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Red Markets is a game of economic horror, where the world has ended and the rent is still due.
Red Markets is a game of economic horror, where the world has ended and the rent is still due.
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Don't Mess with the Masters of Business Association Crew

You guys have done it again. I never cease to be amazed!

Between “The Loss” and “Best Practices” chapters, the pregen characters, and the MBA Rules, the book is now spine-bustlingly crammed with content! This is the game I dreamed of writing now – not some trimmed-down compromise the funds would allow. And I owe it all to people like you. 

Thank you so much. 

What’s Next? 

An RPG is not contained in its pages; the book is merely a conduit that takes the game where it lives in the minds of its players. And those minds need to connect as much as possible if the game is to grow over time. 

The LifeLines Forums will do exactly that, both in character and out. This stretch goals gets us a server, design, and team of moderators to keep the whole thing civil. It’ll be a marketplace of ideas, and with LifeLines in place, no GM will ever have to go hungry for inspiration when writing the next session’s job.

New Stretch Goal Revealed: War PDF

The economy is the contact point where the crushing weight of history meets the hard realities of human frailty. Few things are more terrifying than a system stacked against you, but if Takers have any nobility, it comes from going up against such insane odds.

But sometimes there’s no room for human perseverance or truimph. Sometimes there is no win condition.

What happens to crews when they’re swept up in a tide of events beyond their control? What happens to a group of scrappy entrepreneurs when they’re sucked into a war?

The War PDF provides rules for mass combat: fresh Blight outbreaks, raider invasions, cultist jihads etc. When the whole enclave is on the line and the only profit to be had is survival, the War mechanics help bring the story to a bloody conclusion or a tragic victory.

Taker’s can influence a massive battle, but they’re nowhere close to being in control. Their actions are a single drop in a tide of variables threatening to wipe out the existence of hundreds. To represent this, the War mechanics fuse the social intrigue of negotiation (to represent leadership Takers exert over large forces), the brutality of the combat rules, the strategy of an enclave’s defenses, and a whole bunch of blind-ass luck.

There is nothing more climactic, dangerous, or profitable than throwing a War at your players. These mechanics allow GMs to hold these climactic sessions without seeming unfairly fatalistic or insultingly easy. If the Takers and enclave survive the conflict, it will only be because they used every ounce of their skill…and even then, the invisible hand always has a finger on the scales.

Social Stretch Goal Update

Social Bounty accrues! 

We added 236 people to the Facebook group
We added 143  to our G+ community
I have 78 new followers on Twitter
#RedMarkets has been retweeted 38 times as of now
The subreddit enclave has 67 new survivors
We’ve gotten 7 blog posts for 700 Bounty total
We’ve scheduled 7 podcast interviews for 1400 bounty total
Social Bounty: 2662 

That unlocks the GM Screen! Though printing a game-specific screen and mailing it to all backers would prove disastrously expensive to the game, the GM screen will be compatible with most pocketed GM screens. Print it out and slot it in, or just use the pages as a quick reference. Either way, this vital game tool is available to everyone, free of charge. 

And we also now have Lost Radio! The RPPR crew will be broadcasting music into the Lost in-character for free. It's part audio entertainment, comedy show, and player handout. Your Taker crew now has something to listen to as they trek across the wasteland.

In Conclusion

This is already shaping up to be an amazing community, and I’m so excited to see Red Markets continue to evolve and grow under your care. 

Well, I better get back to writing – y’all are certainly managing to keep me busy! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. 

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