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Street espionage meets star-chamber conspiracy in this hand-drawn nonlinear thriller PC game by former lead Deus Ex and Obsidian devs

Street espionage meets star-chamber conspiracy in this hand-drawn nonlinear thriller PC game by former lead Deus Ex and Obsidian devs Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on September 9, 2014.

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About this project

Professional spies call espionage "The Game." (Play the perfect fiction, win the truth.) Sienna Storm puts you in this game.

CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE. Sienna Storm is an evolutionary leap for interactive animated graphic novels. Most novels are linear, where Sienna Storm is complex, branching, replete with interesting choices that change the outcome of your story.  

Imagine a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style book where, instead of reading a wall of text, you interact with gorgeous, hand-drawn, animated scenes. Exploring and discovering action points within a scene lets you progress through the narrative. Will you decide to rescue your informant, or to cut him loose to avoid putting your whole team in danger? The choices you make have direct impact on the evolving story, and can change your reputation with the characters you meet.

GATHER INTEL. Sienna Storm features dozens of non-linear dialogues, similar to Alpha Protocol™. You can interrogate, manipulate or charm people into doing things your way, revealing closely guarded secrets, or offering up useful items and equipment. Through dialogues you can earn or lose influence with characters, and win cards to help you succeed in the Card Game. 

TAKE ACTION. There's a time for talking, but when things get down to the wire, you spring into action via an easy to learn, but hard to master, Card Game. This mechanic is adapted for combat, infiltration and hacking, and is based on a system of dynamic events, triggered by your actions or overall situation on the field. 

For example, if you weren't able to defeat an enemy within 5 turns, backup arrives to make the situation more perilous. Your enemies are intelligent, and they have contingencies. So if you lower your enemy’s health, he may change his tactics, forcing you to also change yours.  

Actual in-game art with UI hidden
Actual in-game art with UI hidden

 Sienna Storm is a unique interactive comic-style video game. Every scene is a hand drawn, animated work of art and there are multiple actions points the player may select to progress the game. 

Dialogues are rich and non-linear, and choices you make throughout the game not only have consequences, but also influence your standings with certain characters and involved parties   

Dialogue gameplay showcase. Work in progress
Dialogue gameplay showcase. Work in progress

WHAT DECISIONS WILL YOU MAKE? Lets look how the gameplay for "choose your adventure" part unfolds. London. Night time. We have a situation where Mark is on the run and simultaneously being contacted by an unknown caller. He hears an unknown voice in his helmet warning him that there is an ambush ahead. Mark needs to decide whether to ignore the warning or listen to it. 

This is the decision and consequence system in its simplest form. What will you decide?

Actual in-game picture. Work in progress
Actual in-game picture. Work in progress

   There is a fair amount of challenges to resolve such as combat, hacking computers, and tailing an enemies. When you enter these challenges, you play a short strategic card game using a customizable deck.

At the start of each card match, you can modify your deck to best suit the situation, even adding in new cards you've earned over the course of the game. This allows you to pick a strategy – trickery, gadgetry, or straight-up violence – that works best for the mission and your personal play style. But watch out! The matches are full of dynamic events and based on the story, so you never know what new enemies, old allies, or dramatic plot twists are in the cards to keep you on your toes!

Actual in-game picture. Work in progress
Actual in-game picture. Work in progress

What made the black ops unit Sienna-1 unique was that it was run by a private contractor, and rented out to the highest bidder. Before too long, more than the unit's own firm decided that this was a bad idea. Sienna-1's commander, Mark, and his team were resettled under new identities. Records of the unit were destroyed.

However, Sienna-1 was not forgotten. One day, Mark is jolted out of his quiet private investigator life by a warning from a former commando, who suspects a murder plot against the unit's veterans. He soon discovers that the conspiracy is much bigger, and the commando who warned him is a woman he shared an intimate history with named Annette. She is an asset as unpredictable in the field as in life, and somehow mixed up in the web of mystery and deceit.

Mark is framed for a terrorist attack he didn't commit. A fugitive cut off from the last of his friends in law enforcement, he must decide where to turn. To Annette, the one most able to have done this to him? To MI6, the agency he once dreamed of joining but which now hunts him? Or should he go solo and hope he can unmask the conspirators in time to clear his name?

Actual in-game art with hidden UI
Actual in-game art with hidden UI
  • Action packed spy/thriller that will immerse you in its world and characters

  • An engaging non-linear story set in modern day that has a variety of outcomes based on your decisions and actions.

  • Multi-branched dialogues that influence your reputation standings with different characters and involved parties

  • Beautifully hand drawn environments and characters.

  • Replay value. If you think you saw everything, think again. Your decisions will open and close many paths along the journey.

  • A unique card game mechanic that enhances gameplay in action-packed scenes

Actual in-game art with hidden UI
Actual in-game art with hidden UI

For now, we are focusing on a PC version release of the game. We do, however, have plans creating a Mac version as part of a stretch goal reward!

If you are a fan of Deus Ex™and its sequel, Invisible War, then you are familiar with the work of Sheldon Pacotti as a lead writer for these titles. 

He has over a decade of experience writing for video games, and he teaches game writing in the University of Texas. 

After his work with Deus Ex, he designed an indie title named Cell: emergence. Sheldon's experience as a writer is crucial to the narrative success of Sienna Storm.

Tony has over 15 years of experience as a game designer. His impressive background includes working with powerhouse companies such as Bioware™ and Obsidian Entertainment™. 

He is best known for his design work on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II™, Torment: Tides of Numenera™, and Neverwinter Nights™ 2: Mask of the Betrayer. Tony also has a great deal of game writing experience under his belt, and an undeniable passion for creating quality games that makes him a welcome addition to the team

Darrell Hardy comes to us from notable companies such as Fantasy Flight Games™ and Sony Online Entertainment™. 

His credited works include Magic the Gathering: Tactics™, Runebound™, and Star Wars Galaxies: TCG™. Darrell specializes in the creation of role playing, tabletop, social and online games. 

He brings over 18 years of experience to the team making him a valuable asset to Sienna Storm's creation.

We are excited to announce that Alex Brandon shall join the team as audio director and composer once the first stretch goal is met! 

Alex is known for his work on Unreal Tournament™ and Deus Ex™, but he is also credited on well over fifty titles since starting in the industry twenty years ago. Not only is he a musical master, but Alex has done a fair amount of work in voice acting as well. 

He currently owns a studio in Texas called Funky Rustic that specializes in production for voice over, music and sound design for video games, film, television and radio.

If you are unfamiliar with Alex's work, we encourage you to listen to one of his tracks:

Best known for his work in the Fallout™ universe, Chris Avellone has an undeniable presence in the video game industry. 

He is also no stranger to the Kickstarter realm. Chris has contributed his creative skill to Wasteland™ 2, The Legend of Grimrock movie treatment, FTL: Advanced Edition, and inXile's Torment: Tides of Numenera™. Once the second stretch goal is met, we will be welcoming Chris as a creative consultant.

Certain packs come with their own tiers: Lite, Standard and Deluxe
Higher tier reap better rewards! Here is a convenient breakdown of these packs. 

This pack contains three different tiers:
  • Lite - 3 wallpapers
  • Standard - 5 wallpapers
  • Deluxe - 10 wallpapers
Wallpaper sizes will range from 1280x720 to 2880x1800. 

Estimated time of arrival is June 2015.

  • Standard pack includes а DRM-free digital copy of the game on Steam and GoG
  • Deluxe pack include DRM-free digital copy of the game on Steam and GoG, PLUS a second, giftable copy
  • Lite pack includes Sienna Storm's digital OST
  • Standard pack gives you additional Director's Cut OST (featuring 3 unreleased tracks!) 
  • Deluxe tier features all from lower packs plus additional melodic and voice ringtones perfect for any smartphone!
  • Lite pack includes Sienna Storm's official minimum 100 page digital artbook
  • Standard pack gives you digital artbook + 6 hi-res sketches
  • Deluxe tier gives you digital artbook, total 10 hi-res downloadable sketches, early concept art and 3 never before released sketches.

For backers who love to see how video games are developed from the ground up, this pack is for you. Receive access to interviews with lead writer Sheldon Pacotti, our voice actors, and a behind the scenes look at the creation of Sienna Storm's soundtrack. 

If the first stretch goal is made, we will be able to produce an exclusive behind the scenes interview with Alex Brandon!

We know a lot gamers love the thrill of acquiring achievements. This pack will reward backers with Steam achievements which can be unlocked with a special backer code and earned throughout the game. 

  • Lite pack includes 1 exclusive in-game Steam achievement
  • Standard pack gives you 3 exclusive in-game Steam achievements
  • Deluxe tier gives you a total of 5 nice and exclusive in-game Steam achievements
This is a fantastic opportunity for those who want to learn about narrative and game design. Downloadable video lectures, design documents and insights from our game devs and lead artist will be available through these packs. 

If the first stretch goal is met, an additional sound design lecture shall be unlocked but this one will be lead by Alex Brandon. If the second stretch goal is surpassed, a game design lecture lead by Chris Avellone shall become available. 

  • Lite pack includes lectures from Sheldon Pacotti on narrative design for the espionage thriller genre and dialogue writing
  • Standard pack includes game design lectures from game designers Tony Evans and Darrell Hardy
  • Deluxe pack includes landscape and character design masterclass lectures from our lead artist plus a sound design class by our team sound director.
*Each tier will includes previous tier classes/lectures
*All lectures will be in English accompanied with english subtitles.

 Be amongst the first to play Sienna Storm with this early access pack. Experience Sienna Storm a week before everyone else plus give us your feedback to help us improve the final version of the game.

  • Standard pack allows you to play the game a week before everyone else.
  • Deluxe pack allows you closed beta access plus we invite you to offer your constructive feedback. Help us shape Sienna Storm into the best game possible. 
We want to show appreciation for our backers, so we have created an in-game Hall of Fame to feature your names for all time. Backers' names shall be displayed in the following levels of support.

  • Supporter
  • Bronze Supporter
  • Silver Supporter
  • Gold Supporter
[NEW REWARD] for the ultimate backer pack! It was asked for by the most dedicated backers, and we delivered it! Both very pricey and very tasty!
Our artist and game designers will create a character based off of your likeness (with slight game-wise adjustments if needed and approved by you) and he/she shall become a supporting character in Sienna Storm! And its not a "1 minute fame", cause your character will play a memorable role!

Your character will also be featured on a special in-game card. 

We will give you the opportunity to shape this character in both role and personality (you will be contacted by a game designer with an easy-to-fill questionnaire).

 Backers will also get a chance to speak to our game devs for two hours via Skype (may be divided into 2 sessions).

*Note: Your character is not guaranteed to stay alive for the entirety of the game, but he/she will be memorable and impact a story arc!

Unlockable after the required stretch goals are met! These rewards do not require any upgrades and only apply to applicable tiers. 

Once the first stretch goal is surpassed, the perfect accessory for a new PC game shall be unlocked. NOTE: artwork has not been finalized.
The Sienna Storm coffee mug shall be unlocked once we reach the second stretch goal. NOTE: artwork has not been finalized. 

 Alex Brandon of Unreal™ and Deus Ex™ fame will join the team as a sound director. Reaching this stretch goal will also enable us to create a Mac version of the game!

Industry veteran Chris Avellone (Fallout™ 2, Planescape™: Torment) will be joining team Digital Knights as a creative consultant. 
This will directly influence further enhancements of the story and plot plus we will be able produce full voiceover work for Sienna Storm!

Here is a brief breakdown of how funds will be spent. As you can see, we project that the majority will be going to the artists and programmers. Because Sienna Storm is hand drawn, a lot of time and energy is poured into each picture. As an example: an estimated 1300-1500 pictures must be created to showcase a game that is more than 30 minutes. That is a ton of work, and it is being done for little money. Creating one scene can take up to 3-4 hours. 

The remainder of the budget will go toward hiring a small out of house company (primarily based in the US) for additional programming, animation, audio effects, QA etc... 

Sienna Storm will be dubbed in English and will be accompanied with English subtitles.

As stated above, if we surpass the second stretch goal, Sienna Storm will be fully voiceovered in English.

Other languages and their respective subtitles are to be determined as the Kickstarter evolves, but we will be listening for your wishes and feedback!

Risks and challenges

Digital Knights is a small company; however, that does not stop the drive of an incredibly talented team. Sienna Storm has come a long way already, but in order to make it a success, funding is needed. A lot of personal time and manpower is allocated into Sienna Storm’s unique hand drawn world.

This is our first Kickstarter. That is a challenge in itself as there are learning curves and tons of feedback coming in from the community. We are not a company that is closed off from those who support it, so we are reading and listening to everything being sent our way. We want to express that we care about our current and potential backers, but we cannot guarantee that we will change the project based on every opinion. The things we can change and fully believe will bring a better experience to our backers, we will implement. Hence, the added reward tier.

One challenge that is common with many indie game companies is not having the benefit of all team members in one office. Time zone differences (not just in the US) can put a damper on time and production, but our project manager is dedicated in making deadlines and ensuring everyone is on task. Everyone on the team wants Sienna Storm to be a success. Backers will receive updates from the team to show our progress.

We want to produce something that grabs gamers, that entertains them and encourages them to play it again and bring others along for the ride.

There aren’t many games like Sienna Storm readily available, so what will be the public’s reception of it? Will gamers love it? We know so. Give us the chance to prove that!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • If there is a demand for it, we can definitely add it as a stretch goal reward! Please send us feedback because we want our backers to be happy and know that we are listening to them.

    Last updated:
  • Yes. Our awesome game devs will be putting something together to showcase the basics of the gameplay mechanics.

    Last updated:
  • The main playable character is Mark (the handsome man in the trailer). He is not customizable and you cannot create your own character; however, Mark will not be the same man in each playthrough of Sienna Storm. Remember, your choices matter.

    Last updated:

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    Backers will also be able to give us early feedback on Sienna Storm and help us prepare for the final release of the game.

    *These additional stretch goal rewards require no additional upgrade.

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    ● ULTIMATE TIER● All previous applicable rewards included + your likeness shall be in-game as a supportive character! ● Help our artists and game designer craft your character by choosing his/her role, personality, and main background. ● You can work with our writers to build a supporting story arc for your character. This unique character will also be featured on one of the in-game cards. ● You will also have an opportunity to chat with our game devs via Skype.

    *Your character is not guaranteed to remain alive for the entirety of the game, but your character shall be memorable and impact the story.

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