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A PDF-bundle of three original scenarios compatible with multiple horror RPG systems
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Moving to a Pay What You Want and Other Developments

Posted by Caleb Stokes (Creator)


The website is working still (knock on fingers, cross wood, etc.). I wanted to give everyone an update as to how things are going with the No Security ransom.

Revelations should be available for download in a few days with completed layout and art. We’ll be posting download links on the main website, Kickstarter, and DTRPG. Thus far, DriveThruRPG and its sister sites have been absolutely fantastic to Hebanon Games. In less than a week, we’ve distributed over 1500 units of Hebanon scenarios through their service; that is over six times the number of backers we had for the Kickstarter! We’ve even sold almost 50 copies of Lover in the Ice, which certainly helps this broke writer. While I’m certainly pleased with the help DTRPG has given us so far, I know it would be impossible were it not for our generous backers and their word-of-mouth promotion. Ean and I really appreciate it when we see people talking up Hebanon Games to their friends, and we hope we can continue earning your praise in the future. Thanks for helping expand our fan base.

Speaking of DTRPG, you might notice a change in our products on those associated sites. While our reward scenario, Lover in the Ice, is still $1.99, I’ve switched all the ransom scenarios over to a PWYW (Pay What You Want) model. Please understand that this isn’t an attempt to gouge more money out our generous backers: if you backed the Kickstarter, I WANT YOU TO PAY ZERO. The scenarios that were promised as free are still free. But with PWYW, new readers that have some disposable income have a way to show their appreciation, and I’d be lying if I said Hebanon Games couldn’t use the help. Kickstarters work best when there’s some art commissioned beforehand to give backers a clear idea of what they are buying. Since I lost my job, purchasing that material is going to be harder this next time around. The royalties provided by readers kind enough to throw some money in the hat will help pay for that initial investment.

(ALSO: Please not all funds are being collected through reputable third-party vendors with a far, FAR better record for cyber-security than I)

My part of The Wives of March is almost done. I’ve got about 5,000 words and some proofreading before I can send it to Ean. It’s another deeply complex investigative game in the vein of The Red Tower. I don’t think anybody is going to see this monster coming, and it should make for a taut, suspenseful few nights of gaming.

The Wives of March is the scenario I chose to focus on when writing the $50 short story reward (SPOILERS… obviously). I’ve already sent a link to those backers, and I’ll be getting them their podcast readings just as soon as I can get access to a decent microphone. The story, along with the accompanying Bryson Springs short fiction, are available in all formats at Smashwords. Again, I’ve switched the page over to PWYW, but the optimal words hidden in that acronym remain “WHAT YOU WANT.” A price of $0.00 is perfectly fine. Hebanon Games will be grateful so long as you read, enjoy, and tell your friends.

When the podcast reading gets recorded and The Wives of March is ready for download, No Security will be 100% completed in terms of both ransom releases and backer rewards. It’ll be late as all hell, but our promises will be kept. At that point, I’ll do a postmortem of the whole project that is as transparent as possible. I certainly couldn’t have done this without the help of those that came before, so this company is going to try its best to be model for indie dreamers like myself.

After that? I’ve already started work on Hebanon’s next projects. They’re exponentially more ambitious than No Security, so it will still be some time before we reach the Kickstarter phase. Still, my hope is to use the site to keep everyone updated on progress and get vital feedback from our fans during the drafting process. Or, for those on the go, you can follow me on Twitter @HebanonGCal.

Lastly, I’ll be at GenCon this year networking with the best game designers the industry has to offer (READ: begging desperately for work without dignity or shame). If you’re in attendance, tweet me and I might be able to pull away from my groveling long enough to meet up to say hi.


Alright, that’s all I got. Expect a link to Revelations soon! Have a great day!


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      Timothy Brandis on

      Congrats on seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as well as the your future projects.