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Restore the legendary Women's Industrial Kitchen as a living her-story museum/restaurant celebrating the contributions of women.

The Woman's Industrial Exchange opened 130 years ago to provide a forum for women to showcase and sell their domestic arts. It was a place where war widows went to make extra money to support their families by capitalizing on the talents that so many women have never been paid for. Since then the Exchange has been a place that galvanized our City around the central notion that the feminine arts are fabulous. Handcrafted objects have VALUE.

People went to the Kitchen for an honest meal served by a feisty but motherly woman. The food was a celebration of homecooking and the environment was reminiscent of the very best memories of one's own home kitchen. It was a place where regulars were thankful for the consistency of great food and tourists sought out for the experience. This vision ended in 2002. I want to bring it back.

I want to restore the flavor and feeling of the Woman's Industrial Kitchen. We will offer the very best of home inspired comfort food. You will be served by the sassiest mothers I know. You will sit seeped in the history of famous and average women who have triumphed in the home, work and communities. We will celebrate home economics and the power of positive thinking. 

Your contribution will help us restore this amazing, historic restaurant. It will help us tell the her-story of Maryland women. It will hire cooks, waitresses, bussers and hostesses. It will help us rebuild a legacy that Baltimore has missed sorely. I know 20 years from now you will be so proud that you were part of bringing back this irreplaceable Baltimore institution. We cannot do it without you!


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    Enjoy the famous Tomato Aspic or Charlotte Rousse Cake on us. We're using the original recipe so it will be sure to please your fondest memories.

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    6 backers

    Enjoy a steaming Hot Bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup at the Women's Industrial Kitchen and a bowl of soup of your choice at Souper Freaks.

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    24 backers

    Enjoy the Bridge Club Sampler! Your favorites of the "covered dish" world. My Grandma Adelaide's Sweet Potatoes and Sherry, Aunt Mildred's Broccoli Bake and Grandma Linda's Macaroni and Cheese are some of the delights you will enjoy on the house.

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    Come be among the first to dine on the famous Chicken Pot Pie at the new Woman's Industrial Kitchen. Bring a friend and say you were there when the legacy began.

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    You are invited to an exclusive Celebration of Industrial Women in the new Women's Industrial Kitchen. Enjoy a lovely night of great food, conversation and celebration of the lives and works of Maryland Women. Be included on our Honor Roll of Industrious Women!

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    Have a dish named after you! Tell us your ultimate comfort food. Tell us how your momma made it. We'll offer it as a Blue Plate Special, name it after you, and when you come into the restaurant with your friends and family, we'll brag about how amazing you are.

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    Table for 6? The first week we open? In a specially reserved table? With sandwiches, dessert and drinks on us? And a great big hug from a grateful owner? Thrilled to do it. Thanks for helping.

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    Join our Wall of Her-story. Your photo will be displayed along with the great women of Baltimore who in big and small ways made/make our community better. You will be part of the "permanent record" of notable women. Let us tell the world how incredible you and your journey have been.

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    Have your own table designed and named for you. Join the likes of Billie Holiday, Zelda Fitzgerald, and Harriet Tubman with a hand crafted table designed for and about you. Let thousands of customers learn about you and your legacy. Of course, its your table whenever you can join us.

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