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Red Markets is a game of economic horror, where the world has ended and the rent is still due.
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Hebanon Games Next Project

Posted by Caleb Stokes (Creator)

This is the last post I will make to this effect, but if you don't already follow me as a creator on Kickstarter, I wanted to make sure everyone knew about Hebanon Games's latest project. 

Our first board game, Party Fowl: The Game of Drunk Ducks, is now live on Kickstarter. Admittedly, the game has nothing to do with Red Markets ... aside from the fact that working on this lighter fare is what enabled me to continue progress with the heavy themes of our favorite RPG. If you like board games as well as RPGs, please give it a look. My dream is to one day make this company a staple at gaming conventions around the US. A wide and diverse catalogue of games is part of that securing that "have your own GenCon table" dream, and Party Fowl is a big step towards that for Hebanon Games.

Alright, I promise there won't be any more promotion in these updates; just more Red Markets stuff from here on in. I hope you all can forgive me this little plug; you gotta hustle out here to survive. 

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