No Security: Horror Scenarios in the Great Depression

by Caleb Stokes

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    1. Ben McFarland on

      Kobold Press found some relief from Pornish Spambots with a G+ community. It's a bit of a hack, but hey, why not? Good luck!

    2. Stuart Dollar on

      G+? Good heavens no. I have no use for G+. Glad some like it, but you're better off on blogspot.

    3. Missing avatar

      Max Z on

      Hey, Caleb. It's not like it's all gone, web archive has a June copy of the front page here:

      And Google cache has a lot of text content cached. Type "" in Google and you'll see the list of results. Click on the small dot near any result and select "Cached" from the menu that appears. Google cache only stores text, though.

      If you want a cached version of a particular post, google for something like "Musings of a Tabletop Noob" and there's a good chance Google has it cached. So you can copy-paste any post to the new blog if you feel like it.

    4. Caleb Stokes 3-time creator on

      Thanks for looking out guys. I'm aware of the web archive. That's how I rebuilt the site last time it got hacked. Next thing I knew three days of my life were missing and I had no work to show for it beyond work I'd already done. The hope was that, in rebooting the site and rebuilding everything, the content would be fixed and remain stable. I just do not have the energy to do that again when I could be doing actual work.