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Red Markets is a game of economic horror, where the world has ended and the rent is still due.
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Finish Line?

Posted by Caleb Stokes (Creator)

It's not a finish line, of course. There are still a number of stretch goals to go and a novel I've yet to finish. We're working on them: I just sent out a few more freelance contracts today to get things rolling again on the stretch goal front, for instance.

However, I'm finally confident enough to say that most of the Red Markets books and dice have arrived. 

If you haven't received your copy yet and filled out the BackerKit surveys before the deadline, don't freak out. We're well within the busiest shipping period of the year. If nothing arrives by January 15th, 2018 (or if it arrives damaged), contact me and I'll make things right. Sending replacements now might see an extra copy arrive after your previously shipped one or, worse, the replacement lost in the same holiday postal mess as the first. 

If you didn't fill out the BackerKit survey before October 3rd, it's on you to contact me. I was very clear (across multiple platforms) about the survey due date and the requirement for paying shipping. If you didn't utilize that opportunity at the time, the tough news is that I no longer have an international shipping service under contract, and I will not be paying money out of my pocket to ship a book back overseas, then again to ship the book to another country. International shipping costs for latecomers just jumped up A LOT because we're back to the 'shipping out of the US' prices.

If you're late to the game filling out BackerKit surveys and live in the US, you still need to contact me. I'm not going to check that platform every day like I have for the last six months. It's on you to let me know you finally got around to filling in an address and credit card. I'll get it the mail when the check clears and I have spare time. 

Speaking of shipping, now that the endless fiasco is mostly over, I've recorded a Game Designer's Workshop episode on the subject. It's a more detailed breakdown of the whole process, beginning-to-end, than any of us have time to cover in text. Suffice it to say that the recording is NSFW. Your podcast wouldn't be clean either if you'd been through what I've been through...seen what I've seen.

(long pause)

(thousand-yard stare)

But I got through it. Thanks to supportive backers. Thanks to the intelligence, patience, and kindness of the Red Markets community. Thanks to the hard-work of the diligent contributors to this great game. Thanks to our fantastic, conscientious vendors and distributors. Thanks to selfless reviewers, raters, and purchasers at IPR and DTRPG. Thanks to all those people, the book is out there in the world now. People can buy it, read it, and play it. It can stand on its own, finally. 

That's an enormous achievement that I'm very proud of, and frankly, if you had any part in it, you should be to. It's a game some people love, and I think it says an important thing at a time when we all need to be saying something. I wouldn't have invested so much of myself into it if I didn't believe that were true, and I'm forever grateful and in the debt of all who helped me bring that vision into the world. Thank you.

Hit me up if you have questions, or DM me if you need help with something specific.

Anyway, back to work.


P.S. Again, the more detailed explanation of the whole shipping timeline can be found at RPPR Game Designer's Workshop Ep. 16.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Fridrik Bjarnason on

      As one of your international backers, it's interesting to hear the podcast and to hear the creators side of shipping, because getting kickstarter things through custom on the receiving end is really "interesting" some times. Specially when the thing shows up 2-3 years late. (Paranoia I'm looking at you).

      I'm also more then happy to wait another extra month for the stretch goals. Specifically for Caleb to get his life together. So as one of the backers of RedMarket it's my wish that Caleb Stokes takes January of from RedMarket and gets some rest. I could not care less if I get some strechgoals a month , or two, later if Caleb writes them happy and rested in stead of as a burned out husk of a man.

      So take a month of Caleb, take two if you need it. Could not care less about delays. Just deliver a good product

    2. Missing avatar

      Tyler Omichinski on

      You made an amazing book and deserve better than all the people who lashed out at you for just trying to create an awesome game.

    3. Gerald Rose on

      Mr. Stokes, we have never met, but I hold you in high esteem. The efforts, pain, and suffering you have endured for your project has been beyond my imagining, but your book is fucking awesome. Your efforts to do right by your backers, and by extension, me, have been little short of superhuman, and I thank you from the bottom of my black little heart. Thank you sir.

    4. Missing avatar

      Kevin L. Nault on

      "the book is out there in the world now. . . . That's an enormous achievement..." Is that a fat joke at the expense of your book? It's just a whole lotta RPG to love, man.

    5. Missing avatar

      David Cooper on

      I listened to the GDW today. I don't normally listen to the RPPR podcasts or GDWs, just the actual plays. But the Red Markets shipping issue which I was curious about.

      All I can say is *WOW*. I never imagined that a misunderstanding stopped the entire process for some time.

      Thanks for your perseverance, Caleb. It is a beautiful book. You and the people that helped are awesome.

    6. Missing avatar

      Coman Fullard on

      It’s a fantastic game, a beautiful book and its been a hell of a journey. You should be proud. Thanks very much for all your effort up to now.