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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
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Stonehearth Alpha 5 is Now Available to all $15+ Backers

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)

Hi guys. Just a quick notice that we have released Stonehearth Alpha 5. All $15+ backers are eligible to download and play this version.

Check this FAQ for instructions for downloading the game. Here is our official discussion forum, where you can chat with other Stonehearthians.

Thanks for sticking with us. While the game is still in Alpha for now, we’re more committed than ever to keep pounding away at the game’s development until it’s complete.

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    1. David How on

      Need a way to put furniture back in to the stock pile or delete it.
      Also is there a way to convince the people to move to a new bed?
      I started a village off on mean beds, but have been unable to convince them to move to the newly made comfortable beds.

    2. David How on

      Played this a decent amount now. What's there is interesting/fun. Looking forward to more content. Thanks for the hard work!

    3. Scott H on

      Took a little to learn how the game works, after that it's been fun. Can't wait to get off work to start a new game and build my town.

    4. Steve Adamo on

      re: all the Mac requests, here's a recent comment from Stephanie (one of the Radiant developers)

      "We're hoping to put out an OSX version when more of the core gameplay is complete. You will definitely get access to an OSX version of the game from the same Humble Bundle page where you can download the windows version now."

    5. Jonathan Rudd on

      You guys are lovely :)

      I might try this new release at the weekend.

    6. Robin Andersson on

      It's nice to see you guys putting out updates, I very much like this game concept and how it's been developing so far, good to know you wont just give up halfway like some certain other kickstarter games

    7. Missing avatar

      bleepbloorp on

      "Thanks for sticking with us. While the game is still in Alpha for now, we’re more committed than ever to keep pounding away at the game’s development until it’s complete."

      Thanks for not doing a Double Fine and just giving up!

    8. Peter Chipouras on

      Did you guys push this update to those of us that have the Alpha on steam? :D

    9. John Dalton on

      I hope that the Early Access release will include all platforms. I understand that it's probably a distraction at this stage of development, but I'd encourage you to make sure any portability issues are discovered and dealt with before opening it up further.

      Anyway, it's all looking fantastic and I can't wait to check it out on a Mac :)

    10. mrxak on

      The info they keep repeating on their website is that Mac and Linux support won't be until the game is much closer to finished. My guess is it'll be around, or not much longer after, the game goes Steam Early Access.

    11. GoldFire Studios

      +1 for info on Mac support as well. Eager to try out what you guys have been working on!

    12. Nicholas Ainsworth on

      Are we allowed to live stream the game in its current state? I tried to check the forums on my mobile for an answer to this but couldn't spot anything.

    13. Agust on

      +1 for Mac support. Even a little info...or a message saying there's no info...Please!

    14. OniriCorpe on

      I've followed the instructions and I have'nt receive my key :/
      I've changed my mail adress (probably for my kickstarter account) and it's impossible to receive an email at the last one because the service was closed.

    15. mrxak on

      I've been playing this since Alpha 1 and I'm excited for all of you who will be getting their first chance at playing this today. The game is really a game now, and there's a lot you can do with it. They're going to be adding a lot in the coming versions, too.

    16. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      Eric Warner, Buddy Backers get their extra copy now. From the FAQ linked in the main post:

      On the download page, there is a big white box that says Stonehearth Gift Key. Send the link inside to your friend.

      If you accidentally clicked on the link yourself, and then entered your own e-mail address, and got a link to a second download page, you can still give this to a friend. Just send them the url of that second page and tell them to use the button in the upper right corner to claim it to themselves. If they don't have a HB account, they can also use the "change e-mail" link in the lower left corner of the page.

      If you've somehow managed to claim (using the claim button) both the first download page AND the gift download page... email to get this sorted back out.

    17. Eric Warner on

      When will the Buddy Backer people get the extra copy?

    18. John Devor on

      Mac OS X support!

    19. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      Hi Hal Motley. We don't have a time-table for Steam Early Access. We will do Early Access when the game is more complete and we believe that it will get a warm reception from the Steam community.

    20. Missing avatar

      William Reasons on

      Guys and gals, you are amazing! Keep up the good work, y'all!

    21. Hal Motley on

      Good to hear. How long before it's fully on Steam's Early Access storefront?