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New turn-based RPG from the creators of Cthulhu Saves the World. Inspired by Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star & Suikoden. PC/Mac/PS4/Vita.
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Zeboyd Games

6,414 backers pledged $132,689 to help bring this project to life.

Kickstarter successful!


The Cosmic Star Heroine Kickstarter has finished with over $132,000 raised from over 6400 backers! Thank you everyone!


    1. Creator Michael Mc on November 2, 2013

      Congratulations :D !!

    2. Creator Huy Tran on November 1, 2013

      Played every game you guys have released so far! Excited for this.

    3. Creator Matthew Barrowcliffe on November 1, 2013


    4. Creator James Dickson on October 31, 2013

      Congratulations, guys! I haven't any doubt CSH is gonna be incredible!

    5. Creator Andrew J Johnson on October 31, 2013

      Congratulations can't wait to pick up a copy of this game and play it.

    6. Creator Robert Owens on October 31, 2013

      Looking forward to the release! Hope to seem a lot of blog posts about it's development.

    7. Creator Bruno Albino on October 31, 2013

      Way to go guys! Can't wait for the game! :)

    8. Creator Jose Almeida on October 31, 2013

      Thank you Zeboyd. This is gonna be awesome! Can't wait to play the game!

    9. Creator Paweł K. on October 31, 2013


    10. Creator Francis Tourigny on October 31, 2013

      Congratulations! I'm looking forward to this game!

    11. Creator BH on October 31, 2013

      You're welcome guys. I'm really looking forward to the game! Hopefully we managed to fund some extra music too.

    12. Creator Adauli, Red Wizard of the Obisdian Order on October 31, 2013

      Congrats! Hopeful you have not to many failed pledges.

    13. Creator Thomas Fitzgerald on October 31, 2013

      Congrats! So we get the game today right? :)

    14. Creator cannahuana on October 31, 2013

      You're welcome

    15. Creator dmf259 on October 31, 2013