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The Playmakers: A collection of interviews with key people within tabletop roleplaying who create great spaces for others to play
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#thankyourplaymaker - please read this update

Posted by Epistolary Richard (Creator)

This week please #thankyourplaymaker

This week I need your help. This week is not so much about getting more backers for this project, but to shine the spotlight outwards to try to highlight everyone out who's making play possible for others.

This week please think of someone in your life who makes or has made play possible for you - an organiser, a club admin, a GM or a good friend - and say thank you to them. Do it however you want, in person, over email, on social media (& use #thankyourplaymaker).

Right now, this hashtag has no hits on google or twitter. Let's see how many we can all get by the end of the week.

Interview with Scratticus Academy

Here is the interview from Scratticus of Scratticus Academy talking to me about the Playmaker awards. As well as general background, I also talk specifically here about the benefit of having an open nomination process and what I've learned about Twitch streamers such as Scratticus and how they're creating space for others to play.

As I mentioned in the last update, this interview came around in a peculiar way. Scratticus Academy was nominated as a Playmaker back in November, but - as they were out of my regular social network - I had struggled to contact them. I finally did so in February and - as part of our opening conversation, Scratticus mentioned this interview service he can provide new kickstarters. As I'm very happy to support his work, I paid him for his time in conducting and editing this interview.

Thanks for reading and supporting and please, this week, #thankyourplaymaker.


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