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Goal: To write an accessible feature-style history of how and why historic Antioch College closed in 2008.
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September report

Posted by Rowan Kaiser (Creator)

Hi all,

I'm happy to say that I'm virtually finished with an initial draft of the project--hoping to finish tonight, but tomorrow may be more likely. Given that I aimed for a September completion date, well, I'm on Antioch Time.

In the week after that, my goal is to whip my citations and facts into shape, then start sending it to both expert Antiochian friends to help edit and confirm my facts, as well as non-Antiochians who can let me know how approachable it is. I'd like to have that done by next week. I'm also going to start looking into a venues for potential wide publication, but that would merely be a bonus--the goal, now as ever, is to have the piece be accessible in both a literal and figurative sense.

As for the article itself, well, 5000 words may have been too ambitious; I'll probably have 7500 when it's finished. But figuring out how to deal with that, either by cutting or acknowledging the depth of the story, is something I'll have to discuss with the editors.

Still, I'm entering the home stretch, and pretty excited about it. I hope everyone will have the chance to see the finished product as soon as possible.



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