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A PDF-bundle of three original scenarios compatible with multiple horror RPG systems
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Update #4: Revelations $4000 Stretch Goal

Posted by Caleb Stokes (Creator)

Alright, I talked to Ean, and we hashed out some ideas for artwork. Here's what we have come up with so far.

If we reach the $4000 level, I'll include another whole scenario in the No Security packet released online. The game will be entitled Revelations and will take place in the modern era. 

While I plan on developing the game quite a bit from its play-test, the basic premise is that a preacher turns to desperate measures to see his vision of biblical truth come to life. As he turns to occult rituals beyond his understanding, biblical fundamentalism takes on a whole new meaning as the Old and New Testaments literally come to life. Players find themselves trapped in an apocalyptic landscape where the most-owned, least-read book on the planet has rewritten their very reality in horrific, unimaginable ways.

For those interested, I ran a version of Revelations that can be heard here

If you would like to see this scenario included in the ransom release, please consider directing your friends to the Kickstarter page or upping your reward status. Regardless, thanks to all of you that have already done so much to support Hebanon Games. We can't wait to hear what you and your players think of the games!


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    1. SageNytell on

      You made it, you crazy bastards! $4,031 at the moment. Congratulations!

    2. Barac Baker Wiley

      Looking forward to this one as well - should be interesting to see how it goes in a more structured system than Cthulhu Dark, for one thing. (I loved the Actual Play, but it did get a bit silly towards the end, and I think part of that had to do with the loose and semi-PvP ruleset.)