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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
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Stonehearth Alpha 1 is LIVE!

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that our very first playable version of Stonehearth is live! If you backed us at the $30 tier or above, you can download Alpha 1 from your Humble Bundle download page by following the instructions on our devblog, here

As we discussed in our previous update, Alpha 1 is just a basic cut of the game. In it, we flesh out some of the major pieces of our engine: building, crafting, world generation, and mod-ability. We will update both your Humble Bundle Download Pages and Steam Accounts regularly with new builds as we add more features. Follow our progress on the blog, or via our roadmap, and be sure to send us feedback about what you like, what you feel needs to be fixed, and most of all, about where you most want to see the game go as it reaches completion.

The beta forums we mentioned during the Kickstarter campaign are live here, and we can't wait to hang out with you all there in 2014. 

Thank you all so much for your unequivocal support throughout this process. This first release is a major milestone in creating the game we've always dreamed about, and it wouldn't have been possible without all of you. 

-- Tom, Tony, Stephanie, Albert, Chris, and Doug


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    1. Missing avatar

      Pavel Zacek on

      Yes, where can I download the game?

    2. Miime Cox on

      Where can I download the game now?

    3. Justin Davies on

      Is there a Mac Version? Just went to download the alpha and was sorely disappointed to see windows only. Please let me know if there will be a mac version.

    4. David Jonathon Simpson on

      Please keep us updated

    5. Missing avatar

      Avery Ockomichalak on

      i switched emails i was wondering if you could send me it again on my new email, also can i have a the mac version?

    6. James Zawislak on

      Hey I backed them with $30 does that give me access to the game now? If not when will I get it? I'm just curious cause I want to do a LP on my youtube channel

    7. Missing avatar

      Nick Early on

      @scott They've mentioned that windows will be the only supported platform at alpha many times now. they even had mentioned it before they were even funded, if you don't care enough to read anything before launch, it's your fault that you have to search the comments for the answer.

    8. Missing avatar

      Scott Tooker

      In the future please call out which platforms the alpha is available for and when you expect to have alpha versions available for all platforms.

      As a Mac user, I'm not interested in using VMs to try out pre-release content, and there is nothing in the message above that notes that there is no native alpha available for Mac at this time. Having to search through recent comments to find this information is lame.

    9. Jonah Falcon on

      Glad to see the game is progressing. I have no interest in the alpha - I just want the final, bug-free version. :p

    10. Brian Engard on

      Having trouble getting the gift code to work for my wife's copy of the game. She's claimed the gift copy on Humble, but it displays as a widget and never actually gives us any kind of code to enter or download link to download from. Is it because she's on a Mac?

    11. gandalf.nho

      Nice, downloading...

    12. Steve Adamo on

      @LifesContradict ... no, its not supposed to crash then... but it sounds like an interesting bug, if you can reliably repeat it... :)

      feel free to submit a report at the link mentioned just below!

    13. RamesGamesLC on

      I'm just wondering... Is the game supposed to freeze and/or crash as soon as the day timer ends? :P Seems as soon as night starts the game freezes and/ or crashes on its own at/ around the same time every time.

      I have waited forever for the first playable demo and it's so worth, even if all I can do is restart over and over. Amazing!

    14. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      Hey Everyone! Thanks for the feedback. I think we're starting to get a good handle on what bugs we need to focus on next!

      You can also add bug reports here:

      There's also a thread about workarounds here:

      @Saul, no pausing or saving yet

      @Jordan, try checking out our download faq:

      @hooby, it's so true, we have a TON of pathfinding bugs.

    15. Jacob Kosman

      Wow, this is pretty impressive for how little time you guys have had. Congrats on a beautiful start. I really have no idea how to control anything, but its a wonderful start. Thanks for making this for us.

    16. Funnynin on

      Sorry, just a min after saying that, I realised I hadn't claimed it, it's in my humble download page now, so... yeah.

    17. Funnynin on

      whenever you guys are back, the website isn't loading for me, can't download etc.
      would like halp with this

    18. michelle kelley on

      Program actually ran fairly smoothly on my machine. Running an ASUS gamers republic.

      1. There is a shadow seam in the lighting sometimes when you rotate.

      2. Ai is understandably kinda dumb right now, I assume the carpenter job is not actually functioning as even though I managed to queue up several builds, he mostly stood around and gazed at the sky, ate, and slept. They wouldn't stockpile much. Once they fetched a load, or built a brick or two, they wandered back to the fire.

      3. A single character would occasionally freeze for awhile until something mysteriously resolved. Then off they go.

      4. After awhile they sort of gave up and started sitting around. They seemed to not want to finish the little house.

      5. Menu was easy to navigate, but the second time I ran the game, the arrow was off by a full selection. For instance if I hovered over dining table, table for one would highlight instead.

      I like the look of the game, I look forward to even more function. :)

    19. Katja on

      I already have it in my steam library, can't wait to get home tomorrow and try it out!

    20. Jordan Dixon on

      I don't seem to be able to download the game of the humble website.

    21. Eli Butcher on

      Nvm, I figured it out... lol

    22. Eli Butcher on

      So how do we get the Alpha via Steam instead of Humble??? There was no option for Steam, but it's mentioned in the video, and I"ve seen people mention it in the comments below.

    23. Kyle Schleich

      looks like there will be no doubt of what im going to be doing when i get home from work today!

    24. Missing avatar

      Ryan Eady on

      Would love a Mac version as well!!

    25. Ken Mencher

      I'll add my voice to a request for the Mac version!

    26. ThomasN on

      Thank you for not excluding people who do not have steam.

    27. Missing avatar

      hooby on

      On a more serious note: I tried to investigate a bit - and I do believe that things start to go awry exactly the moment when two logs inhabitate the same spot. This tends to happen when the first scaffolding is removed. Someone carries a log to the stockpile and puts it on top of another log, but it falls down into the other log. And that seems to break the A.I.

      Hope that helps. Will do some further tests in time, but gotta go now ;)

    28. Missing avatar

      hooby on

      Oooh how cute.

      But they seem a little confused. Getting stuck while getting stuck, building houses out of berries, and suddenly forgetting what they were about to do... also picking up and dropping, picking up and dropping, picking up an dropping the same logs in the stockpile over and over and over again.

      I believe the berries might be poisonous! :D

    29. Missing avatar

      Rarnd on

      Fantastic game. This is exactly what I was hoping for!

      As you may expect, we need to (as a community) start reporting all those nasty little bugs! For example, as others have said; building a "Simple Room" crashes the game.

      Some animations, such as sitting and sleeping, will pop a couple of times (snap into position, reset, and then "cast" the animation properly).

      Onwards and upwards guys! Thank you so much for this game!

    30. Jon M on

      Just been playing for a few minutes, obviously very early on but I love it! The whole feel is just what I was hoping for.

      Here's to happy testing!

    31. Michal Lange on

      Thanks guys for keeping to your promise. The game still does not work for me but an alpha is an alpha I guess.

    32. Claes Emilsson on

      Love that the game is out! But found a bug. When I do simple room the game crash.

    33. Van Richter on

      Every time I try and build the simple structure my workers get about 80% done then just get stuck mulling about :(

    34. SinoSamba <(-'.'-)> on

      Thank you for the alpha. The game is crashing a bit, hope the reporting feature helps for future updates :)

    35. Michael Fuchs on

      Any chance you guys could add wasd for camera control in the future? :)

    36. Ali on

      Excellent news. How about the mac build now so we can join in on the fun? Any ETAs on that?

    37. Aleksandr Opachev on

      hi, how about linux build of alpha1? Win32 version doesn't work in wine :(

    38. Alex Schulz on

      @ Jason V: the second key is part of the download page it hould be located under the steam key. it will be labeled as gift key

    39. Jason V on

      Sweet! If I pledged for the $45 tier how can I do I retrieve my second key?

    40. Missing avatar

      Damian Brown on

      Saw the e-mail saying the alpha was released while out, and was so excited to play when I got home. But when I went to go redeem my copy and they said I didn't have one, I realized that I backed to low a tier to get to play, haha. Oh well, just got to wait for the release, hope everyone else has fun!

    41. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bezant on

      my carpenter keeps getting stuck then have to restart

    42. Adam Rain on

      how and where do we leave feed back for the game? Its beautiful, but keeps crashing.

    43. Agust on

      Oh no! I guess I misunderstood...When will the Mac release be?

    44. Shawn Adams on

      I'm so excited for you, me, and everyone else who is about to enjoy this.

    45. Steve Adamo on

      @Brian ... no save game option yet... ;)

    46. Dennis Strothmann on

      U Kept word! awesome thanks!

    47. Brian Meyers Jr.

      So this is kinda a dumb question, how do I save the game if that is possible? I couldn't find an option for it...