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Red Markets is a game of economic horror, where the world has ended and the rent is still due.
1,448 backers pledged $72,248 to help bring this project to life.

Red Markets Arrives and Dice News

Posted by Caleb Stokes (Creator)

Hello all,

I'm endlessly gratified to see Red Markets books arriving around the world. Seriously, those unboxing photos give me life right now. Thank you.

If you haven't received your books yet, they are on the way. We'll make it right if something goes wrong, but it's a couple of weeks before we need to start getting worried about that eventuality. The workings of international post are mysterious. Have faith, and I'll let everyone know when it's time to worry if books haven't arrived.

Regarding dice, there have been some...issues. Needless to say, I've had to put off the RPPR Game Designer's Workshop episode detailing the shipping ordeal yet again. It's still a topic lengthy enough I would rather just talk it out than type everything here; god knows I've composed enough words in email resolving the issue. The damn novel would be done know were it not for the reams of text I throw into cyberspace every day. Ugh.

For the time being, suffice it to say that not every dice pack got shipped out with US books, and no international dice have been shipped yet. They will be shipped very soon. We haven't forgotten about dice level backers, but I'm having to arrange some workarounds. Those take time.

Everyone will get their dice, and if they don't, I'll make things right with a refund or a reship. I'm just going to need some patience from everyone until then. Remember: we're still a month early on the main reward. It'll be okay. Promise.

In the meantime, I would very much appreciate it if everyone who has read the book could throw up a review (preferably positive) on any and every web platform available to them. The Kickstarter got around by word-of-mouth, and that will be how the game survives and thrives as well. If you like the game, let everyone know so you have more Takers to play it with. 

Thanks again for your support. If you have questions not covered by the above, y'all know how to get in contact with me.

Enjoy the book!

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    1. Sean Whittaker on

      Received today, in perfect condition. I did have to pay some duties via DLH, but given what I've received - a gorgeous hefty hardcover, and dice - I consider it a minor annoyance. Can't wait to dive into the book.

    2. Missing avatar

      northstar on

      Are people paying duties on these? I have a message from DSL out of the UK that I have duties pending on...something, but it doesn't say if it's this item. Are duties normally levied on Kickstarter items. That hasn't been my experience previously.

    3. Michael Shawn Pose on

      Hi Caleb, just noticed that Red Markets is up on DTRPG website. Will backers get a code for the book on DTRPG? Thanks again for all your hard work!

    4. James Whittaker on

      Delivery Confirmation from the UK. New dice and new book smell included. Thank you very much Hebanon Games.

    5. Caleb Stokes 3-time creator on


      There is no tracking available. We lost that option during the summer international shipping fiasco. I'm sorry. Keep waiting; if there's no change in a month or so, we'll make things right.

    6. Caleb Stokes 3-time creator on


      I have the Taker names. I still need to put them together into a single document and throw them on the resources page. I didn't want to weigh down the book with even more pages; 496 is pretty excessive as it stands, and 8 pages of backer names would have been a bad investment when we can throw it online.

    7. Missing avatar

      cat on

      Is the random table of npcs with our taker names not included in the book?

    8. Marcelo Duarte Ferrari on

      Are there tracking numbers for the shipments? I don't remember if that was discussed befoe. I'm guessing that it doesn't, otherwise you'd have sent us those, but I think I should ask anyway.

    9. Missing avatar

      Malcolm on

      Got the book this week here in Sydney, Australia. It is magnificent - this project has come together brilliantly! Hope I can find the time to try it out soon.

    10. Jonathan Cotton on

      I got both book and dice! I'm glad to be on of the lucky ones I guess. Great book so far as well, been reading it when I can.

    11. James Whittaker on

      Still early days, but any UK backers had there books yet? Psyched for this :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Ethan Cordray on

      I know it must feel like there's always just one more thing hanging over your head, but I wanna just say right now:

      Congratulations on running one of the best, most successful, and transparent Kickstarters that I've ever seen. Way to go, man. I've got a book in my hands, some dice in my bag, and a game session lined up to play. You've won.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeff Carefoot on

      Best communication I've seen on a project like this, and looking forward to the GDW episode about fulfillment hell. Obsessively checking the mail here in the frozen wastes of Alberta, looking forward to having the physical embodiment of economic horror at my table.

    14. Missing avatar

      Mohd Shazli Merican on

      Keep up the good work man, will wait for those dice and novel :D

    15. Missing avatar

      Clem Powell on

      My copy arrived in Australia yesterday. Unfortunately, I'm travelling at the moment, so I won't be able to see my copy for a couple of weeks. But according to my partner it arrived in good condition.