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The Playmakers: A collection of interviews with key people within tabletop roleplaying who create great spaces for others to play
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Thanks! and more

Posted by Epistolary Richard (Creator)

Hi all,

First off, thanks for supporting this project! I appreciate every backer, but I appreciate early backers most of all. Your show of support out of the gate will help encourage others to join and help make this project happen.

We're now nearly 3 days in and, after the first flush of interest, about a quarter funded. I will be doing a few things to keep spreading the word. Aside from your pledge, if you'd like to help this project along further, here are a few things that you could consider:

1) Help me find others - one of the reasons I started this project was because of the end of G+, but of course the end of G+ has made it much harder to connect with those who've already left. If you know a site, community, group or service where I should post then please let me know where.

2) Share this project - a recommendation from an established figure in a group is far more influential than a post from a newcomer shilling his wares (and some places actively forbid this). If you can post a link to this project, even with the simple message 'I backed this' or 'I'm looking forward to this' then that would be amazing!

3) Share the promotion I'm doing - if you're still up for more, then consider resharing other promotion I'm doing for the project (you can find me on twitter @richardauthor or Google+  for example, resharing an interview about this project I did with On the Shoulders of Dwarves 

If you have suggestions as to sites, groups or other places I can post this project then feel free to reply here or contact me separately.



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