything in between!   \(•◡•)/
39,560 backers pledged $2,071,927 to help bring this project to life.

Our Friend, Ruxpin! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Posted by Next Thing Co. (Creator)

Yep. We went there.

Alpha C.H.I.P.s arriving means C.H.I.P. powered projects!  With a love for reviving 80s animatronics, Andrew (newest member of the NTC team!) hacked the world's first animated storytelling bear with the world's first nine dollar computer

Why make a bearmonster Frankenstein style?

Firstly, it's FUN!  Secondly, it's a wonderful way to test what C.H.I.P. can do!  Things like...

  • Search the internet and download files
  • Download, store, process, and playback files locally.
  • Control the motors in a bearmonster's head in sync with audio.
Andrew's Ruxpin diagram.  More documentation coming soon!
Andrew's Ruxpin diagram. More documentation coming soon! Ruxpin is just a start and we can't wait to see where our Kernel Hackers take us.

Kernel Hackers - Show us what you're working on!

Excited about your C.H.I.P.?  Have an awesome C.H.I.P. project in the works?  Let us know! Tweet us at @NextThingCo! Use #MadeWithCHIP

Thanks for the C.H.I.P. flashing livetweet @futurejonesapps!  Awesome to follow!
Thanks for the C.H.I.P. flashing livetweet @futurejonesapps! Awesome to follow!

Want another C.H.I.P. (or PocketC.H.I.P.)?  Sign up for the pre-order announcement at

Have a Kernel Hack? Submit a pull request on GitHub.

Join the community conversation on the NTC forum at

For more tutorials, information and instructions, head to, your home for all NTC official documentation.


Clarifying C.H.I.P. Shipping

First peek at packaging for Alpha C.H.I.P. round 2.  Shipping Soon!
First peek at packaging for Alpha C.H.I.P. round 2. Shipping Soon!

With C.H.I.P.s arriving into Kernel Hacker’s hands, we’re currently on track to meet our estimated shipping timelines from our Kickstarter campaign. 

December, January, February or March C.H.I.P.s are on schedule to arrive at your door by the respective month.  

PocketC.H.I.P.s, adapter boards, and batteries are estimated to ship by May 2016.

You can change your shipping address at any time by heading to'll also send an address confirmation email around 2-3 weeks prior to shipping for super final address accuracy.

Stay Tuned! M.M.M.T.C. (much much more to come)

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - Everyone at @NextThingCo

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    1. Glen Tickle on

      SO PUMPED about Chippy Ruxbin. It's almost exactly what I have in mind for mine when I get it. I'll be making my daughter's toy robot tell knock knock jokes. Can't wait.

    2. Dustin Williams on

      I still haven't gotten my alphaCHIP. Any way to check if it got out to me, or if there's a tracking number?

    3. Niels Terwiesch on

      Just got my alpha C.H.I.P, now it's time to start creating.

    4. Brian Newhard on

      Kernel hacker here; I havent received anything yet :/

    5. Missing avatar


      I haven't been paying too close attention, but how do things look for being able to buy CHIPs individually post-Kick Starter shipments? As in, will they be available right after the Kick Starter shipments ship out? Or will you need to wait for some orders to build up before being able to do another run?

    6. Mike Robinson on

      Should I have received an email and / or tracking number when my Alpha chip shipped? Because I haven't. I have also checked and my BackerKit information is correct.

    7. Missing avatar

      gerald on

      I see a schematic, above, for the teddy project. I sure hope you publish the source code that runs it. I'd love to learn from it!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Mark Smith on

      I would hope to see some Ham radio applications- Arduino has been very popular- a balloon transmitting beacon crossed the Atlantic using only 2 mylar party balloons and it went all the way to France and Sweden-

    9. Tiffany Fordyce

      Teddy Ruxpin... I still have one of those hanging around somewhere. Wow, that brings back old memories.

    10. Peter Sykes Tang on

      Hey you guys can consider kick starting the bear monster for the chip computer... I'd love to one of the Kickstarter to get my hands on the bear monster with my $9 chip!

    11. Michael Baumann on

      Impatiently waiting for my first alpha.. (yes, I know.. 7 to 9 days. But my mailbox needs its feeding of silicon!)