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Follow DJ Mikey Lion as he breaks into the upper echelon of the electronic music scene at the Lightning in a Bottle music festival.

     Overshadowed by musical titans such as Bassnectar, The Glitch Mob, and Lee Burridge and lying humbly in the farthest, darkest reaches of the musical lineup, Mikey Lion landed a definitive role in one of the world’s most premiere electronic music festivals…. Lighting in a Bottle (LIB). Mikey’s meteoric ascension to the bottom of the LIB lineup is preceded by more than a decade of DJing experience and a lifelong passion for music. Mikey’s journey started at the age of 13 when he purchased his first set of turntables to bump underground hip-hop. He discovered his love for electronic music when he experienced the legendary Daft Punk Pyramid at Coachella, and he’s never looked back. Fueled by this life-changing experience, Mikey managed to earn himself a four-month residency at super-club Sala Razzmatazz in Barcelona, where he adopted a heavily European-influenced style of tech-house grooves and booty-shaking tribal drums, which he introduced to his hometown of San Diego. Since co-founding Jungle, a bi-monthly, deep-tropical-tech house party, the Lion has amassed an ever-growing and truly loyal pride of fans who have bolstered him onto LIB’s Woogie stage. Mikey isn’t passing up this opportunity to shake his mane and to amplify his pur into a roar.

BELOW: The official Lightning in a Bottle lineup

     Having known Mikey through college experiences at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (SLO) and studying abroad with him in Barcelona, Spain, we have come to know him as a great friend and recognize his talent and potential as a DJ. We have followed Mikey’s career closely, from house parties in SLO, to late nights in Barcelona, to packed clubs in Southern California. Now that Mikey has his chance to perform on his grandest stage yet, we can’t pass up the opportunity to capture his inspirational story. We are inviting you to help us immortalize Mikey’s journey to LIB by donating to our 15 or-so-minute documentary. Leveraging Michael Miller’s extensive experience in video production and cinematography coupled with Mike Iwata’s planning and financial management skills, we form a well-rounded team, fully capable of delivering a compelling and aesthetically adept video product worth watching, while working on a tight budget. We seek only to tell our dear friend’s story and not to gain financial rewards. Having calculated the minimum cost of producing a professional-grade short film, we assure you that all donations (as shown in the below spreadsheet) will be used for necessary project expenses.


     We are excited about the opportunity to come together on this collaboration and sincerely thank you for any contributions you are willing and capable of making. Together, we can celebrate a realized dream in documenting this monumental occasion. Thank you for your time and consideration. Come follow Mikey Lion’s journey to the Woogie stage at LIB. We hope you join the pride.

BELOW: The Woogie stage at Lighting in a Bottle 2011

BELOW: The official Lightning in a Bottle 2011 video

BELOW: A brief sample of Michael Miller's previous video production

BELOW: A rough project time-line (please excuse the second copy, there were problems with uploading)

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