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Bring civic arts into the lives of children for $5000 a school. Let's 'kickstart' the first three.

Creating Cultural Acupuncture

We are implementing a program to bring a civic arts into schools around the world. Our current country focus is Haiti. The earthquake had as devastating an impact on the culture of Haiti as it did on its buildings, streets and lives. There is now the risk that as Haiti rebuilds, much of her culture is forgotten as art and artists are foregone in favor of more utilitarian responses.  We believe that Haiti needs the restorative effects that a civic arts program could bring.  We intends to dovetail this program with an existing school building program, and use its school campuses as a staging area for civic art installations.  We have already gotten enthusiastic engagement from our school owners who hope that these works of art will inspire a new generation of Haitian students and help give Haiti’s future leaders a sense of pride and hope.


Why schools? Well hundreds of kids are in school everyday. For the cost of taking them to an museum, we can commission artists to bring the museum to them. Take École Baptiste Bon Berger 
Pele for example. With over 1200 children it works out to be less than $3 per child to bring permanent art into the schools (it's $20 to go to MoMA).

École La Dignité, 
Cayes de Jacmel, Sud-est.

École Baptiste Bon Berger 
Pele , Port-au-Prince, Ouest.

Collège Mixte Le Bon Berger
, Montrouis, Ouest.

Institut Foyer du Savoir 
Delmas 75, Port-au-Prince.

École Elie Dubois
, Champ de Mars, Port-au-Prince.

Haiti Partner's Children's Academy
, Mariaman, Port-au-Prince.

Community Engagement Process and Implementation

We will conduct workshops to bring together school owners, teachers, students and artists from their respective community.  It is important that the civic art work developed have a strong relationship to that particular school, and reflect the ambitions and character of that micro-community.  Therefore, we will facilitate the interaction between a community that may be unfamiliar with commissioning civic art, and an artist who might not be used to working on commission.  We believe civic art heightens our experience and helps us to appreciate the culture and community around us. It would be an honor to include works of civic art in our schools.

Based on an initial survey of artists, their work and possible project types, we have estimated a cost of approximately $5,000 per installation and are endeavoring to do a minimum of 6 such installations throughout Haiti. Architecture for Humanity will assist local artists with fabrication as required. 

Let's kickstart the first 3.

Involving International Artists

If you are an international artist interested in participating in the project please contact me. We will give preference to local artists but if you would like to collaborate or work alongside a local artist we can help arrange this.


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