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Red Markets is a game of economic horror, where the world has ended and the rent is still due.
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GenCon Schedule and Ebook

Posted by Caleb Stokes (Creator)

Hello all, 

Red Markets at GenCon

It's been a crazy few weeks. Scheduling for GenCon has been...less than ideal. But it's finally all squared away! Here's where you can find us at the convention.

Some notes:

  • All times listed are EST to match the con packet
  • All events are linked to their event page in the GenCon system
  • We will be selling copies of Red Markets and other merch through the IGDN booth, but we have too many lovely GMs to fit in there. 
  • Games in Green are out in the wild; I won't know their location until GenCon sets a spot
  • IGDN games are in red. They will be in the official IGDN play room.
  • If you want to see Caleb talk at panels, seminars are in yellow.
  • GenCon's arcane guidelines require games outside the IGDN room have different descriptions and content, so we will be running two separate conventions packets
  • "Moral Hazards" is the name I've had to give to the Quickstart Guide's contents and accompanying advanced contracts I'm writing for experienced groups. 
  • "Toxic Assets" is the title I've given to the entirely separate convention packet I've had to write to fulfill GenCon's requirements. It will be an early draft of the Le Corbusier supplement (might as well get some playtesting in). 
  • All GMs will have access to both packets, so your crew can decide to switch enclaves as long as the Market is cool with it. 
  • GenCon's system does not like the way Red Markets is set up at all. It's style guide demands a single scenario per game be entered into the system, and it has little patience for RM's "pick your poison" gameplay. Rest assured that every event will have 3-4 separate contracts for players to choose from, no matter what the description may say. There might be some shepherding towards certain jobs if the majority of a crew is new (don't want paralysis-by-analysis in a 4-hour convention slot), but you could play nothing but RM all convention long and never repeat a job.

Performance: A Red Markets Novel now available through Backerkit

The ebook version of the novel is now available through your Backerkit accounts. Downloads include the cover (.jpeg) and a .mobi and .epub version. 

I haven't forgotten about the audiobook; it is currently in production by the talented Fae Kells. I'll get that out to everyone when it is ready. Print versions will be available at Origins and GenCon, and I'm hoping to have a POD option ready in the next few weeks for those of you that prefer dead trees. 

And Don't Forget...

That's it for today. Don't forget that Hebanon Games has another Kickstarter coming up on May 23rd for our first board game: Party Fowl: The Game of Drunk Ducks. It's got art by the insanely talented KC Green, and I'm quite proud of it. It's exactly the palette cleanser I needed after a heavy design like Red Markets, and some of y'all might feel the same way. If that doesn't convince you, here I am as a duck.

 As always, thanks for the support. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments, and I hope to see you all at GenCon!


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    1. Invictus - Gardener of Valoria

      When you have some time, please consider renaming the files and descriptions in BackerKit to something easier to understand. There appear to be multiple versions of the different files (what's the difference between "reward" and normal? why do some files have a number after them?). Also, once the files download they have really long filenames that start with "upload" and then a whole bunch of numbers, making it difficult to tell them apart.

      I think I'll eventually be able to get this sorted out on my own, but it would be great if you could organize it a bit more to save the backers the hassle of doing this spread over all the backers (adds up)

    2. Missing avatar

      Fridrik Bjarnason on

      Never mind.
      Found it. Looking on the wrong place.

    3. Missing avatar

      Philippe Niederkorn

      Hi Caleb. Just a question : will the novel be available in 'simple' pdf format ? I don't use ebook readers, so I was just wandering...

      Thanks in advance,

    4. Missing avatar

      Nick Ostheimer on

      Thanks Caleb for your fantastic writing. Checked 9pm UK time and is there. Enjoy Gencon!

    5. Missing avatar

      Fridrik Bjarnason on

      Dito. Ubiq backer and can't find the novel. Not angry or demanding. But there seams to be some setting still set up wrong.

      There is also a change there is lag time from Caleb changing the setting to us seeing it. Depends how often they update.

    6. Marc Sollinger on

      Wonderful, I can access the novel now. Much appreciated!

    7. Caleb Stokes 3-time creator on

      @Marc Sollinger and @Nick Ostheimer

      I had the segments set up a little wrong and it left out the digital only backers. Sorry for the delay. It should be corrected now.

    8. Marc Sollinger on

      Hi Caleb! Absolutely 0 pressure and NO rush at all, but it looks like I don't have the ebook version of the novel in my backerkit digital downloads page. All I have is Red Markets PDF, RedMarketsPDF3, and Quickstart. I'm a Ubiq backer, if that helps.

      Once again, totally not a big deal, I'm excited to read the book whenever I get a chance.

    9. Missing avatar

      Nick Ostheimer on

      Sorry, can't see the ebook logging in Backer kit. Quickstart pdf and RM source book is there. And some other pdf that won't download?

      Thank you.

      Mr NO