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Help complete the first chapter of this epic, longstanding sci-fi comic, turn it into a trade paper back, and... TV PILOT! 🙏🙏
193 backers pledged $21,418 to help bring this project to life.

Over 50% Funded and just UNLOCKED the MOTION COMIC + Voice Over & Associate Producer Credits

Posted by Chiara Maya (Collaborator)

Good Morning OMEGA 1 Elite! 

We are proud and ecstatic to announce that we’ve reached enough funding through our kickstarter campaign that the Motion Comics of Issues 5 & 6 will go into production! That's all thanks to you! The OMEGA 1 motion comics of Issues 1 - 4 are already established on IMdB® and have been distributed all around the world. Currently they are ranked as the most popular titles of their digital distribution company, Leomark Studios.

What does that mean for you?

We now have the opportunity to offer a whole new slew of of film reward perks if you'd like to increase your current pledge amount.  However, before we get to all that, we have an even more exciting announcement...

 The 2 time Emmy Award Winning director Sven Kamm has agreed to come on to to the project once we hit a certain mark in our campaign.

This means we have a TARGET GOAL to hit this week:

50 BACKERS to LOCK IN this Special Guest Director!


 ---> <---

To help you help us reach our goal we have NEWLY RELEASED the following LIMITED FILM PERKS: 


Pledge $175 or more

At this level you get everything from the $150 level PLUS you'll do a short VOICE OVER for the motion comic and work with the Omega 1 team remotely. This will earn you a  CREDIT ON IMDB for both Episodes 5 & 6 (so technically that's TWO CREDITS). Your name will also be present in the end credits of the motion comic for your V.O. contribution! This is a background or ancillary role which may be one or two lines along with loop group kinds of things. But you'll definitely be able to distinguish your voice. A great choice if you want a simple moment to add to your reel. 


Pledge $400 or more

At this rank, you'll receive everything at $150 level and,  WHAM, you're an Associate Producer Credit goes up on the IMdB page for the Motion Comic. Done. You'll also have your name credit IN the trade paper back prints and digital copies, FOREVER.


Pledge $650 or more

You'll become a LEAD CHARACTER in the Omega 1 | The Hacker Wars Episode 5 or 6 Motion Comics!  We've taken all of the lead characters in the Omega 1 comic and handed them over to you, the donors! This will be extensive recording of many lines and sometimes characters with accents. You'll be responsible for your recording on a professional level, recording facilities/equipment are not provided, but the Omega 1 staff will be happy to help you with that in any way we can.

This reward includes everything at the $500 level (including Associate Producer credit) PLUS:

  • IMdB CREDIT with your name associated with the character for both issues (2 CREDITS) 
  • Credit at the end of the motion comic
  • Full use of your performance for your Voice Over Reel if you choose.


Pledge $ 1,000 or more  

At this rank, you receive everything at the $750 level

+ signed trade paperback by both writer and artist
+ BOTH special cover aluminum plates
+ Associate Producer Credit
+ Lead Voice Over Credit
+ Record your Voice Over at Cinema Sound studios
+ Have lunch with Co-Creator Mark Edward Lewis, Elle Sonnet - Omega 1 Official Spokesmodel, and Omega 1 Team in Los Angeles (travel expenses not included).
++ ADDED BONUS -->> RECORD VOICE OVER REEL at Mark Edward Lewis' professional recording studio Cinema Sound 
  • Please note: For all lead voice over roles, there is a finite amount of roles for both genders. There will be auditions - although you'll be guaranteed a role no matter what, we'll be sending out bits of the script for you all to read and audition so we can make the best choice in role for you and the production. That to say, we'll do our best to get you the role you'd like, but we can't guarantee it.

Thank you so much for your support through pledges and shares! It truly does mean everything to us! 


The Team of Omega 1 | The Hacker Wars 

OMEGA 1 | The Hacker WarsWhat if you were an orphaned superhero who discovered your parents were at the helm of the downfall of the human race… what would you do?


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