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Please help Christafari finish recording our 1st Reggae Worship album in almost 20 years & pay the expensive cover song licensing fees.
Please help Christafari finish recording our 1st Reggae Worship album in almost 20 years & pay the expensive cover song licensing fees.
187 backers pledged $14,182 to help bring this project to life.

5 things you can do in 5 minutes to get a Worship CD on the Billboard Reggae Charts

Dear friends and fellow Kickstarters, by now I hope that you've had a chance to download the album (see previous message) and give it a spin. I sure hope that you're enjoying it. The response so far has been spectacular!

Given that we have six shows lined up this weekend including 5 at a 14,000 member church, we have a very unique opportunity to report all of our sales to SoundScan and have a legitimate chance of charting! Wouldn't it be incredible to make it in the top five on the Billboard Reggae Charts? For years I've been saying that I am more about hearts than charts and ministry over industry. But reggae is notorious for worshiping a false god, and it would be incredible to have the first Christian worship album to ever grace these secular charts. It hasn't been done before and you know how I love to blaze a trail!

But we can't do this by ourselves--In order for it to happen, we need to get as many sales as possible in this SoundScan reporting period (Thursday-Wednesday). This is why we've bumped up our release to today and are pushing it hard now. Next week we go to Micronesia and regrettably Billboard doesn't count units sold there. So this is our shot. 

If we do this right, we also have a good chance at making the iTunes charts and becoming a featured album in their reggae section. But this won't happen without some serious synchronicity from our fellow Kickstarters. Will you please help us do some grassroots marketing for "Roots Revival" by doing these few tasks today?

1. Please post this (or something like it) on Facebook:

Christafari's new Reggae Worship CD is finally out and it's amazing. I'm so happy to have been a part of the project. Please download the whole album today on iTunes. Here's the direct link:

2. While you're on Facebook, please update your cover photo to this image:

3. Go to the iTunes link above and click "Write a Review" and give it a 5 star review (assuming you like it). Your review doesn't have to be more than one word, but every single review counts and will help us increase our ranking and chance of being promoted by iTunes. 

4. While you are on iTunes please click on the "Like" and "Post" buttons below the album cover and help us get the word out.

5. TELL YOUR FRIENDS about this album in person, on the phone, via email or online and encourage them to get the album THIS WEEK. Your vote of confidence can go a long way.

Thanks so much. And if you use twitter, please don't forget to include the following in your posts: @Christafariband #ReggaeWorship

We love you guys, LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER!

Blessing in Christ,

Mark Mohr and Christafari

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