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$19,979 pledged of $85,000 goal
By Ben Powell
$19,979 pledged of $85,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sherry Beveridge on July 17, 2012

      Disappointing bump in the road; it's a great idea/project - I hope it can be resurrected!

    2. Shawn Broderick on July 16, 2012

      brilliant stylus design, ben! please build this!!!!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Dennis Loh on July 16, 2012


    4. Ryan Tivis on July 12, 2012


    5. Ben Powell Creator on July 10, 2012

      Thanks Yahya, I wish the tooling wasn't so expensive!

    6. Yahya Alshakhs on July 10, 2012

      i am a backer and i suggest to look for funding other place and i will buy this product after release but i think 85k is too big for a stylus...but the idea fantastic.

    7. Ben Powell Creator on July 3, 2012

      Tony, you rock! Thanks!

    8. Tony Nesta on July 3, 2012

      On Gadgeteer now...

    9. Ben Powell Creator on July 1, 2012

      Thanks for all of the support everybody!

    10. Ramon Lyn on June 30, 2012

      With 17 days to go this does not look very promising to reach the goal needed. We seriously need to get the word out about this one because this is a great idea for a stylus.

    11. Avigayil on June 23, 2012

      ditto what Ed said.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ed Karnes on June 23, 2012

      This seems to be the answer to my prayers, I'll tell everyone I know about this one. It would be a shame if this slipped between the cracks.

    13. Julie Ritz on June 23, 2012

      Still enough time to go! Spread the word so that this awesome product comes to life!!

    14. Josh on June 22, 2012

      I really thought this was gonna take off faster than this.

    15. Tony Nesta on June 19, 2012

      This is why I like kickstarter. Nice one Ben.

    16. Ben Powell Creator on June 19, 2012

      Thanks for the feedback regarding the tip. Each Motive Stylus will now come with 2 tips. One will be soft and provide some feedback and the other will be hard with a firm feel. Swapping tips is very simple. You can customize your Motive Stylus so it feels just right when you use it with your iPad.

    17. Missing avatar

      Sandra on June 17, 2012

      Another vote for a firmer tip! It could make a well designed device even better.

    18. Matthew on June 17, 2012

      I too agree that if possible the tip could be a bit stiffer as I have a stylus with a soft tip and find it a pain some times for the accuracy when using it. But this still won't stop me from backing this as the overall concept is a fantastic idea.

    19. Josh on June 15, 2012

      Chris, I agree. From the video the tip looks too squishy for my taste but I'm gonna try it anyway cuz it's an awesome design.

    20. Ben Powell Creator on June 15, 2012

      @Avigayil Morris
      You're right there's no such thing as too much blog coverage.
      Our Press Release has been distributed and coverage is starting to pick up.
      Supporting Motive Stylus by sending a tip to your favorite gadget blog is a great way to help. Thanks.

    21. Ben Powell Creator on June 15, 2012

      @Chris Guerin,
      Durability is very important for us too not only for the tip, but for every part. The tip of Motive Stylus will be as durable as any other similar stylus. A lot of engineering time has gone into choosing the right material. The tip will also be replaceable.

    22. Chris Guerin
      on June 15, 2012

      I really like the design of this stylus. One that transforms and becomes flat and doesn't take up a lot of space.

      I noticed in the video that the tip of the stylus looks like soft rubber. I believe that this would actually depreciate the quality of the stylus and not provide a smooth experience with the Motive Stylus.

      Have you had a look at incorporating a more stiffer/harder tip to the stylus?
      I believe that this would make the experience much more like a writing implement as opposed to having it soft and squishy.

      Nice design overall, just concerned about the quality of the rubber tip.

      Sydney, Australia

    23. Avigayil on June 15, 2012

      Finally a stylus that will actually travel with me. I have been waiting to buy a stylus till they became practical and transportable. I am concerned with this getting funded, so might I suggest writing up a press release to your wonderful product and sending it to many of the geek gadget blogs? I am sure your backers can help you form a short list or email all the blogs they know. Because of your ambitious goal I think we need as much publicity and push as this product can get.

    24. Missing avatar

      David Mandel on June 14, 2012

      This is the greatest thing I've ever seen. And I work in a double-rainbow factory.