by Radiant Entertainment

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    1. Nathan McCullough


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      Peter Notenboom on

      Nice job! I can't be there at 3am or 4am, so ill just sleep and see where the number ended.

    3. Joseph Markee on

      Congratulations! Great to see how far this has come and will be watching the stream when it is up.

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      Shan on

      Nice one guys, let this be the first and not the last!

    5. Gladys Rodriguez on

      Nice! Very nice indeed! I know Dwarves is post-release but its a really good thing how much support people are giving the game in the last few hours~ Onward!!!

    6. David Quintana on

      I'm going to sleep, so congratulations in advance!

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      Alex Mizier-Barre on

      congratulations Radiant Entertainment for making it past your kickstarter goal and getting this much backing!

    8. Justin on

      BOOM BABY!!!!!!

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      Xenocidic on

      Congrats guys, you are now officially professional entrepreneurial game developers. Can't wait to get into the game!

    10. Jak BoneSteel on

      I have to work during the countdown :(

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      Mikey Ricketts on

      Going to be a sweet game.... Or a nice trip to Vegas at least :D

      Congratulations you Radiant thing...

    12. gandalf.nho


    13. Jake on


    14. David on

      Congratulations, really glad to see this got this much funding. But it would be interesting to see how you plan to structure the budget. Taking the average annual pay for a game developer was about 84.000 dollars (Game Developer magazine's 12th annual Salary Survey), we're looking at 9 years of pay for one developer with the funding of 750.000. I totally understand that there is other costs than just salaries, but how many are going to be involved in this project and for how long?

    15. Chocwise on

      It'll be 3 am for me here in Germany. But I'll be watching. Even though the chat on Twitch doesn't seem to work for me. But I'll be lurking. :D
      I guess I don't have any questions anyways.
      I even slept from 8 pm to 11 pm (y don't u 24h damn 'murricans!) to be able to watch. Tomorrow is a holiday at least.