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$67.00 pledged of $100,000 goal
$67.00 pledged of $100,000 goal

Sorry, we are getting funding elsewhere.

We got too much pushback from bicycle dealers and it was the wrong decision not to support local bike shops.  Most people really want to ride the bike.  Riding is the best way to feel how it handles under load and that's what sells the bike.  We have also been talking with investors and we are going to fund the company that way.


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    1. Prad Mohan on September 22, 2013


      Yes, we are putting together a sturdy commuter eBike for $ 700 ( don't call it cheap).

      Check out electric bicycles on Craigslist in Santa Cruz and look at my bike.
      I do not like to spam this message link and cannot figure out a way to contact you.

      We will launch our kickstarter project for the $ 700 eBike in a month. Once we can get the darn video made. But this will be a commuter bike and with my milk crate I can handle a weeks grocery at Trader Joes.

      My comment was that it could be deadly taking a turn at 30mph with a 70lb load.

      Good comment re spokes; we had a few problems with them. But you have to make a few compromises to get the price down. Our bike is rated for 90kg riders.

    2. Missing avatar

      on September 22, 2013

      I think you're mistaken about the speed limit.
      That's usually the speed at which the motor must stop assisting. The real speed limit for a bicycle is actually the locally posted signs, if using the road itself.

      If you can get all that for $250 wholesale, why haven't you put together a cheap eBike?
      If you can put together a $700 eBike that can reliably take my weight(110Kg) feel free to hail me somewhere here on KS. (Or anywhere else for that sake. I use the same nick on a lot of sites.)

      Taking a turn with 70lbs load?
      It's possible... Of course, you can't take a SHARP turn at that speed, but you should be able to follow the curve of the road, at least.
      I have cycled with 70lbs on a normal bike, one summer when I pedalled the 500Km to Oslo to visit my brother, and I learned that normal bike frames aren't really built for that kind of loads. It was wobbly in parts that used to be solid... even after the trip was over. And I broke the rear wheel when going over a hump in the road.

      The rim on my rear wheel(motor in the rear hub) is double-walled, and the spokes are .1" thick.
      A lot of the kits sold online uses a lot thinner spokes, or even single-walled rims.

    3. Prad Mohan on September 21, 2013

      Fact checks:

      I meant that a "green" world needs a $700 commuter bike and not a $ 4000 cargo bike.

      A good quality $700 eBike is possible. Really! It only requires a reasonable profit for the seller.

      A 360W lithium battery, a 250 W brushless motor, and a good frame cost about $ 250 - wholesale.

      When I do carry cargo on my milk crate - I can forgo the male leg kick.

      Taking a turn at 30 mph on a cargo bike with a 70 pound load? That I would like to see. We will have the ambulance on standby. US laws have a 20mph limit on electric bikes.

      The point, gadgetman, is that we need an innovative approach to promote electric bikes. Price and quality are the biggest barriers. Some of us are looking for "hard to find" solutions. Sadly, a $4000 cargo eBike doesn't work for me.

    4. Missing avatar

      on September 21, 2013

      a $700 eBike would be utter crap. Really.
      Batteries, motor and a frame costs money, especially if you want it to last a while.
      A milk crate on the back of a normal ebike?
      Maybe on a women's model. Not on a 'men's type frame as men usually swing their leg over the back of the bike to get it over onto the other side.
      And a decent 'cargo frame' is hard to find these days.
      It's usually 3-wheeeler designs that may work OK for low speed on flat sidewalks, but not if you want to drive off the sidewalk at an angle. Or taking a turn at 30mph...

    5. Prad Mohan on September 20, 2013

      The world needs a $700 eBike for commuting. This is too expensive. A milk crate on a solid eBike would work just as well. The market is moving toward eliminating the middle men and making direct sales via the internet. I don't need to ride a Ferrari to know how it will feel. Good luck with your funding and thanks for taking us for a 24 hour test drive.