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A PDF-bundle of three original scenarios compatible with multiple horror RPG systems
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Update #8:

Posted by Caleb Stokes (Creator)

Hebanon Games now has a functioning website: Swing by and give it a look!

We don't have a lot of content up yet, but I will be making blog posts and tweaking the design in the upcoming weeks. For now, I wanted to say thank you to all our supporters by releasing a free scenario to tide everyone over until No Security is finished.

The adventure is a noir story set in post-WWII Berlin, written for the A Dirty World system. If you haven't played Greg Stolze's fantastic game yet, check it out here. It's one of the few rulesets that does rhetoric-as-a-weapon right, and there is no better system for playing out all your black-and-white private eye fantasies.

If you want to read a synopsis of the game and hear a play-through, you can find the actual play here. Otherwise, head on over to and get ready to run "The Dangers of Fraternization" for your group next week. Leave us a comment about how it goes!

P.S. We're only $25 away from adding "The Wives of March" to the ransom release. C'mon! Make me write more!


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