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Fritz is a robotic puppet head that you can control with an easy to use app. He has moving eyes, jaw, eyelids, eyebrows, and neck.
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236 backers pledged $41,136 to help bring this project to life.

Day 2 and 40% there!

Hello Fritz Heads!  (Excuse the pun)

The project has been going for a bit over 48 hours and we are a bit over 40% backing.  Thank you to all of our great backers.

This was an exciting day for us.  Good progress sure, but mainly because we woke up to a lot of emails asking about Fritz.  We did some interviews today with various blog and tech sites.  Links at end of this post.  Please help us spread the word and forward these links to those you think may be interested.  

I said something that was quoted by the Huffington Post.

"If Fritz is not successful,oh well, it is still the coolest thing I have ever worked on."  

I hope I didn't jinx us with that statement, but it's the truth.  I have genuinely enjoyed every minute (all 6 months of minutes) working on this project.  Steven and I both have got a kick out of building Fritz's and trying them out, and then taking them out.  We have taken prototype units with us to the pub after meetings of the Denver Makers Group and always had people stop by to look at Fritz, and laugh when he mouthed off to them.  The idea of interactive robotics is what XYZbot is all about.

Thanks for helping us to make that idea into reality.  -  Kerwin Lumpkins

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