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Built for work, play, and everything in between!       \(•◡•)/
Built for work, play, and everything in between!   \(•◡•)/
Built for work, play, and everything in between!   \(•◡•)/
39,560 backers pledged $2,071,927 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      eric binkley about 19 hours ago

      I️ have not received my hdmi chip yet. Is there any info on time when they might be coming in?

    2. Aron Krause Litvin 6 days ago

      It's a shame mine has not come yet. It's been over twelve months. I talked to the company, I changed some emails that did not work at all. I am sad to trust so much in crowdfunding, but this type of experience shows that this company CHIP is not ready to really innovate. 144/5000
      They should take each case and solve it. Unfortunately I can not make anything, but my money was stolen. This is the truth.

    3. Ollrich on October 12

      Someone here, who wants to buy my nearly unused pocketCHIP? I'm from Germany and would send to EU countries

    4. Thomas M. Reeg on August 16

      Hi. I did not receive anything. Could somebody contact with me, please?

    5. Dean Kirkpatrick
      on July 22

      I have had mine for some time now. Finally decided to give it a try. After reflashing it, it worked just fine. It does just what it says. It's a $9 computer, for goodness sake. Haven't signed on as root yet. Maybe someday.

    6. rusty on July 19

      i got this. really is just utter rubbish. forgot to post previously, but it was just not worth the investment

    7. Missing avatar

      Diane Perry on July 5

      So where is my reward

      it has been over a year

    8. Angelo Brown on June 21

      Some of these projects have taken so long. I forgot about them. I've backed almost 70 projects and quite a few give you nothing. After a while you start to forget who's honest and who's not.

    9. Angelo Brown on June 21

      I never received my reward.

    10. Missing avatar

      Tommy Thorn on June 8

      Well, clearly some people's (incl. myself) received all they paid for. Are you sure you contacted them correctly.

    11. Missing avatar

      Neil Manuel on May 27

      Have you guys tried the ahoy email address - a few messages down from here. Contact Next Thing directly NOT through this messaging mechanism. Lots of folks (including me) have had both their kickstarter rewards and subsequent purchases provided by Next Thing so its not a scam. Yes the project was late - but that is the nature of kickstarter projects - Chase them directly.

    12. Alan Phung on May 24, 2017

      I think we should take legal action and sue this company

    13. Alan Phung on May 24, 2017

      Can I get my money back??

    14. John J. Matta
      on May 10, 2017

      I agree. I haven't heard from this group in 6 months. Are they still around?

    15. Angelo Brown on April 15, 2017

      I never received anything. i actually forgot about this project because there were no updates. i'm confused they launched a new product in November of last year, yet did deliver their first product. Am I correct?

    16. Ralph Hernandez V on March 12, 2017

      Hi, does anyone know how to better contact them? I backed them all the way back in 2014, got an email asking me to update my address, but past then, no contact, I don't even think I got a confirmation. Nothing. Radio silence. Please help, anyone?

    17. Missing avatar

      Antoni Osmólski on February 25, 2017

      Hi everyone, similar as some of you I did not receive anything. I wrote them email but nobody wrote back! I should got it January 2016.

    18. Jose Luis Mazzitelli on February 21, 2017

      Hi. I did not receive anything. Could somebody contact with me, please?

    19. Rodrigo Martins on February 16, 2017

      Jacob Wheadon (from CHIP) sent me the product, but I think he informed the wrong address. He's e-mail is not working anymore.
      The message I got from de delivery service: "Not Delivered - Addressee not present- Message left"
      How can we solve it?

    20. Missing avatar

      K. A. on December 13, 2016

      promised delivery by may 2016, it is now december and still NOTHING--no product, all emails have been ignored - looks like a scam

    21. Next Thing Co. 3-time creator on December 6, 2016

      Hi all--
      We've tried to message some of you individually, but if you need customer service help, please contact us via Kickstarter messages have been unreliable so we're asking everyone to email our helpdesk there.

    22. Jillian Crudo on November 29, 2016

      I still haven't received my chip and haven't heard back from kickstarter or chip. I've emailed and no response.

    23. joseph nudd on November 24, 2016

      My chip failed to work can you guys help me out ?

    24. Rodrigo Martins on November 24, 2016

      how can I get my money back?

    25. Rodrigo Martins on November 21, 2016

      It's almost 2017 and I still haven't received my CHIP.
      Plz send me the tracking number.

    26. Missing avatar

      Sandro Fouche on November 16, 2016

      For all those having a problem contacting Next Thing via e-mail, please make sure you're sending to: ahoyahoy@nextthing.CO (note that is not a mis-spelling, their domain is a .CO domain *not* a .COM domain). This error appears at least twice in recent backer comments.

    27. Missing avatar

      K. A. on November 15, 2016

      we pledged in JUNE of 2015 -- we have confirmed our address, we have sent several emails but we have not received anything, not even a response to any of our emails. It's starting to look like fraud

    28. Next Thing Co. 3-time creator on November 15, 2016

      Hi all--

      We've tried to message some of you individually, but if you still don't have your reward, it's probably because we need you to confirm/update your address at If that doesn't work, please contact us via Kickstarter messages have been unreliable so we're asking everyone to email our helpdesk there.



    29. Missing avatar

      Tom Schloßmacher on November 15, 2016

      My chips are on the way, got tracking info.


    30. Ryan Vereen on November 8, 2016

      So what is the deal? There hasn't been an update for MONTHS and now all of the sudden there is press on The Verge about these things. How about you guys deliver to your backers before you start reaching out to the press?

    31. Steve Goodman on November 4, 2016

      I have pretty much given up on this. Despite numerous attempts using all the techniques recommended on the blogs it cannot connect to any wifi network. So I will be tossing it. This pretty much does it for me with technical Kickstarter projects. I'll focused on artistic (music, video) moving forward.

    32. Missing avatar

      Karl Thorp on October 30, 2016

      Have you tried

    33. Missing avatar

      William Hamilton on October 29, 2016

      I've had no updates since June - my pledge was in May of last year, and even the delayed shipping schedule has long come and gone- and no response to any of my emails. The shipping site fails to send the password reset to my account. Attempted contact with is not returned. I believe that I've wasted my money here.

    34. Missing avatar

      William Hamilton on October 29, 2016

      Who do I contact for my chip?

    35. Andrea on October 29, 2016

      I received my 2 chip as expected

    36. Missing avatar

      Karl Thorp on October 29, 2016

      @Carlos Ortiz

      I can vouch, it is not a scam I got my PocketCHIP a while ago, keep contacting them, they will straighten it out

    37. Missing avatar

      Carlos Ortiz on October 21, 2016

      +1 on no CHIP received yet. Looks like a scam now.

    38. Christopher Sneeringer on October 17, 2016

      Still waiting for my Chip. I was backer number 8,067. I have sent several messages. What is going on? When will I get this product?

    39. Missing avatar

      Makenzie Reid on October 13, 2016

      Still waiting for my product. I have left numerous messages through Kickstarter. Please fulfill your end or issue refunds. Starting to feel swindled out of my money.

    40. Masaki Sugiyama on October 10, 2016

      My order hasn't arrived yet. Please confirm.

    41. Wil H. on October 8, 2016

      Haven't received anything yet.

      still haven't received mine..

      I did submit address verification.

      Pledged $93 for

      All of the things!

      PocketC.H.I.P. (includes one C.H.I.P.) + additional C.H.I.P. + VGA Adapter + HDMI Adapter + Battery

      Backer number

    42. Stephen Calnan on October 6, 2016

      I messaged the project organizers about my apparently vanished order, and their robot told me about, which seems to be the real place to get info. Good luck.

    43. Missing avatar

      Igor Rodrigues on October 4, 2016

      I'm still waiting for my chip e hdmi adapter.

    44. Zhou Su on October 2, 2016

      haven't got it yet

    45. Arthur E. Apolinario on September 30, 2016

      Was I supposed to receive my chips by now?

    46. Missing avatar

      Rob Heathcote on September 30, 2016

      I am still waiting for my chip and controller. No update, not messages on ship date .... WHATS GOING ON :(

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