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The Playmakers: A collection of interviews with key people within tabletop roleplaying who create great spaces for others to play
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The Plan and More Winners

Posted by Epistolary Richard (Creator)
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Hi all,

The Plan

We’re heading towards the end of the first week and we’ve just hit £300. Here’s a brief look at some highlights for the rest of the kickstarter to help hit that goal. As ever, it’d be great if you can share or re-tweet these as they come out:

  • Tomorrow, Brie Sheldon will be releasing a Five or So Questions on the Playmakers awards in which I write about what I think the benefit of the Playmaker awards might be for the hobby and for the winners, and my own hopes for the effect the zine might have.
  • I’ll be doing an interview with Scratticus Academy promoting the Kickstarter that should be released soon. I was really surprised when I received nominations for Twitch channels and so I’m looking to diving into that world and discovering more.
  • I’m hoping I might get mentions or shout-outs from ENworld as part of their Zinequest coverage, from Misdirected Mark and from The Smart Party at some point.
  • Lastly, I’ve booked an ad with OneShot to roll out on Feb 25th which should then lead into the final 48 hours!

Not forgetting the interview with On the Shoulders of Dwarves that has already come out.

As ever, do let me know if there’s places I should spread the word about this project and if you’ve been so kind to do so yourself then let me know as I’ve love to like and reshare your post.

More Winners

As well as the one person nominated who kindly refused the award, I also didn’t get a reply from a few folk through January. I’m hoping that I will hear from them at some point so I can add them in. One of them was Scratticus Academy, who were nominated back in November, but I – not being proficient on Twitch or good on Twitter was not that effective at getting through to them. However, we did finally make contact last week so I’ll be announcing their award and including them here as an interviewee. 

As part of our conversation, they mentioned that they also do promotional interviews to support kickstarters so, separately to me interviewing them for the zine, I will be supporting their work by sponsoring them to do an interview with me. As I say, the Twitch-verse is a pretty closed book for me so I’m fascinated to make this connection and find out more.


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