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Red Markets is a game of economic horror, where the world has ended and the rent is still due.
Red Markets is a game of economic horror, where the world has ended and the rent is still due.
1,448 backers pledged $72,248 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. CaptainNorway

      Congratulations on your ENnie Award nominiation! Good luck. I'm rooting for you, but I know with games such as Zweihänder and Delta Green also in the mix, 1) happy to see smaller, independent games getting notice, and 2) a very derving game should win.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ken Ringwald on

      Adam, Laura, Tom, and Jake - really great work on the quickstart. It looks very slick (also thanks to the artists and designers) and I think it will be a great way to get people into the game in a less intimidating way than the 500 page main book.

    3. Missing avatar

      Barney Finlay on

      I'm soooo glad I backed this project!

    4. Caleb Stokes 3-time creator on

      @Ernest Mueller

      PDF3 is the one you want.

    5. Ernest Mueller on

      Really enjoying the book! Question, I went to download the PDF and there's 4 different copies in Backerkit and it's not clear to me which are newer and which are older.... What's the latest greatest? "Complimentary PDF for Hardcover", "Red Markets PDF", "Complimentary PDF", or "RedMarketsPDF3"? Thanks...

    6. Caleb Stokes 3-time creator on

      @Joseph DeSimone

      Eric Bright's fantastic web app for Red Markets has a dice roller built in, among many other things.

    7. Joseph DeSimone

      Considering building out a dice roller for this game as my players are having some trouble with assessing their rolls. Is anyone working on something along these lines already? If not, will share here when done.

    8. Missing avatar

      Connor on

      Got my book and the other one I got for a friend, they're much bigger than I expected

    9. Herrigold on

      A grand tome arrived in the mail today! Thank you very much, Caleb, I look forward to exploring your world!

    10. Megazone 23 on

      Finally opened mine today very nice. Thank you for the hard work.

    11. Ben Meiklejohn on

      Well they sent it to the wrong post office, gave me the wrong directions to that post office, but it arrived. Thanks Caleb! It's a fine looking and weighty tome :)

    12. Missing avatar

      DC on

      Got my book. Thanks!

    13. Missing avatar

      Drift Dragon on

      Just got my copy, very happy! And great work on the packaging, super safe.

    14. Justin Grubbs on

      Hey all, I just got mine and have begun reading through it to start planning a session.. I'm running into a couple of questions:

      Do all weapons do the same damage? so far as I read it, your damage is your black die (so 1-10) in stun/kill damage. It seems to me that this means that a smack with my crowbar can do just as much as a shotgun with an equivilant roll?

      At what point does a body part receive the stunned effect? when all boxes have been filled with damage or once there is any stun damage marked on that body part?

      I'm sure more questions will come up, I'm having to adjust my thinking away from DND/Pathfinder to this setup so it's taking a bit of getting used to.

    15. Missing avatar

      Pandatheist on

      My copy just showed up. Looks great!

    16. Web Crittenden on

      That was supposed to be "VICTORY!"

    17. Web Crittenden on

      Caleb, Congratulations!!!

      People have Red Markets in hand! It’s real!!! That’s fantastic! Feel great and proud! You’ve earned it! The hard cover is exceptionally beautiful! Thank you for all of your effort and perseverance!!!!


    18. Missing avatar

      Fred Schwerdt on

      My copies just showed up!

    19. Sim McCracken on

      CALEB!!! My hardcopy just arrived in Melbourne, Australia. Can't wait to get stuck into this beautiful book and bring the thunder down under XD

    20. Runeslinger on

      Unboxing of Red Markets, UK distribution center, Korean destination:

    21. Missing avatar

      Joshua Ryan on

      Thank you so much for your patience and hard work Caleb!

    22. Missing avatar

      Matthew Tracy on

      Got my book and my dice! looks great

    23. Caleb Stokes 3-time creator on

      @Joshua Ryan

      Not all dice shipped with the books. In the US, they are likely on their way. If not, we will make it right. In the UK, there has been a hold up on the dice regarding the legality of shipping. I am working to resolve it now, but all books have been sent in the mail separately.

      @Danial Adams

      You shouldn't be concerned yet.


      See above

      @Jacob Danger Walker

      See above

    24. Missing avatar

      Joshua Ryan on

      Latent backer here, got the book in today and it looks gorgeous! No dice were in the package though, will they ship later?

    25. Missing avatar

      Ian Weeber on

      Just got my book yesterday!

    26. Missing avatar

      Daniel Adams

      Uk backer here
      Several other UK backers recieved thier stuff last week
      At what point should be I be concerned!

    27. Gilbert Isla

      Received mine today! Great packing job as well. Thanks Caleb!

    28. Missing avatar

      Nick Simpson on

      I got my book in Ohio. I was originally just going to do digital, but something about that mock-up of the hardcover called to me... Little did I know that this thing would be the size of a textbook! And so gorgeous to look at! Great job, Caleb!

    29. Runeslinger on

      Red Markets has arrived in Korea! Very impressed.
      Unboxing video to follow~

    30. James Burns on

      Well guess what Caleb, I just saw you Metatopia and said didn't get the book, but I get home today and guess what was on my computer chair...That's right the book. So it was just 1 day late otherwise I would have shown you.

    31. Bellmoore

      Were the dice supposed to ship with the book or do they arrive separately?

    32. Missing avatar

      Shane Trapp on

      Got my book yesterday looks wonderful. Almost thought I didn’t get my dice either till I realized they were stuck in the bag the book was in, The packaging of the dice is almost as wide as the envelope and not necessarily drop out when you pull the book out so be aware of that when you’re looking for your dice.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Got my soft cover yesterday. It looks even better than I imagined!

    34. Jacob Danger Walker on

      @caleb but on the plus side I'm really happy with the book and the system, congrats on the amazing game!

    35. Jacob Danger Walker on

      @caleb I received my book today but not my dice. I have the hustler reward tier

    36. Liam Bussell

      Just got my book! So impressed guys! Congrats!

    37. Bellmoore

      My hardback was delivered today and it looks fantastic! Thank you from Finland

    38. Tim Wayman on

      @caleb I picked up mine this morning, looks fantastic, very nice job ^_^

    39. Philip Espi

      My book arrived today in France.
      Packaging was very efficient, as the book is untouched when the box has all its corners mangled.
      Looking forward to reading this huge book !

    40. Chris Dickson on

      Mine arrived too (uk). It’s a huge hardback book, and of really high quality. It’s awesome. Thanks to Caleb for an excellent campaign!! Really looking forward to running this now.

    41. Missing avatar

      Andy Evans

      Mine's just arrived in the UK, looks great.

    42. Missing avatar

      polarbear on

      Got my book! Got my book! it's incredible! Thanks Caleb for all your hard work!

    43. Caleb Stokes 3-time creator on

      @ Clayton:
      The $5 for shipping was for add on dice. I charged with the KS so I could get them packaged and to the fufillment agent to meet the books. Shipping for the book was always going to be charged after the campaign and was promised in the pledge language. I'll be charging $3 to cover the books cost tonight. That will get you all your physical rewards.

    44. Clayton Falconpunch on

      Im still a bit confused... I filled out my Backerkit when it was sent earlier. I paid the shipping amounts, finalized my pledge, yadda yadda. Everything is done and paid for.

      I checked on it today, just to make sure I had the correct shipping info on file, and it's saying I owe $3 more? I'm located in the US, and have already paid the extra for shipping.

      You said in an email that if there were any issues with Backerkit stuff being finished, you just wouldn't send us what we paid for.

      Can you clarify- Are you asking for a second round of shipping in order to send the books, or is this a Backerkit issue? As I paid at the time of Kickstarter closing, and then completed the Backerkit, I'd hate to simply be out what I paid with nothing to show for it.

    45. Missing avatar

      Stephen O'Shannessy on

      Andy Evans -
      When I contacted BackerKit support about when a card would be charged for a different project, they told me they had the ability to charge it early, maybe just give them a yell.

    46. Missing avatar

      Andy Evans

      Anyone know how you change Credit Cards on Backerkit? Mine will be expired by the time the charge hits it so need to switch over to the new one.

    47. Missing avatar

      Timothy on

      Just wanted to say Caleb, you have made a wonderful book, and run probably the most responsive kick-starter i've seen. Cant wait to get the book in my hands so i can continue running a game my players love. (i was running it using a printed out version of the backers pdf)

    48. Missing avatar

      Ian Matthew Michael Burg on

      Mr. Stokes, since things seemingly have calmed down a bit, I was wondering if you could answer two quick questions regarding lore whenever you have the time :) :

      1. How is the Vatican and the Pope doing?

      2. Could you go into more depth regarding the Philadelphia situation? I wanna know if me and my family would've gotten killed during the whole incident. Also how is Philly doing in the present day of red markets, i.e. how shit would me and my family's lives be?

      Thanks again for all your awesome work. Have a wonderful week Caleb! :)

    49. Tim Wayman on

      @caleb that's what i thought, but the backerkit thing won't let me pay the $8 is it possible to get it resent?

    50. Caleb Stokes 3-time creator on

      @Tim Wayman

      Sorry, Tim. I assumed you were US because of the $8. Shipping out of the UK has been REDUCED down to $8 on account of using a UK based fulfillment service. An $8 charge is enough to get your book and/or dice.

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