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Built for work, play, and everything in between!   \(•◡•)/
Built for work, play, and everything in between!   \(•◡•)/
39,560 backers pledged $2,071,927 to help bring this project to life.

Holy Ship! Alpha Ships Have C.H.I.P.ped!!!

Posted by Next Thing Co. (Creator)


This, clearly, is Gus' happy face.
This, clearly, is Gus' happy face.

Our Kernel Hacker Backers, our brave StarC.H.I.P. Troopers, should see their Alpha C.H.I.P.s arrive in 7-9 days. Keep your eyes on those mailboxes! These things are coming in hot!

More what?  Keep reading!
More what? Keep reading!


This is a great opportunity for a shipping dress rehearsal as we test our shipping integration.  There will be two different Alpha C.H.I.P. shipments.  The first shipment of Alpha C.H.I.P.s will be shipped unflashed to get our Kernel Hackers hacking immediately.   Don't worry, we have plenty of documentation to get you started.

First Run Alpha C.H.I.P.s:  Safety Tested and Ready to Go!
First Run Alpha C.H.I.P.s: Safety Tested and Ready to Go!

The second shipment of Alpha C.H.I.P.s (estimated to arrive by mid-October) will be factory flashed with our buildroot image.

Alex, Wynter, and our friend Peter have worked diligently to give everyone a clean and simple C.H.I.P. experience out of the box. Get started with the C.H.I.P. Flashing Tutorial!

If you are a Kernel Hacker Backer, and have not yet confirmed your address, get on it! Shoot us your shipping address at and we’ll shoot your Alpha C.H.I.P.s right back!

Documentation & Sharing

For more tutorials, information and instructions, head to, your new home for all NTC official documentation.

Submit all Kernel Hacks by submitting a pull request on GitHub.

Join the community conversation on the NTC forum at

Tweet us what you're working on!  Find us at @NextThingCo!


Shipping Alpha C.H.I.P.s in September is a huge milestone for us.  Just as Dave screamed in the Kickstarter video, we are so excited to see what you can do with a 9 dollar computer! Get Hacking! And don't forget to write!

We looked so much younger four and half months ago...
We looked so much younger four and half months ago...

\m/(>.<)\m/ - everyone @NextThingCo


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    1. Pasquale Blank on

      Have not received mine yet, how can I check?

    2. Missing avatar

      Greg Nuyens on

      Received my Alpha 2 KHB chips today in Emeryville CA (next to Berkeley).

    3. Martin Friedman on

      My chips have NOT arrived. How to check?

    4. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      My chip just arrived! Calgary, Alberta.

      Thanks guys!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jacob Bondt on

      I my name is Jacob in Nova Scotia Canada still waiting for my chip to arrive ,how was it shipped to me in Canada .What date was it shipped have not seen any notice if it was even shipped to me can someone answer some of these questions for me thank you Jacob PS Happy chipping��

    6. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      Still waiting on my chip in Western Canada. Anybody over here get theirs yet?

    7. Missing avatar

      John Meyer on

      @Skultra , the were shipped from Hong Kong, not from next thing co. address. May explain why some overseas backers starting reporting getting theirs so early. Traffic seems to be picking up at, seems to indicate they are arriving in the states now. I would bet you will have your soon (USPS)

    8. Missing avatar

      meow on

      I purchased "Kernel Hackers" and literally live around the corner you guys. Anxiously awaiting for the CHIP, but have not received anything as of today. Is there a way for us to track it?

    9. Missing avatar

      John Meyer on

      Received mine on the east coast today, USPS, straight from the factory

    10. Missing avatar

      Bret on

      Also haven't received my Alpha CHIP yet. I assume it's on the way, but is there any way to see shipping status in BackerKit? I haven't received any shipping notification / tracking / etc. Maybe they're going out in batches?

    11. Tom Vile on

      Haven't received my shipment yet either.

    12. Brian Newhard on

      Are there tracking numbers?

      I havent received anything yet :/

    13. ephektz on

      Can someone who has received their board helpfully clarify what shipping method they used? Thanks! :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Dave Milton on

      I just got my C.H.I.P. today { Kanata, ON, Canada , shipped from Burlington, ON, Canada Post }.
      Thanks & let the fun begin !

    15. Anthony Liekens on

      I just received my Alpha C.H.I.P.! This is in Belgium, so shipping went blazingly fast and I'm happy to report there were no import taxes (which is usually the case when importing electronics from the States, I guess they don't bother for $9, yay!)

      Let's flash and hack this thing!

    16. Missing avatar

      Richard Hornbaker on

      Yay, excitement... can we get some facts with the hype?
      Should we expect to receive shipment notifications when they ship? That's an industry best practice, but I haven't gotten one for my Alpha. What shipper was used?
      I'm in the next state, so even standard mail would have delivered it by now. Combined with the lack of shipment notice, should I assume mine *hasn't* been shipped?

    17. Missing avatar

      John Meyer on

      How was it shipped, post office or ups or other?

    18. Missing avatar

      Guy McIlroy on

      So I purchased "Kernel Hackers" and have not received - what gives??
      I'm just across the bay, I could have walked over and got it quicker !-)

    19. Romain Dumaine on

      Got my C.H.I.P. today. I'm really exited to try it now !!

    20. Missing avatar

      renzo on

      not to be misunderstood: worred in my previous post means "worried to have skipped an acknowledgment causing delay to the delivery of my own unit"

    21. Missing avatar

      renzo on

      I am really looking forward to receiving my (first alpha) chip. Is the delivery time of 7-9 days just for domestic destinations or for overseas countries, too? (I am concerned with delivery time to Italy). I received the survey message and I did nothing as indicated (If this looks correct, you do not need to take any further actions). I am worried... has anybody received their chip, yet?

    22. Jennifer Ong SC on

      I have yet to receive the survey to fill in the shipping address. Please resend as I am one of the backer of this superb product. Thanks.

    23. Missing avatar


      @CHIP team/Alpha chip users,

      Will CHIP works with Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard? I want to know which of the following keyboard works with CHIP.
      1. Logitech k380. This works with Bluetooth 3.0 classic (released 09/15)
      2. Logitech k480
      3. Microsoft universal foldable keyboard (Bluetooth 4.0)

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris Winter on

      Excitement is really building !! I have so many ideas about what I am going to do when I get mine.
      Keep up the great work.

    25. Joshua Cole on

      I backed the "Kernel Developer" level but never got a survey to fill out my address information. BackerKit doesn't recognize my email either :( how can I make sure to get my shipment? Thanks!

    26. Mike Robinson on


      The "Alpha" chips are the initial run, but they are also coming to those of us that paid for the "Kernel Backer" level.

      As mentioned, this first group will not come with the boot image flashed. The software image will no doubt change before the final production run and it's also certainly possible that the hardware may change slightly to fix any problems that come up in testing.

    27. Missing avatar

      ricky roberson on

      Woo-hoo! So excited!

      Hey guys, possible mix-up in your "Power!" document. Shouldn't the battery be hooked up to pin 8 and not pin 2 of U13?

    28. Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas on

      Can't wait for my non-alpha chip to arrive !

    29. Darrell Hiler on

      Awesome! I do not get a Alpha C.H.I.P. but I am still Stoked!

    30. Brenson Atomsk Humphreys

      Is there a difference between the Alpha C.H.I.P. and the original C.H.I.P. we backed or is it just what we are calling the first version of the C.H.I.P.?

    31. Guy Veyer on

      Love yous sense of humor boys ! I'm also looking 4 months older that 4 months ago !

    32. Karolis Marksaitis on

      You guys are nutts. Can't wait for the next shipments!

    33. Missing avatar

      Isaiah Carew on

      can't wait. would love some tracking info to know when it will arrive. anyway way to find that stuff out?

    34. manuel 81 on

      Cool . What bout the pocket chip any update on those

    35. Missing avatar

      jtrip on

      I really appreciate the extra CHIP guys, thanks a million!!

    36. ephektz on

      This is how you be amazing.