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Heart, a malfunctioning robot, fights for its identity against the minions of standardization. A 3D brawler/roguelike for PC/Mac/Linux
Heart, a malfunctioning robot, fights for its identity against the minions of standardization. A 3D brawler/roguelike for PC/Mac/Linux
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Posted by aheartfulofgames (Creator)

The day has come when Heart&Slash becomes more than just a Kickstarter video. If you check the main Kickstarter page, you'll see four new links towards the top. Those link to our very first public Alpha!

As a developer, I can't but be nervous about taking this step. On one hand, many of you have showed amazing support for this project, and it's only fair we show you how far we are in its development.

However, it's true that an alpha is a very unfinished piece of software, full of errors and unpolished pieces. Much like reading an early draft of a movie script, playing an alpha and been able to see the game that lies at the end of the way, takes experience and skill.

We are making the Alpha public because it's the fair thing to do. But when you play it, if you want to play it (if you have backed and are not that interested in given feedback, I would recommend waiting for the final game so that the experience is not spoiled, or even for the Beta) remember this is not how the final game will look, play or sound. It's only a draft of the game, with most systems implemented and working, but still not feeling as they should feel. If you notice a floaty animation, a shotgun without punch, a wandering AI that gets stuck sometimes... Believe us, we have noticed those too, and want and will do our best to improve those aspects until we can be happy with our work!

I want also to mention sound specifically, since in a way releasing the alpha as it is now is a disservice to our awesome sound designers, who are working hard at implementing the first layer of sounds into the game. However, we could not merge the two working versions on time, and thus, we decided to release the alpha with really bad placeholder sound. As soon as we get hold of the real sound files, we will be fast in updating this alpha so that you guys can listen to it.

Also, we will be reading all feedback you guys want to provide on the alpha, and will be reading it very carefully, for this alpha also gives us the first chance at seeing what people think of the game and that feedback will be fundamental in helping us improve the game!

With all that said, if you can understand what an alpha is and want to have a first (uneven) taste of Heart&Slash, go to our Kickstarter main page and download it!

I hope you enjoy it,

Juan Raigada

Lead Developer - Heart&Slash

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