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A PDF-bundle of three original scenarios compatible with multiple horror RPG systems
250 backers pledged $6,805 to help bring this project to life.

Update #5: (Another) New Stretch Goal!

Posted by Caleb Stokes (Creator)

My mind reels at the generosity of the RPG and Kickstarter communities, grasping for any explanation as to the level of funding we've received so far besides "people are just that nice." Are the contributors actually gestalt of spam bots, bootstrapped into sentient thought and playing a prank on the stupid human? Is this how Nyarlathotep drives people insane now? By drowning them in good fortune?

Regardless, be you really nice person, rogue AI, or Herald of the Great Old Ones, I can't thank you enough for all your support. It is safe to say that everyone can expect to hear more from Hebanon Games in the future.

With great contribution comes great responsibility! As we've blown away yet another stretch goal, I feel as if I should add a new one. We've got the majority of the month to go, and everyone who wants in on the rewards deserves to contribute to the project as well. 

So here we go: at $5250, I'll add yet another scenario to the ransom. That's 5 scenarios released free on the internet! 

In the interest of full disclosure, this scenario will have limited artwork; between the insert art, monster dossiers, and sketches Ean already has to do for all the stretch goals, I'm already risking the poor guy's hands falling off. Readers can still expect the copy to be professional and laid out in a PDF format, of course.

The scenario is called The Wives of March. It is very loosely based on a game I ran for RPPR called The Wages of Sin. I've taken a bit of that concept and infused some horror into it with inspiration from a GREAT novel called Liminal States by Zack Parsons. The description is below:

Archibald March's tent revivals, held every Sunday in the swamps outside New Orleans, drew a weekly migration from the city. The downtrodden masses would clamber out of white and segregated neighborhoods alike to see him promise a world beyond the hard times, all for the low price of a passed collection plate. That is, until he got shot....

Now, with the temple coming down around the March clan, players take the roles of scavengers maneuvering in the wake of the great family's fall. Archibald's wife is using her political ties to threaten the careers of any detective not wholly dedicated to finding her husband's shooter. To make matters worse, investigators have been dispatched to check out some serious discrepancies in the patriarch's will. Will these bystanders be able to pierce the facade and discover the far-from-holy truth of the March family in time?

So there you have it! If you'd like to see this scenario released with the other four in No Security, please continue promoting the page to your friends. Thanks again for the support. Hebanon Games looks forward to showing up on your game table soon!


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    1. Beej on

      Wages of Sin & Bryson Springs! You're two greatest creations!