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An Android application is being developed that browses, views, and synchronizes comics wirelessly with a network server.

There are several comic browsing and viewing applications for Android, but many are provided by vendors, many provide less than stellar viewing capabilities, and none provide file management and remote synchronization.

A new Android application is being built that not only flows smoothly from page to page with remembered zooming and panning, but will also support file management. The application will allow browsing for comics in a directory structure and in addition, will support file synchronization with a network server via FTP, HTTP, and Windows Shares (Samba) via Wifi.

It will support these features (if not more):

  • Viewing (zooming, panning, and page flipping)
  • File management (browsing, moving, renaming)
  • Synchronization (FTP, HTTP, Windows share [Samba])

The application has already started development and the comic viewing portion of the application is already complete. I am looking for additional funds to cover the necessary hardware to properly test and debug the application and time to build the new features.

I will provide constant updates to the backers on the progress and features, and will provide a limited number of intermediate builds to try the software. Backers are also welcome to contribute ideas for additional features.

Any additional funds received be applied to adding the enhancements requested by the backers, where one of the first features would be to allow personalization of the application (color, style, organization, etc).


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