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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
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Progress Update and Release Deadlines

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)

Hi everyone. When we launched the Stonehearth Kickstarter in May 2012, we promised that all backers would receive the game in September, 2014. After a lot of hard work, and a lot of great support from all of you, that day is nearly upon us, so I wanted to take a minute to explain where we are in development and what we will be doing on the deadline.

This is long, so let’s just put the TLDR up front, shall we?

TLDR Summary

  • The game is currently in Alpha. We’re making steady progress, but there’s still lots of game left to build 
  • In September we will release Stonehearth Alpha 5. 
  • At this point all $15+ Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers will get the Alpha and all subsequent releases until the game is complete 
  • We’re still working on the Kickstarter pet rewards. You can expect them once we have a few more major gameplay features complete. 
  • Soon after the Alpha 5 release, we will release Stonehearth on Steam Early-Access and change the price to $25 
  • Expect continued Alpha releases until all game features are complete!

Stonehearth Alpha

First, as most of you know, we’re behind schedule on building the game. My reddit post here describes why we are delayed, but long story short, we’ve chosen to stick 100% to the original vision of the game, even when it costs us time. We would rather ship the Stonehearth we want late than ship a watered down version of the game on time.

The encouraging news is that many of the tough technical problems are behind us, and we’re adding content at a faster rate than ever. At this point we have a solid, fun kernel of the final game, and we’re excited to keep working until we deliver all the features we promised in the Kickstarter.

Alpha 5 Will Be Released to All Kickstarter backers in September

We will release the next Stonehearth Alpha in mid September, and make it available to all $15+ Kickstarter backers and those who have pre-ordered the game for $15 on

The Alpha 5 release will have major features like farming, trapping, building, and basic combat, but it will be missing other features like mining, water, and multi-player. So we can do one of two things: hold the game back from you until all these features are ready, or give you the game now, leaving it up to you whether to play now or wait until it's feature-complete.

We’re giving you the choice. You can choose to download it starting in Alpha 5, or wait until the game is completely finished. Based on the feedback we've received so far, we think there's enough in Alpha 5 to play and have fun with, but it's totally up to you.

And of course, all Stonehearth customers will continue to get free updates until the game is 100% finished.  

OSX and Linux ports will come after all major game features are complete.

Timeline for Remaining Features

So when will the remaining features make it into the game? It’s tough to give an exact time, but you can follow our progress at We will implement major features roughly in a top to bottom order as they are listed on the roadmap.

And as I said above, a lot of the brow-furrowing, tough technical problems are behind us, so you can expect features to continue to come in at a fairly regular pace as we complete development of the game.

Digital Kickstarter Rewards

Pets and other Kickstarter Rewards will come in by the time the game is finished. You’ll be able to download all these rewards through the Humble Bundle download page for Stonehearth.

Steam Early-Access Release and Price Change to $25

Soon after Alpha 5, we will release Stonehearth on Steam Early-Access! If you have already bought Stonehearth or backed for $15 or more, this really doesn't affect you, since you can already get the game through the Steam key we provided you on your Humble Bundle page ($15, you will be able to do so once you get the game when Alpha 5 is released).

Alpha, Beta, and Final Release

We’ll continue to use the Alpha title for Stonehearth releases for the time being. Alpha and beta mean different things to different people, so here’s what those terms mean to us at Radiant.

  • Alpha: The game is still in major development and missing big game features. Expect frequent bugs.
  • Beta: All major game features are complete. The game still needs minor enhancements and bug fixing.  
  • Release: The game is finished and as bug free as possible.

We expect to be in the Alpha phase for the foreseeable future, so you can expect Alpha 6, 7, 8, etc. to follow Alpha 5.

Once the game is “feature complete” we will officially move to the Beta designation. You can expect the beta period to be much shorter than Alpha.

Final Words

Getting Stonehearth to this point has been a long road for us all. Even though there’s lots more work to do, we are more determined than ever to keep at it until we have the game we envisioned when we first made the Kickstarter video.

We are extremely grateful for all of your insightful feedback, and all the support we've received about fulfilling the original vision for Stonehearth. We wouldn't be here without you, and your help has made it even better along the way.

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    1. FightingFurball on

      They will release the alpha in September which means they still have half a month to decide when to send out the keys.

    2. Piotr Prytulak on

      Hello. Still waiting for my alpha key, backed You with 30$. Please let me know how can I claim the humble bundle key. Cheers.

    3. ThomasN on

      the alpha is available exclusive on steam i presume?

    4. Frank Wisnes

      Thanks for the update, had almost forgotten about you guys. Looking forward to trying out the game when it comes.

      Word of advice. Make sure you get someone outside the team to read these comments for you. That way they can filter out the negativity and convey any questions that seems relevant. Gamers are a pretty unforgiving and demanding bunch, and dealing with them directly is just plain bad both for team morale and your personal mental health.

      Also, when going on Steam early access make sure that you have a stable, rock solid build. Else you will be gutted in the reviews.

    5. jimmywolf on

      am sure they have their reason for not wanting too be to open about were they stand with funds. i also understanding wanting more information an a desire for a game sooner, then later but like they said they had one of two options.

      1) release the game asap cut corner were needed too create a playable game which many may feel bitter about not living up to what we were promised

      2) focus on the game in detail pushing it forward too create the game we wanted but take more time

      i agree progress seem very slow for what we have to date but keep in mind their building a game from the ground up with a lot of things promised an with a small team this is a big project that if they rush it set them back.

    6. lokiracer on

      @Radiant Thanks for ignoring the questions.

    7. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      Thanks for the comments, everyone!

      @Sander, when A5 is ready, you'll be able to put your email address into the Humble Bundle Key resender, which will send you a link to your Humble Bundle download page for Stonehearth. We will post more detailed instructions once all the infrastructure is in place.

    8. Anthony B

      I appreciate the decision to provide $15 backers the alpha at estimated delivery date. This will buy you a lot of good will from backers, and a lot of leniency to complete the game when you can.

    9. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      I hope to see a Linux build soon! :)

    10. Sander VdW on

      So where can i get the key exactly?
      15€ backer

    11. Michael King on

      I've been playing the latest alpha for a bit, and it's actually a relaxing game. It has bugs, but I'm okay with you guys continuing development at the pace you have been. I'm looking forward to my kitten. :D

    12. Michael Chen on

      Can't wait till Alpha, only two weeks to go. Out of curiosity, just a rough estimate, what's the ETA on release?

    13. Missing avatar

      bleepbloorp on

      I don't have any complaints about this, but the game is currently in pretty rough shape so don't be surprised if people who buy the Early Access leave complaints, because that's what they do.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jamie Mason on

      I'm not about to go and praise you for the achingly slow development pace and missing your promised release date by an absolute mile. In fact I get a little worried when "hey, we're totally missing our target" updates get sycophantic responses on Kickstarter.

      You guys messed up. I hope the final project is worth it, but I'm hugely disappointed.

    15. AngoraFish on

      Take as long as you need to make it good!

    16. Missing avatar

      Markus on

      Oh just forgot to mention:
      You have been very transparent with the community, something that also a lot of alpha-, beta- or early access folks tend to neglect, I feel it pays of in that the community is united behind your backs!

    17. Missing avatar

      Markus on

      Honestly, I think you made the right choice. There are so many half-finished games out there, I really would enjoy a fully finished and polished stonehearth, even if it takes another 2 years.
      Also, as you have mentioned previously, you are all more or less new to the game-programming section and of course there are a lot of hurdles because of that and also because of logistics etc.
      Do you what you got to do, kudos!

    18. BrencelJ on

      Great to hear that development is going on. But I'm a little sad that I cant play it on Linux and wont be able to play it until you add all the major game features that means more waiting for the game. Ah well still better to wait and to see how the progress is going on. I just hope it will work on Linux after it comes out of Alpha stage :)

    19. Adam Teske on

      It's done, when it's done... make it simply good. :) What about people without an Steam Account like me? Will you bring the finished game to GOG?

    20. lokiracer on

      Why spend time and resources releasing on Steam? Was the money you raised here not enough?

      An update about a missed deadline that doesn't contain a new deadline isn't worth much.

      Unlike other backers, I'm not going to thank you for the update. Updates should be considered a mandatory activity for campaigns. If we had been recording regular updates, I would thank you for that.

    21. Missing avatar


      You guys have competition from Clockwork Empires, which is a similar type of game, but with a Lovecroftian feel which will be quite popular. Its currently on Steam Early Access.

      Might be worth you guys picking up a copy of that and playing it and seeing what features you like/dislike and use it to improve Stonehearth!

    22. Daniel Klevebring on

      Looking forward to the game, and would really like to see the OS X port sooner than later...

    23. Seir on

      The oxen are slow but the earth is patient...I appreciate you sticking to the original vision, that's the game I want to play, not a water-downed, get-it-out-the-door game. Besides, I'm enjoying the Alphas as they pop up :) It's like watching a good TV series, always wanting more and can't wait for the next episode...

    24. Michael Bryant on

      So I should have just spent $25 instead of $45 and would have got the same game anyway?

    25. Sledge Hammer on

      So you basicly lied when you wrote in your risks and challenges:
      "We have already built most of the big, risky gameplay systems like AI, construction, combat, and crafting. There's still a ton of work to do, but because we've tackled the hardest technical problems already,"

      I still hope the game will end up how you envisioned it and i congratulate you for not cutting (important) corners. But waiting ANOTHER year? Awwww.

      It better be good in a year ;-)

    26. Octopus_Pancake on

      When a developer takes his time to post about the processes going on during development, I can't help but feel there is still alot of hope for the gaming industry. Too often now a days developers seem to either be unable to listen to the fans/playerbase due to publisher deadlines and ultimatums. I think the whole idea of a publisher is obsolete and should eventually be removed from the industry. When you have direct contact with the devs, and when they actually listen, it makes for a much better experience over all. I for one will wait however long it takes for a complete, and I mean COMPLETE, game without cut corners and with quality over anything else. That is what is missing today. I can't begin to describe some of the atrocities some of these higher end publishing companies are ruining the industry, namely EA, Ubisoft, and Activision to name a few. All I can say is keep up the good work keep in touch and dont be afraid to ask us our opinion. We WILL let you know what we think!

    27. Gremlin Net on

      Meh. No project I've ever backed at a reward level has finished anywhere near its ETA. I've heard legends of projects getting done on time, but they always seem to suck.

      So, no hurry: I've got Minecraft here to play with until your thing comes out and kicks its ass.

    28. Missing avatar

      ulpmaster on

      Was gonna say *Fuzzy inside* but you get the point :P

    29. Missing avatar

      ulpmaster on

      I have never had so mutch trust in a developer as i have in you. And the fact that you take time out of your buissy days to inform the community and even answer private messages makes me all warm and fussy indide. This is how a good game is made, by players for players and with alot of sweat and heart.
      Keep up the good work, looking forward to new releases streams and updates.

    30. James R. Vernon

      Thanks for responding to my email when you knew a few hours later you were going to put out this announcement and answer my questions anyway. Speaks volumes about how you are keeping your backers in the loop compared to a lot of other video game kickstarters. Can't wait to get my hands on the Alpha.

    31. Styxx42 on

      Stick to the vision and not the Rushed product so many other developers have been pushing the last two years.
      Love the work so far. I play a little bit each build.
      I see changes and improvements each time.

      Keep it up.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jason Brown on

      Love the news and great to see how far the game has come. I really respect the fact that you stuck with the original ideas and put a little more elbow grease into it. It will pay of soon enough. Keep it up!!

    33. Kenny

      Keep up the good work, take your time, and get it done right :)

    34. Agust on

      Can you please speak to the OSX release date? Even a super rough ball park would be appreciated. Thanks.

    35. Richard Pilot on

      Shame that the game had to slip but as you say, I'd rather that than having an unfinished game. Great gesture to let the lower tiers get access to the alpha. Keep going guys!

    36. Matthew Mather on

      Others may disagree, but I've come to see delays of video game products as a fairly normal and healthy sign of a good Kickstarter project. As long as some progress is made every month, and that progress doesn't violently halt because of poor planning, I'm usually satisfied.

      A delayed but actually released project is better than a cancelled one.

    37. Justin

      Awesome, thanks for the update!

    38. amigacooke on

      Disappointing to hear that the OSX version will come late in the development process, but thanks to all the Windows users for beta testing it for us ;-)

    39. The-Art-Of--War on

      Keep up the awesome work guys! You're doing great :)