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New turn-based RPG from the creators of Cthulhu Saves the World. Inspired by Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star & Suikoden. PC/Mac/PS4/Vita.
New turn-based RPG from the creators of Cthulhu Saves the World. Inspired by Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star & Suikoden. PC/Mac/PS4/Vita.
New turn-based RPG from the creators of Cthulhu Saves the World. Inspired by Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star & Suikoden. PC/Mac/PS4/Vita.
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Estimated Length, Better Sidequests, More Variety, and E3


Hi everyone! Time for a quick update!

Based on our current plans for the game's main story & sidequests and our previous experience on our other games, we're guessing that Cosmic Star Heroine will be in the 15-25 hour range (depending on difficulty chosen, playstyle, and how much optional content you complete) making it our longest game ever. Of course, this is just a guess and we'll have a better idea when the game is nearly done but we think it'll fall somewhere around there.

In particular, we've really been focusing on improving the optional content in the game. Many of our optional quests in our previous games could scarcely be called that and consisted primarily of bonus caves filled with a few enemies and treasure chest. We definitely want to avoid that so we're making sure that all of the sidequests in the game have a story and/or character significance and aren't just a way to get extra loot. 

In both the main story & the sidequests, we want to avoid the game just being a series of town, dungeon, boss, repeat, and will have more interesting scenarios. In particular, Final Fantasy VI is a big inspiration as situations like Defending Narshe, the Opera House, the Raft Escape, frequently changing party lineups, and more helped to add a lot of variety to the traditional RPG format. And yes, we're planning on having at least one multi-party dungeon as well as a turn-based hacking mini-game. :)

Finally, we just wanted to let everyone know that we're planning on sharing some gameplay footage for the game during E3. Please be excited.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Robert McLellan on

      I realized after my last comment that I wasn't clear about what I was trying to say. Sorry about that.

      Some people will hear 15 hours and think it sounds too short for an rpg. Doing a monster arena would add some artificial length to the game. If other RPGs have a monster arena that adds artificial length, then you guys could consider it too.

      If any combination of mini games adds 10 hours artificial time, that is 10 hours longer that people will associate when discussing the game on places like gamefaqs. Level grinding to level 99 for all characters is an excellent, and probably easy example. Having a boss that is hard enough to warrant having all characters at 99 will in turn motivate players to level grind.

      The discussion becomes, for example 15 hours for story and 30 if you do everything. People will be more interested in buying a 30 hour rpg.

      Something to consider is all. Love the work so far and I assure I will love the game and praise it!

    2. Zeboyd Games Creator on

      Adding a whole new mini-game (like Chocobo Racing) typically requires a lot more programming and work than adding a monster arena (which is a case of creating new content for existing systems rather than creating whole new systems).

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert McLellan on

      How do people feel about end game puzzles/side quests that take a long time (say 5 hours avg)?

      The reason I ask is because the Final Fantasy games tend to have a lot of these like Chocobo racing or breeding, or something like a monster arena. Things that maybe wouldn't be an overwhelming amount of programming (I say this like I'm an expert) for Zeboyd but add a good amount of length.

      Designing a couple of race tracks, for instance, might not be terribly hard, and getting another 5-6 hours added to the overall length of the game would be wonderful marketing.

    4. TheDevilatyourDoor on

      Oh I'm excited! Those sidequests that involve story in particular have my fancy.

    5. Scotoma

      Thanks for addressing my concerns, sounds like a good compromise. Can't wait to see the finished game

    6. Zeboyd Games Creator on

      Michael, we're one step ahead of you. The hacking mini-game will include an option to auto-hack which lets you skip solving the stage yourself and get along with the story, but also makes you miss out on any other rewards.

      And there will be no random component to the hacking mini-game. Each stage will be custom created by us.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kevin Johansson on

      Oh sorry for double posting but: EDIT: You could have a series of interconnected quests. Like a little side-story :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Kevin Johansson on


      I dont know whats planned here but i do know that you take inspiration from Suikoden (base building). Some sidequests could revolve around that? Invasions of the base, building and upgrading, minigames-sidequests and so on. Could you perhaps give us an example of a sidequest you've been thinking of?

    9. Missing avatar

      Robert McLellan on

      Guess I can't edit?

      Scratch the question in my post. Zeboyd said there would be super boss(es) during the campaign.

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert McLellan on

      Well, you guys clearly know what you are doing. I've been reading the updates and trust Zeboyd to make a good game.

      You could drop the experience gained for non active members. If it adds 5-10 hours of level grinding, that's not a bad thing IMO.

      The side quest/mini game thing is tricky. I personally like the variety, and if it's tied to optional end game equipment, then it's not like you have to do it every time. However, I get what the last post is saying in that if it's partly chanced based or overly complicated, it can be annoying to do it every play through.

      Anyways, these comments are always going to bring up opposing views. I'm sure people will cringe when they think of 10 hours of level grinding.

      Last quick question. Any end game super bosses?

    11. Michael Springer on

      Not sure of the mini-game you have in mind, but please make sure you have some sort of option to override it. Not everyone will be able to do it. Not everyone will like it. And those who can and do may not care so much for it the fifth time around.

      I always pay to hack in Bioshock. I need to get another one of my characters ready for Mass Effect 3, but the mini-games in ME2 are giving me a reason to not bother. The chocobo racing (for breeding) in Final Fantasy 7 annoys and bores me to no end.

    12. Guilherme Albuquerque on

      It's just me or there isn't enought multi-party dungeons in RPGs? No party member should be left behind! Let them all explore the world around them at the same time - just in interchangeable groups of 3 or 4 individuals... :)

    13. Missing avatar

      ... on

      Keep up the great work. Really excited for this game!

    14. Zeboyd Games Creator on

      @Scotoma There will be many sections where you will have total control to choose your allies as well as many parts where you need to take one specific character with you, but your other two slots can be whoever you want. Sections where the entire party is pre-selected are mostly early on in the game where you don't have many total party members and we want to make sure you try out everyone.

    15. Nakano

      Sounds a really good plan to me! As you have side quests those could have some effect to the ending -> leads to multiple endings. Effects can be major or minor at least like seeing some familiar faces from side quests in the ending. New Game+ might be a nice option too.

    16. cannahuana on

      Can't wait, sounds good

    17. Luke on

      ff6 is definitely in my top 5 favorite rpgs, so pulling inspiration from that is a plus in my book. Game length sounds perfect, I don`t have the same amount of time I did when I was younger so I can`t really get through a 50 hour epic anymore.

    18. Scotoma

      I absolutely loathed FFVI and its frequent changes of the party lineup, felt like the game took away control of how I wanted to play it and instead tried to ram its multi-person epic down my throat. Variety is all nice, but there's a reason some people actually like the traditional RPG format.

    19. Missing avatar

      Wererat42 on

      @Kevin Roman: The "interchangeability" of characters sort of becomes a norm in FF games. As far as I know, the only title post-VI where characters could not end up with the exact same skill sets was IX

    20. Mateo on

      I am definitely excited.

    21. Missing avatar


      Awesome update, and I really like those plans. Thanks, guys!

    22. Kevin Roman on

      Yeah FF6 was an inspiration, especially the world of light, which I felt was perfect. World of ruin made cyan's techs take forever (40 second quadra slice), esper made characters interchangeable (world of light only started magic, so Edgar's tools would be useful), and the nonlinearity may have gotten some lost. Nice choices though like saving Cid/Shadow though a guide was probably needed.

    23. Missing avatar

      Hans Rinderknecht on

      Awesome - the fact that FFVI is explicitly an inspiration is great news! That game really managed a coordination between gameplay and storytelling that is very rarely delivered and (although some of the mechanics are busted) remains one of my favorites of all time.

    24. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      About the only thing I disliked about FFVI was constantly having to buy tons of new equipment and laboriously outfit all 12 or however many characters. That got too fiddly.

    25. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      That stuff is super-exciting to hear. FFVI took so many huge, innovative steps, and then that innovation seemed to drop off the face of the map. No one (not even Square) took those new ideas and ran with them.

    26. Missing avatar

      Simon Roby on

      Call me a weirdo but I actually prefer when RPGs don't give XP to inactive characters, it forces you to rotate your characters so you don't become lazy and stick to the same party all the time.

    27. Zeboyd Games Creator on

      Characters not in the active party will still gain XP. Haven't decide if we'll have a penalty to XP gain for non-active members but if we do, it'll be minor (like 90% what the active members get) so the character you've been ignoring all game might be LV45 when everyone else is LV48.

    28. Jeremy on

      I liked the changing party lineups in FF6 in the early game. I did not like how my party members ended up at wildly different levels in the late game and then I was forced to use under-leveled characters. I hope you'll work out some way of keeping all characters' levels roughly appropriate to the player's current point in the game.

      IIRC you've done so in all your games up til now, so I probably shouldn't be worrying, but it's a pet peeve of mine. I was shocked at how long it took the Final Fantasy series to start doing this (it was still a problem in FF12!).

    29. Missing avatar

      R on

      You had me at FF6. <3

    30. JusticeBolt on

      Yes! Can't wait for E3. :D