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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
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Expect Stonehearth Alpha 1 around Dec 30th!

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)

Hey everyone! As we mentioned in yesterday's Dev Blog Update, Stonehearth Alpha 1 will be available around December 30th. Yaay!

Since we want to make sure that downloading Stonehearth Alpha 1 goes as smoothly as possible for everyone, the awesome folks at Humble Bundle have set up our download system two weeks early. You can visit the page now to verify that you’ll be able to download the alpha as soon as it’s available. Here’s how to access your download page:

Step 1: To get your game key, Click this link and enter the e-mail address you used to purchase the game:

 Step 2: You will receive an e-mail containing your download page link (along with any other Humble Bundle keys associated with that e-mail address):

 Step 3: Hit up the link for Stonehearth and admire your personal Stonehearth download page! Again, the game isn’t here yet, but if you want to test the download process, try downloading the wallpaper pack we added to the reward links. It gathers a number of wallpapers posted over the last few months into one handy zip file.

TIP from Humble Bundle: It is recommended that you keep your download page URL somewhere safe or “claim” the page (so that it gets saved under your Humble account, if you have one).  

Note: The Humble Bundle key pages are only available to people whose pledge tier would enable them to access the Alpha 1 release--basically everyone who pledged at $30 and up. Sorry for any confusion!

Questions? Concerns? See the FAQ here on our discourse forum!  

Finally, many thanks to SteveAdamo and Geoffers747 for alpha-testing the download process and providing the screenshots above.


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    1. mrxak on

      I'm really rather excited for this.

    2. Chris on

      For those That are having issues getting their key, are you using a hotmail account. THough i'm not a $30 backer so it dosn't apply to me for this game. Other games i've had similar issues. as well as trying to make a humble bundle account. I simply don't receive any e-mail form them to my hotmail account apart from their news letter. Setting up an account with my google mail account was no problem. So it's possible that you may be having a similar issue. Though i'm not sure what it is exactly.

    3. Steve Adamo on

      @ryan, were you a $30+ backer? Have you taken a look at the FAQ on the discourse?

    4. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      I did that Humble Claim thing and I didn't get any Key for it.

    5. Mikhael Ramirez on

      Not to big on the Alpha date being the 30th. but im happy i know when and i can finally play it. about 15 days away mean that it should be playable and enjoyable for an alpha so you know what ill wait until that day.

    6. Steve Adamo on

      @John they are hoping to have Steam access as well, but if not for Alpha 1, it wont be much long afterwards... as for the keys, if you follow the steps outlined above, you'll end up on a HB page you can claim... you will have secured your own key, and will have a "gift key" url that can be claimed as well...

    7. Missing avatar

      John Marachilian on

      Also I'm not home yet but I signed up to get two beta keys and two copies of the game. Will I get two keys for beta when i go to the humble bundle page?

    8. Missing avatar

      John Marachilian on

      So no chance of the beta being through steam? If I sign up for humble bundle does that mean I'm locked into using that for when the final game is released?

    9. Geoffers747 on

      @Christian, if you did not get the reward tier(s) that you were expecting, gather your Kickstarter/Paypal/Humble Bundle store e-mail receipts from when you first pledged, and confirm that you really did sign up for the tier(s) you remember signing up for.

      Then, send mail to with the receipt data and the tiers you actually wanted, and we'll try to get everything fixed up.

      @Jonathan - No Mac version for Alpha 1 I'm afraid, not sure when they're expecting to have a Mac/Linux version available sorry :(

    10. Jonathan Hunter on

      But this Alpha will not be on Mac, correct? When can I expect the Mac version?

    11. Missing avatar

      Christian on

      I might be stupid, but i pledged 30 and got the links. It said I had one giftkey worth 15. I dont really get it. Halp?

    12. Sean Mahoney on

      Didn't order the beta, but it is good to see the project making progress.

    13. Steve Adamo on

      @all ... the Stonehearth Alpha is set for the end of the month, make sure your Humble Bundle account is ready to go by following this:

    14. Marc-André Hétu on

      I pledge 30$ and I did not received any link about stoneheart in the Humble Bundle email.

    15. Styxx42 on

      Cant wait to hear about the alpha.
      I am beta backer.

    16. Geoffers747 on

      @Daniel Bezant - I'm just gonna copy and paste some instructions from the FAQ:

      'Ok, I'm at the Humble Bundle download page, but I'm seeing a different reward tier than what I signed up for. What should I do?'


      If you pledged less than $75, or pledged multiple times via Paypal and did not get the reward tier(s) that you were expecting, please do not download anything from the page you were wrongly assigned. Instead, gather your Kickstarter/Paypal/Humble Bundle store e-mail receipts from when you first pledged, and confirm that you really did sign up for the tier(s) you remember signing up for.

      Then, send mail to with the receipt data and the tiers you actually wanted, and we'll try to get everything fixed up.

    17. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bezant on

      for some reason i paid for the $30 tier and it only gave me the $15 what happened

    18. Rand Chua TL on

      Too bad for me than.

    19. Steve Adamo on

      @all ... if you have any questions, or are experiencing any issues with the Alpha 1 Humble Bundle download test (wrong tier listed, cant access your account, etc.), please take a look at the FAQ here:

    20. Steve Adamo on

      @Cipe @Mark Newcombe ... thanks for the feedback and advice!

    21. Mark Newcombe on

      Just a note for those who aren't getting Stonehearth listed on their humble resend.

      When I pledged for Stonehearth I was using the same email as my Humble Account.
      I have since changed my kickstarter email, but my humble email is the same.

      I'm not sure when Radiant sent the Email list to Humble, but I can say that the Email address that Humble had my copy of Stonehearth tied to, wasn't the Email address I pledged with.

      Long Story short, if you have updated your kickstarter Email between when Stonehearth finished its kickstarter campaign & today, then try and use your current kickstarter Email.
      Other than that, everything worked flawlessly for me, my copy is claimed, Wallpaper pack downloaded fine and I have my gift key to send to a friend.



    22. Steve Adamo on

      @Eric ... try reaching out to with your payment and/or receipt details

    23. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      I can confirm it's working for me ($50 tier). Can't wait!

    24. gandalf.nho

      Page available here, waiting to test the game

    25. Missing avatar

      Cipe on

      If anyone who has pledged $30+ cannot get their link to their key page through the key sender, try:
      log in to Humble and go to
      Click the + on the "Claim past purchases" box and it should appear there.

    26. Justin

      @Jonathan - There's nothing to download yet. The updates says around Dec 30th.

    27. Missing avatar

      Nick Early on

      I'm having troubles with humble. I'm not receiving the e-mail containing the link. I'm a $50 backer and used the same e-mail as the one I used to back stonehearth. Any suggestions?

    28. Jonathan Petit on

      i can't download it

    29. Austin48 on

      Cool Beans! I also love every Tuesday refreshing the page every few hours or so waiting for desktop Tuesdays. Just one question... it says on the download page it entitles: 'Pet Mammoth" etc, but I don't see Dragon Welp. A typographical error or is something more sinister going on... ¬_¬

    30. Benjamin Gould on

      Works beautifully, even had my gift key! Probably the easiest kickstarter sign-up/download/store-page I've ever had.

    31. Justin

      Page claimed! Woot!!!

    32. Mark H on

      Works, yay! So excited :) Keep up the good work!

    33. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      @Vinzius, yes; we renamed December release to better match what we were delivering. But we'll keep updating it till it's finished.
      @jose miguel, I forgot to mention in the update that only people who backed at the $30+ level can access their keys at this time. Sorry for the confusion!

    34. Thomas Toledo on

      Nevermind I did not pledge for Alpha or Beta. :)

    35. Vinzius

      Is Alpha only for Beta digital tier?

    36. Thomas Toledo on

      Humble Bundle email sent to me did not include a link to Stonehearth. It had all my other game keys though.

    37. Missing avatar

      Daniel Durante on

      Disregard my last e-mail, I'm not a beta tester only a digital downloader when it's released.

    38. Missing avatar

      jose miguel on

      We received a request to resend your Humble keys. However, we do not have any keys on record for this email address. If you may have used a different email address when you made your purchase, try entering it into the key resender page. Otherwise, please contact us by emailing and our support staff will sort things out as soon as possible.

      If you did not initiate this request, please disregard this message.

      The Humble Bundle Team

    39. Missing avatar

      Daniel Durante on

      My e-mail address isn't in their database :(