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Manipulate gravity to explore twisting passages, while guided by the voice of the Narrator

Manipulate gravity to explore twisting passages, while guided by the voice of the Narrator Read More
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Why read about Standpoint when you can play it? 

Download the introductory demo level by clicking here, and start getting yourself acquainted with the Narrator.

Vote for us on Greenlight!
Vote for us on Greenlight!

Standpoint is a First-Person Puzzle Platformer, being developed for PC, Mac OSX & Linux.  Players explore the maze-like world shifting the world's gravity in order to traverse various puzzles and obstacles.

As players progress through the game, the voice of the Narrator accompanies them, often providing help and hinting towards the true meaning of the world.

Standpoint hopes to deliver an engrossing, emotive experience through its story and atmosphere, while also being a great challenge for speed-runners once the main story has been completed.

Standpoint's core mechanic consists of relies on changing the world's gravity to traverse various obstacles.  As you play, you travel through 5 zones, each themed to a different stage of loss (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance).  You navigate your way through various obstacles and puzzles through combinations of changing the world's gravity, and utilizing several secondary abilities collected through the game.

The ceiling can become the floor
The ceiling can become the floor

The story of the game is revealed to you by the narrator, whose voice accompanies you through your entire journey.  As you play you learn more about her connection to the player...

On first play through, the game is designed to be a two to four hour experience, however time trial modes, secret areas, and an alternate ending also provide replay value.  Our first stretch goal (£10,000) will enable us to also release a level editor, for player made levels and challenges!

As the player investigates the abstract world presented in Standpoint, they are submerged in an atmospheric soundscape of warped classical music. The games score uses an adaptive music system that blurs the lines between SFX and soundtrack. Depending the on the level, the music reacts to gameplay and environment in different ways.

The ever-present Narrator’s twisted voices are littered about you. The game’s story is largely told through sound. The swarming canopy of noise give you clues to why you are in this place and how this woman is tied to it.

We've been developing Standpoint part-time for the last year, and are now at the stage where we want to transition to working on it full time.  A successful kickstarter give us the ability to really focus on getting a polished game out far faster than possible off our own backs.  The money will go towards hiring an artist to clean up some of the environments, paying for various licenses and tools, and any left over will be used to keep the team alive during development!

Stretch Goals?

Our first, and most requested stretch goal is set at £10,000, for a level editor to be released shortly after the main release of the game, allowing players to create custom levels.  We have also compiled a list of other stretch goals if we get further, but we don't want to get ahead of ourselves, so will announce them through the course of the campaign if the situation calls for it...  *cough*oculus*cough*

Nathan "Vethan" John - Programmer, Designer - Nathan is a lifelong gamer and technophile, and is known to many by his online pseudonym Vethan.  After graduating as a computer scientist, he spent the last two years working as a programmer in the games industry, leaving his mark on several titles including the PC version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Daniel Murdoch - Composer, Sound Designer - Since first realising that games need music, Dan has been writing for them. After studying classical music, he completed and composition MA focused on game sound. He now works freelance for indie-types and lectures on game sound and music at symposiums.

Michael Gillespie - Writer - Michael is a film industry staffer, word-arrangement enthusiast and amateur person. He studied literature and linguistics, most recently worked for Universal Studios and is an up and coming drama, prose and comedy writer who has always been intrigued by, and had a hankering to develop, gaming scripts.

Holly Meyrick - Voice Actor - Holly studied drama, film and television at Bristol university. She has been working in music production since and has also began her own company specialising in creative events. In her spare time she is a voice over artist after a stint as the female voice for BBC Radio 1 between 2008 and 2013. A lover of all forms of game playing and creativity she is extremely excited to be a part of the Stand Point team!

Corinna Jane - Vocalist, Songwriter - Corinna Jane is a Franco-British alternative pop Singer/Songwriter whose music has been heard on BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio. Her highlights include playing at New York's famous "The Bitter End" and playing live on Berlin's RBB 1. Corinna is excited about working on the soundtrack with the Stand Point team.

Secret Areas
Secret Areas

Risks and challenges

There are risks involved in the creation of any project, and Standpoint is no different. While the core concepts of Standpoint are simple, and most of the key mechanics are already designed and implemented, there is still the chance that it could take longer than we expect in order to finish.

The entire team is committed to finishing the game however. Not just to rush and "finish" a sub par release, but to produce a game that's worthy of bearing our names, and the names of all those who supported us.

Should the worst occur and something happens to a member of the team, we do make sure to regularly document and back-up our work, so the project would live on.

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