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Quarterstone Comics production fund raiser, Join the Q-mmunity!'s video poster

Focusing on the production, distribution and promotion of quality comic books outside of the mainstream. Read more

San Francisco, CA Comics
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This project was successfully funded on August 4, 2010.

Focusing on the production, distribution and promotion of quality comic books outside of the mainstream.

San Francisco, CA Comics
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As a writer the worst thing for me was pouring my heart and soul into a project only to have it never greet an audience because of someones bad business practices. I always got paid, but that's never been the point.

I'm David LeVack, a writer and creative director for a group called Quarterstone Comics. Not so much a studio, and not so much an indie publisher, but a community. I want people to feel they are a part of what we do and that fans and artists are equally important. We are attempting to pioneer "open source" comics. The hope is the focus will shift the medium towards fun and creativity and keep it thriving.

Two characters are featured in our anthologies. Our first character was Aeroine, a Nisei superhero. The second character was Savior, an exploration of nature vs. nurture as an alien ex-convict finds immense godlike power on a distant planet earth.

To keep Quarterstone Comics thriving, I personally look through every single email I receive from talent searches and classified responses. Honestly, there are hundreds of them each round, and I'm always keeping an eye out for talented artists and writers with passion and dedication.

I'm also careful to pay close attention to finding individuals who are diamonds in the rough, that can flourish if they are given the support and resources. I see so much talent, and I wish I could bring all of it to the page and to you.

Since 2007 I have been setting aside portions of my day-job income to keep our projects going and to help these artists do what they love and provide for their families. I look to innovations on the web to break down the wall between creators and fans. We need each other to keep this thing we love going for years to come. With your contributions I can continue to employ creators who can bring fresh material to a medium that often gets stale.

The funds we raise here will go to production, printing, advertising and other areas to promote the work from these talented individuals and get their stuff out there.

Comics are a market that tend to be very conservative. You can't blame people, I personally know what it's like to invest time and money into a series I enjoy, only to have it canceled or delayed with no resolution. I realize this causes many fans to be weary of trying new things. Because of this, I work to build our audience through a back catalog of books that are available for free on our website and our print books are sold at cost. I guarantee every book will conclude properly and I try my best to change the tradition of delays and cancellations.

I'll continue to make sure I and my associates can continue to do what we love, but we'd be glad to have your help! For your support, I've made sure we have some killer gifts.

So if you're looking for fun, jump aboard, we're happy to have ya!

Visit for more information on us, and take a peek at some of our work:

Sample of the prints by Sebastian Cardoso that can be yours for your generous donation and time:

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    All donors will receive access to a "Making of" PDF.

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    You will receive a 11 x 17 Cardstock- 80# Cover Gloss (216 gsm) print by the sensational Sebastian Cardoso

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    You will receive a limited edition print of our flagship title SAVIOR by superstar artist KERON GRANT (Action Comics, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, New Mutants, X-Men Unlimited)

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    You will receive the first issue of Savior with the Kickstarter-limited edition Keron Grant print cover. Your name will also be printed in the acknowledgments section of the book. As well as the Aeroine San Diego Comic Con 2008 preview book.

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    You will receive all of the above as well as the second issue of SAVIOR currently in production.

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    You will receive all of the above as well as your name or likeness immortalized on a character in one of our comics.

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    I will give you a giant hug. (Only applicable to California residents. Must be over 18 years of age.)

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