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Red Markets is a game of economic horror, where the world has ended and the rent is still due.
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Red Markets Merch

Posted by Caleb Stokes (Creator)

Hello all, 

It wouldn't be a capitalist enterprise without a T-shirt. I bring you...the Red Markets merch store!

Gaze upon my works, ye mighty, and pick your size.
Gaze upon my works, ye mighty, and pick your size.

I hope to add more designs to our Teepublic store in the future, but this started off as no more than a little experiment. The fantastic piece by Michael Plondaya will have to suffice for now. 

I had already made a shirt for myself out of the cover image, but I needed another design to wear at GenCon and Origins (my new con dress code could best be described as "human billboard"). I got some merch printed as a thank you to all our wonderful GMs. The samples finally came in today, and they look pretty darn good on a variety of items; I'm pretty fond of the phone case, personally. Since the quality seems good, I figured it was time to make it available to the public. 

Speaking of our wonderful GMs, 15 out of the 25 Red Markets games at GenCon are already sold out! Make sure you get to the event finder and get signed up soon. If you need the spreadsheet to the complete list of games, here it is again

Again, Allow Me To Remind You About Ducks

You're invited to the party.
You're invited to the party.

Hebanon Games is launching a Kickstarter for its first boardgame on May 23rd. Party Fowl: The Game of Drunk Ducks could really use your support. We already have a website if you want to check it out. For now, make sure to mark "Quack" on that day in your calendars.

Thanks again, everyone. Have a good week!

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    1. Kommando on

      Woohoo got my shirt in the mail. gonna wear it to Gammacon

    2. Missing avatar

      Justin Birt on

      I'm probably alone in this, but i don't think "buy my merch and support my totally unrelated card game" is much of a kickstarter update.

    3. Missing avatar

      Fridrik Bjarnason on

      I like the shirt, but I would love one that says "Latent Don't Shoot" on one side and "Red Market" on the other side. Something in the stile of this image from the book (

      I think it's the coolest thing ever, but then again I don't live in a country with public gun ownership. I realize it might be a bit less funny in the US.